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Travel tips: Getaway House lets you get off the grid for as long as you want without changing your whole life

Even if you want to, chances are you can't check email

A small, black wood-paneled tiny house in the woods with a firepit and chairs in the foreground

If the sound of your inbox ding, signaling the arrival of yet another email, is like nails on a chalkboard, and the dead-eyed stare of blue light reflected from your partner’s screen is keeping you from connecting, a timeout from technology and a trip off the grid may be just what you need. In a world that never seems to hit the pause button, where the persistent ping of notifications and the siren call of social media relentlessly beckon, there exists an oasis of serenity — a Getaway House.

Nestled away from the constant cacophony of digitized existence, a Getaway House is not simply a destination, but also a digital detox for always-online travelers. The chronically online and overworked can find solace in the serene sanctuary of a Getaway House, where the cell reception is nil and the point is peak disconnection.

A queen-sized bed in a tiny cabin with a wooded background out the window

How Getaway House gets you off grid

There’s no internet, no reception, and no screen time. Period. Here’s how the Getaway website describes it:

“Because of the secluded nature of our outposts, cell phone service may be a little spottier than normal. You may not get any reception at all—if this is the case, embrace the opportunity to unplug and relax.”

In case of emergency, a landline in each cabin allows for calls to both 911 and the Getaway team. There are also other travelers in nearby cabins, so while you’ll be without your typical technological tethers, you won’t be 100% alone.

Located throughout the U.S., situated in secluded natural settings near picturesque forests, mountains, streams, state parks, and other enchanting outdoor destinations, each Getaway Outpost features an assortment of tiny cabins. Each cozy cabin is a mere 140-200 square feet and comes thoughtfully equipped with the necessities.

Inside, you’ll find a bed with fresh linens, a private bathroom with towels and a hot shower, a petite kitchen stocked with some non-perishables, cooking utensils, a two-burner stovetop, and a mini-fridge. It’s simple, but everything you need to enjoy a few nights in nature is there. The huge picturesque bedside windows where you basically wake up in the woods look totally worth it.

Cabins have AC and heat to keep you comfortable, as well as lanterns, books, cards, and an activity booklet to keep you entertained. There’s also a fire pit, picnic table, and chairs outside each cabin; firewood is available for purchase. To keep you disconnected, you’ll have a cell phone lockbox so that even if you do happen to catch a single bar of cell service, you won’t be tempted to stop and scroll.

Each Outpost has multiple cabins onsite, and while you’ll have your own space, other people will be staying in cabins nearby. Getaway requests that travelers keep noise — music, voices, etc. — to a minimum to preserve the property’s tranquil nature for other guests.

Kids and pets are welcome — because sometimes the whole family needs a break from buzzing smartphones and incessant internet interaction. Four-person cabins have two lofted queen beds, so you’ll be in close quarters, but disconnected together.

A treehouse in a wooded area surrounded by trees
Purposely Lost

A disconnected, secluded, and serene travel experience

Getaway House isn’t the only option for travelers looking to unplug and take more time off the grid. The hobbit homes and treehouses of Purposely Lost in Maine offer another destination for disconnection, though their abodes are built around the concept of eco-luxury. At Purposely Lost, guests are invited to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on the allure of aesthetics and comfort. They, too, offer everything you need to stay comfortably in the great outdoors for several days at a time. 

No matter where you go to get off-grid, nature is the name of the game. Journey through the tranquil woods and along the winding trails nearby, sit and read a book, or take your dog for the longest — and best — walk of their lives; the only connection you’ll need is with nature, and the only notifications are whispered secrets of the wind in the trees.

When you’re ready to escape the digital noise, a trip to a Getaway House or similarly enchanting retreat like Purposely Lost and others can help anyone embrace the simple joys of life and wander off the beaten path. In these places, you can explore the profound possibilities of living with fewer yet more cherished things, reconnecting with the essence of simplicity while embracing the loveliness of life’s uncomplicated joys.

Ashley Jones
Former Digital Trends Contributor
Ashley is a freelance journalist with bylines across a range of online and print publications.
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