Geoff Nudelman

Geoff Nudelman

Geoff is a native Oregonian who’s always up for a good challenge and a great hike. He covers everything from travel to fashion for The Manual while tacking the globe one soccer match at a time. His work regularly appears in top outlets including Travel Channel, Bloomberg Pursuits and Robb Report. You can follow his adventures @NVDEL.
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The Manual’s Quick and Easy Guide to Buying a Watch

Buying a watch is not as complicated as you think. Really.
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Big Gin spends four months in peat, which is pretty neat.

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From music festivals to an Asian night market, we've got something for everyone.

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We shed some light on the oft-confusing process.
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Ridgemont solves your need for the all-important hiking/happy hour hybrid.
Fashion & Style

The Watches of ‘Dunkirk” Are an Epic Second Story to the Film

Their wristwatches were essential to their success.

All Grown Up: A Look at the New Subaru Impreza

A surprise opportunity to review a brand Impreza while the owner's original one sits in the shop.

Exploring Canada’s West Coast: The Best of Vancouver Travel

Vancouver is as popular as it has ever been. Here's our guide to help you tackle it.
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The High-Low: The Differences Between Luxury and Department Store Chelsea Boots

How do high-priced vs. low-priced Chelsea Boots really measure up?
Fashion & Style

Shwood X Iron & Resin Launch ‘Moto’ Collaboration

For those long Pacific Coast rides.

Sharkbanz and the Uncertain World of Shark Repellents

It's much more than simply buying the most effective option.
Fashion & Style

OMEGA Launches Commander’s Watch in Honor of James Bond

A generational watch for Bond fans everywhere.

The Long Haul: The Evolving Variety in Cargo Bikes

A new way to haul gear in the city.