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kiriko, Bridge & Burn

Bridge & Burn and Kiriko Launch Japanese Textile-Inspired Collection

Bridge & Burn and Kiriko have launched a new collection bearing both their names. It's a Japanese-inspired collection with Pacific Northwest silhouettes.

EShave Introduces Paraben-Free Pre-Shave with Natural Oils

EShave has launched three new paraben-free pre-shave oils. Each smells great and offer a variety of benefits for your face before, during and after a shave.
Fisher + Baker

Fisher + Baker Creates Your Next Line of Winter & Spring Essentials

Fisher + Baker is a new multi-season clothing line. They have a few different jackets and other pieces of outerwear meant for winter and spring.
Biking Cuba

Biking Through Cuba Opens up the Country to New Eyes

Search and State owner Daniel Golden led a trip on two wheels through the Caribbean nation. We're happy to share some photos from his trip spent biking Cuba
men's shoes

Footwork: Five of Our Favorite January Shoe Discoveries

We've seen a ton of new men's shoes this month. We rounded up five of our favorites to pass along to you, including sneakers, boots, & bespoke kicks.
Primal Bigfoot Kettlebells

These Beasts of Weights are Guaranteed to Take Your Lifting to the Next Level

We get it – that New Year’s resolution to get fit isn’t all its cracked up to be. Onnit has created these Bigfoot Kettlebells to help jazz things up.
basic outfitters

Clothing Startup Basic Outfitters Takes Center Stage on ‘Shark Tank’ This Week

Basic Outfitters will be featured on Shark Tank this week. They'll work on attracting investment to grow their popular clothing company.
super yachts

Five Yachts Worth Spending Your Retirement On

This is a roundup of five ridiculous super yachts that are for sale. You could cash out your retirement to own one, but that would be irresponsible.
Barrel Aged Tea

Whiskey Barrel Aged Tea is Something We Can All Drink To

Portland's Steven Smith Teamaker has released two varieties of barrel aged tea-one in whiskey, the other in brandy. They both retain the liquor's character.
winterize your home

Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home with Brian Kelsey

We spoke with HGTV's Brian Kelsey about ways you can winterize your home for more cold weather – from the easiest fixes to more involved renovations.
macco Beard Comb

This Titanium Beard Comb Is the Only One You’ll Ever Need to Buy

Macco has launched a Kickstarter to fund their handsome titanium beard comb. It has all sorts of great features and the campaign runs through Dec. 27.
Brooks England

Read the Essentials on British Biking with Brooks’ New Book

Brooks England has released a new book on England biking culture. It features illustrations and essays from the who's who of British cycling.
New Balance 999 Packer Shoes

New Balance Releases Desert-Inspired 999 with Packer Shoes

New Balance and Packer have collaborated on the New Balance X Packer CML 999. It is desert inspired and has lots of bright colors to remind you of spring.
Grand AC

Grand AC Launches Functional Line for Your Next Gym Trip

Grand AC has launched their new activewear line. It's part of Five Four Club and is available with a discount to the club's members. It's functional.

Care/of Is Your Key to Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Care/Of is a new startup aimed at providing vitamin packs to busy people. It is backed by plenty of experts and is taking off.
Hiro Clark and Le Labo

Hiro Clark and Le Labo Team Up on “No Shower” Shirt

Hiro Clark and Le Labo have released a scented shirt. It's dipped in a fragrance meant to last for six washes. It's very strong at first, so be prepared.
american jean jackets

American Jean Jackets Soaked in Bulleit Bourbon Are Now a Thing

Noble Denim and Bulleit Bourbon have created whiskey-soaked jean jackets. It's the second time they collaborated. You can grab yours after Thanksgiving.
Hip Hop Raised Me

“Hip Hop Raised Me” Defines the Ebbs and Flows of the Genre

A new book is out on the history of Hip Hop. "Hip Hop Raised Me" is an excellent look into the past, present and future by DJ Semtex.
Proletariat Butchery

Proletariat Keeps Old-School Butchery Alive

Proletariat Butchery uses old-school techniques to butcher and sell meat. Now, owner & founder Zeph Shepard gives you his recipe for the perfect holiday ham
fall cocktails, Bone Marrow Bourbon

Smoked Bourbon and Bone Marrow Make for Damn Good Cocktails

Bartending is moving back to basics with limited ingredients and balanced flavors, even bone marrow rye. Find out more with Portland's Trifecta Tavern.
steelmont watches

Steelmont Launches Watch Series for The Thrill of Driving

Steelmont Watches has launched the RS-511 Series. They're made by a designer who has designed for several major brands and are inspired by motoring.
Jazz: The Iconic Images of Ted Williams

Photography: An Iconic Retrospective for the Jazz Age

Ted Williams was a notable 20th century music and civil rights photographer. A compilation of his photos have been released celebrating the music he loved.
The Holiday Collection, The Black Tux

The Holiday Collection is High-End Tuxedos with Minimal Commitment

The Black Tux suit rental is launching The Holiday Collection. There are different suits to choose from and each is great for holiday parties or NYE.
north face x publish

The North Face and Pubish Collaborate on Everyday ‘Antarctic’ Footwear

Publish & The North Face collaborated on a line of winter shoes. It includes three models and is a limited edition. Get it while you can.
St Eriks potato chips, most expensive potato chips

These Swedish Snacks are the World’s Most Expensive Potato Chips

A brewery in Sweden developed the world's most expensive potato chips at $56 a box, made with hard-to-find ingredients only from Sweden & the Faroe Islands.
national sandwich day photo sep 01 11 39 55 pm

3 Ways to Bring National Sandwich Day Home

Sean Krajewski is owner and founder of The Chicken or the Egg in Los Angeles. He offers three tips on creative ways to Celebrate National Sandwich Day.
shinola runwell turntable

Shinola Launches The Runwell Turntable for True Audiophiles

Shinola & VPI collaborated on The Shinola Runwell turntable. It includes VPi-developed components and is a limited run of 500 pieces. Get it while you can.
silver falls state park

Bartenders Go Wild at a Forest Retreat in Silver Falls, Oregon

What happens when a bunch of bartenders to go into the woods for a weekend forest retreat? Drinks and roasting meat in beautiful Silver Falls State Park.
Moore & Giles and Crosley record player

Moore & Giles Collab with Crosley for a Leather Turntable

Moore & Giles & Crosley collaborated on a line of leather record players. It includes two colorways and is a limited run of 40 pieces. Get it while you can
kabaccha shoes

Miami Design Meets Italian Manufacturing: The Next Wave of Dress Shoes

Kabaccha Shoes is creating affordable Italian dress shoes. They've launched a new Kickstarter with a women's line that's raised $82,000 in four days.
four new winter jackets you need now jacket

4 New Outerwear Options to Keep You Covered This Winter

We rounded up 4 new winter jackets The Manual thinks you need now. They include, Maunder XV, Nobis, Baro Drywear & Frank+Oak, all guaranteed to keep you dry
Cotopaxi Libre Sweater

Cotopaxi’s Libre Sweater Can Go from Manhattan to The Matterhorn

Cotopaxi has created the Libre Sweater. It is an all-weater, Bolivian wool pullover that is socially conscious and available on Kickstarter.
The Wristwatch Handbook

The Definitive Guidebook to Watches is Here

The Wristwatch handbook is the definitive guide to analog watches. It's a handsome, heavy coffee table book, packed with detail and awe-inspiring images.
history of vice

Our Favorite Vices From A New Book on Bad Behavior

Author Robert Evans' new book "A (Brief) History of Vice: How Bad Behavior Built Civilization" goes deep into the world's most famous historical vices.

EROIX’s Line of Travel Clothes Were Meant to Follow You Around the World

EROIX has developed a line of travel clothes (shirts and underwear) that are made specifically for certain climates--anywhere from Miami to Milan.
oneblade razor

A $300 Razor and a Week’s Worth of Beard

Can a $300 razor really be your ticket to the perfectly smooth shave? One of our writers took the OneBlade razor for a test drive and here are his results.
langlys rugged reputation shifts from bags to clothing langley jacket

Langly’s Rugged Reputation Shifts from Bags to Clothing

Langly released a new line of clothing this week, including a Langly Jacket. We reviewed this All-Weather Zip and found it to be a great to stay dry in.
Richard Haines

Moore & Giles Collaborate with Richard Haines for the Most Vibrant Leather Around

Moore & Giles and Richard Haines collaborated on a limited run of leather goods. It includes two wallets, two portfolios and a weekend bag.
11 ravens ping pong table 1

This Extravagant Ping Pong Table is a Designer’s Dream

11 Ravens has built an ultra-modern ping pong table. It has industrial and modern design notes that reflect countless hours of development.
celebrate americas space program with galactic golden vinyl voyager 1

Celebrate America’s Space Program with Galactic Golden Vinyl

Ozma Records has compiled the Voyager Golden Record into a 3-disc vinyl collection. This Galactic set is now available through their Kickstarter.
upper cut flask

The Most Handsome Flask on the Market Has a Bigger Brother

Nisnas Industries introduced the Kole last year via Kickstarter and it was a big hit. Now they are back with an even bigger flask--the Upper Cut.

Show Off Your Inner Designer with Lexdray’s New Symmetry Collection

Lexdray have created some excellent new bags with their Symmetry Collection. The neutral colors make it a solid choice for fall travel.

America’s Newest Sport Craze Involves Small Balls and a Trampoline Net

Breaking down the new sport of Spikeball, how it's played and why it's become such a craze across America from college campuses to local beaches.
how to waterproof shoes

9 Tips on How to Waterproof Shoes Ahead of Winter Weather

Buying new winter boots is a fall tradition. Here are a few tips and tricks to help protect your new footwear and a guide on how to waterproof shoes.
backpacking through europe

‘Walk, Don’t Run’ and 6 Other Tips for Backpacking Through Europe

Backpacking through Europe is a right of passage for most early-twenty-somethings. Here are a few tips and tricks to get you prepped for your own Grand Tour