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The Best Swim Shirts for Men To Hit the Beach Right Now

Your enthusiasm for hitting the waves might be unexpectedly dampened (figuratively) if you’re caught off-guard without the right beach gear. If ever you’ve dealt with painful irritation after a day of surfing, or with unexpected and unwelcome sun, then the best swim shirts are here to upgrade your next all-day surfing (or lounging) getaway on the beach. Most are built with rash guard protection for those into watersports, and others feature helpful sun protection, too.

If you’ve paid close attention to the quality and cut of your swimsuit and even your beach towel or beach sunglasses, it only makes sense that you’d pursue high-quality gear for the rest of your time in the sun. And if you’ve never considered adding an extra layer to your beach bag, now’s as great a time as any. Surf’s up.

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Best Overall Swim Shirt: Speedo Easy Long Sleeve Swim Shirt

Speedo Easy Long-Sleeve Swim Shirt

Speedo seems like a no-brainer when it comes to the best swimming gear out there, from your trunks to this handy and protective long-sleeve shirt built with UPF50+ protection. Wear it all day long to shield your skin from harmful rays. Consider picking up multiple options for your next beach getaway, too.

Best Swim Shirt for Surfing: Quiksilver All-Time Short-Sleeve Rashguard

Quiksilver Short-Sleeve Rashguard

Put your trust in a brand that knows a thing or two about delivering the best surfing gear on the market. This short-sleeve rashguard should prove aerodynamic and highly functional for long outings on the water.

Best Swim Shirt for Boating: Vuori Long-Sleeve Uluwatu 2.0 Water Shirt

Vuori Long-Sleeve Uluwatu 2.0 Water Shirt.

There are any number of watersports you can engage in, from surfing to plain old swimming and of course, boating or hopping on a jet ski. For a day on the water that involves a bit of everything, get this performance water shirt with an athletic fit and versatile design.

Most Stylish Swim Shirt: Vissla Twisted Long-Sleeve Rashguard

VISSLA Twisted Long-Sleeve Rashguard.

Is it possible for a swim shirt to be stylish? Well, sure it is: Just look at the heathered fabric that separates this Vissla swim shirt from the rest of the pack. It’s also helpful for blocking intense sunlight, thanks to UPF50+ protection, but the fabric blend and long-sleeve design also makes it a reliable choice to grab a post-beach beer.

Most Functional Swim Shirt: O’Neill Premium Skins Long-Sleeve Rashguard

O'Neill Premium Skins Rashguard.

If it’s top-notch utility you seek when hitting the water, then O’Neill certainly doesn’t mess around. This swim shirt is built as tough as they come, with four-way stretch fabric, a form-fitting design for ease of use on the water, and a connector option for your board shorts.

Most Affordable Swim Shirt: Amazon Essentials Long-Sleeve Swim Tee

Amazon Essentials Long-Sleeve Swim Tee.

For under $20, head over to Amazon and get a highly functional swim shirt from the retailer’s Essentials line of fashion and gear staples. Take your pick from more than 10 colors options, and note that the raglan stitching is designed to flatter your shoulders and chest. That’s never a bad thing when hitting the beach.

Other Swim Shirts We Love

Nautica Logo Graphic Swim Shirt

Nautica Logo Graphic Swim Shirt.

Nautica is certainly a brand you can depend on as far as water-ready gear is concerned, so when you feel like swapping out your Nautica polo for a beach-ready swim shirt, go with this vibrant graphic logo option. You’ll stand out nicely as you catch wave after wave on the water.

Nike Short-Sleeve Rashguard Tee

Nike Short-Sleeve Rashguard Tee.

Nike has all the bases covered as far as gear for plenty of different sporting categories, surfing and swimming included. Flat-seam construction helps reduce chafing for long sessions on the water, and UPF40+ protection enhances your ability to hit the surf all day long.

NRS H2Core Rashguard Long-Sleeve Shirt

NRS H2Core Rashguard Long-Sleeve Shirt.

Don’t leave anything to chance with this insulated long-sleeve swim shirt designed for surfing and watersports when nothing less than the best will do. The brand recommends wearing it on its own or using it as insulation under a wetsuit, and either way, it’s going to offer up substantial protection from the elements.

Patagonia R0 Long-Sleeve Top

Patagonia R0 Long-Sleeve Top.

Patagonia is assuredly best known for trail-ready hiking and camping gear, but it turns out that it’s quite useful to have a swim shirt from the legendary outdoor brand on your person as well. It offers plenty of mobility and weather-ready protection and comfort.

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