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Flight attendant shares genius travel tips and a key hotel hack on TikTok

Finally, a good place to store your toothbrush

Interior of a hotel room with a bed, bathtub, and sink in one room.
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Who better to give the best hotel travel tips than a flight attendant? They basically live in hotels when they’re on the job, so it makes complete sense that they would know exactly how to maximize a person’s hotel experience. Globe-trotting flight attendants are a unique resource for travelers to look to for tips. Since she spends so much time in them, one flight attendant has taken to TikTok to share her top hacks for a seamless trip.

Esther Sturrus, who works for Dutch airline KLM, has more than a few tips to keep travelers safe, clean, and refreshed on their next journey. One such video — with more than 34.8 thousand likes to date — garnered lots of support thanks to a genius safety hack and a simple trick to try with a paper cup.


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Flight attendant shares top hotel tips on TikTok

In Oct. 2022, Sturrus’ first hotel tip video garnered nearly 39 million views. She walked viewers through the first things she does when arriving in hotel rooms during trips across the globe. Immediately upon entering the room, she goes through a number of steps, including putting on the do not disturb sign, locking the door, closing the curtains, and adjusting the air conditioning before showering and getting comfortable. Then, before getting some shut-eye, she checks for bedbugs.

The comment section of her video is filled with praise for the usefulness and value of her tips for travelers — especially those traveling solo. Below, we’re taking a closer look at the newest set of tips she shared:

  1. Temporary Toothbrush Holder: You know those little paper cups hotels have in the bathroom for rinsing toothpaste out of your mouth? Flip one over and poke a hole in the cup bottom with the bottom tip of your toothbrush to make a handy toothbrush holder. This way, your toothbrush head stays off the counter instead of tipping over.
  2. Bathroom Dry Cleaner: I’ve actually done this one before, and it really works! Hang your clothes in a steamy bathroom while you take a shower so the wrinkles fall out. Sturrus uses dry spray wash to give her suit a refresh in the video.
  3. Getting Ready Quickly: If you don’t already know this one, it comes in handy in smaller hotel bathrooms where the mirror fogs up quickly. Simply run the blow dryer across the mirror, and it’s gone in a few seconds. This is a great trick to have up your sleeve when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to wait for the mirror to clear up before getting ready.
  4. DIY Speaker: If you don’t have a portable speaker when you’re traveling, simply put your phone speaker-side down in a ceramic coffee mug. This will amplify the sound, and it’s easily transportable.
  5. Under-the-Bed Check: Sturrus also shares a very necessary hotel safety tip for how to check to see if anyone is under the bed in your hotel room without sticking your face or hands under the bed. Roll a water bottle underneath the bed; if it comes out the other side, you’re in the clear.

For anyone seeking a smoother hotel experience, Sturrus’ tips serve as an indispensable guide, ensuring an easy and secure hotel stay, one travel tip at a time.

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