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Ashley Jones

Ashley Jones

Former Digital Trends Contributor

A writer and editor with more than a decade of experience in digital media, Ashley is a freelance journalist with bylines across a range of online and print publications. She specializes in producing lifestyle, travel, health and news content. When not working, she's usually reading, writing, parenting, or watching the Astros win championships.

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A man pictured from behind wearing a backpack and looking out over the coast in Turkey

Turkey is about to overtake France as Europe’s second-most popular destination (and for a really weird reason)

France has long been Europe's second most popular destination (after Spain), but Turkey will soon surpass it. Here's why.
Interior of a hotel room with a bed, bathtub, and sink in one room.

Flight attendant shares genius travel tips and a key hotel hack on TikTok

Flight attendants spend a lot of time in hotels. One took to TikTok to share her best travel tips.
Interior of an airport with people stanidng in the shadows in front of a window

Why air travel feels so expensive: Airlines will make a record $118B in extra fees this year

Increases in extra fees equates to $118B for airlines in 2023, according to a study
A person standing before an airport security sign, as pictured from the back

Clear is rolling out a new identity verification process (and travelers are going to like it)

This is everything travelers need to know about Clear's new ID process at the airport.
Stationary grounded Southwest Airlines airplane

Use your Rapid Rewards points to book a Southwest Airlines flight ASAP — here’s why

If you're thinking of booking a Southwest Airlines flight using Rapid Rewards points, it's better to do it sooner rather than later.
A man and woman inside of an airport stand in front of a christmas tree

Lyft reveals policy change that will make getting to the airport a lot less stressful this holiday season

Air travel can be stressful during the holiday season. Lyft has new guidelines that will make that a little easier.
A man hiking to a mountain top

Lonely Planet has a new list of the best countries to vacation in (and they’re not what you think)

Looking for a bucket-list worthy vacation destination? Lonely Planet has a few surprising countries to consider.
A shot of an outside airport with the sun shining in the background

Travel to these 5 countries is more difficult because they don’t have an airport

These countries don't have an airport. Here's how you can travel to them.
People walking through an airport with large windows in the background

TSA Precheck and TSA Global Entry are must-haves, but there’s a third critical program you should join ASAP

If you travel outside the U.S., TSA Precheck isn't the only thing you need.
A picturesque beach and Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico

There are finally direct flights to Tulum, one of the most popular places in Mexico

Travel to Tulum, Mexico, has traditionally meant a flight to Cancun, but those days are over thanks to a new Tulum airport.
exterior of LAX airport with multiple grounded airplanes

Travel tips: LAX just banned an item tons of travelers carry (but you can recycle it!)

LAX airport has banned single-use water bottles. This is what you need to know.
The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France in the daytime

The horrifying reason why you probably want to hold off on a trip to Paris, France

Paris, France, is usually a gorgeous city to visit — but this news about the city is giving travelers pause.
The back of a passenger on a moving sidewalk in an airport

Despite air travel woes, people have been pretty happy with airports, study finds: Here’s why

JD Power has some new findings on just how satisfied people are with airports.
Big Ben, the U.K. Parliament, and the London Eye in London, England, U.K.

Visiting London? You’ll soon be able to check out secret World War II tunnels once used by spies and soldiers

The next time you're in London, the city's secret WWII tunnels are a must-see — so long as you visit after 2027.
An airport from the exterior, showing an airplane connected to the terminal

Study: Flyers spend about $420 per year in airport terminals

How much do you spend in airports when you travel? This study provides insight.
A closeup of a reception desk check in sign at a hotel

Hotels are starting to charge for this once-free perk, and you’re not going to like it

Learn which beloved perk hotels will now charge for
The NYC skyline at night

Why you really shouldn’t book an Airbnb in NYC anymore

A new law aimed at short-term rentals means finding an Airbnb in NYC will be a lot harder.
A small, black wood-paneled tiny house in the woods with a firepit and chairs in the foreground

Travel tips: Getaway House lets you get off the grid for as long as you want without changing your whole life

Need to get off the grid and way from it all for a while? Getaway House makes it nearly impossible to connect to the outside world
airplane taking off on a runway at sunset

This Chrome extension can find you cheap flights that Google Flights can’t

Google Flights is a great tool, but it doesn't always find the cheapest flights. Try this instead.
An American Airlines plane in flight with clouds in the background

This is the best time to book your flights for holiday travel, one expert says

Everyone wants to get a great deal on holiday travel, and this is the best time to book flights, an expert says
A grounded Southwest Airlines airplane

Southwest Airlines passengers should be stressing about canceled flights – a pilot strike is looming: Report

Southwest Airlines is facing a pilot strike, one report claims, which could cancel flights en masse
A suitcase open at home being packed with travel documents nearby

TSA is about to demand Real ID for most travel, and 32% of Americans don’t even know how to get one: Report

Real ID is about to be a must-have from TSA, and many Americans have no idea how to get one
Apple AirTags in carrying cases

Your travel bag probably doesn’t have an Apple AirTag, but it needs one — here’s why

Carry-on or checked, every bag you travel with should have an AirTag - here's why
plane boarding at sunset

Google Flights deals Hopper, Expedia, Travelocity, and major blow with brilliant new feature

Google Flights will now tell you when the best time to book flights is so you can save money, dealing a major blow to less-popular services like Hopper
Corendon Airlines Only Adult section seats

One airline is testing ‘only adults’ section, families with babies in the rear of the plane – but there’s a catch

One European airline is testing an "adults only" section, keeping babies at the rear of the plane, but there's a catch
Isolated stretch of highway in Death Valley with mountains in the background

Travelers agree: These are the scariest road trip routes

Uncover the most feared road trip routes in America from desolate deserts to isolated highways, explore the challenges and rewards of these iconic routes.
An idyllic Caribbean beach resort with crystal-clear water and a blue daytime sky backdrop

CheapCaribbean has a ridiculously simple new way to find the best beach vacation travel deals

Learn how CheapCaribean's new Budget Beach Finder can help travelers score great deals.
Hundreds of passengers waiting in airport security lines

TSA just made a change that will make getting PreCheck a little bit easier

TSA PreCheck changes enrollment for the better to improve traveler access to this perk.
A closeup of a man's hand holding a boarding pass and carryon bag

Skiplagging is a travel hack airlines don’t want you to know about (and might penalize you for)

Skiplagging might seem like a great travel tip for keeping costs down, but it's probably more trouble than it's worth.
Southwest Airlines airplane taking off from the runway

Southwest Airlines is reportedly ditching a feature tons of passengers use every year

Southwest is set to end earlybird check-ins on many flights, according to a new report
The Eiffel tower at sunset

Flights to Paris are a steal right now, but there’s one good reason you should think twice about going to France

You can fly to Paris pretty cheap right now, but you'll want to think twice after reading this.
close up of phone in man's hands with motorcycle in background

The 5 travel apps every traveler should have on their phone

Travel planning can be a nightmare, but it's a lot easier with the best travel apps.
Well-dressed man rolling a luxury carry-on bag through a private plane terminal hallway

Travel in style — our 3 favorite luxury carry-on luggage pieces

A luxury carry-on luggage piece can make you feel as great as you look. Here are our favorites.
Scenic beach resort pool

This is how many vacations Americans think they need per year

Americans reveal how many vacations they say they need each year for optimal well-being.
scenic shot from above of Kapalua bay in Maui, Hawaii

Should you travel to Hawaii right now? What to know about the wildfires

Hawaii is a gorgeous place to visit, but should you travel to Hawaii right now?
Seated man with feet propped up on luggage looks longingly out airport window at plane taking off

Airlines ask the FAA to let them cancel flights because one critical role is short-staffed

With one critical role short-staffed, airlines seek FAA permission to cancel flights.