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Read the Essentials on British Biking with Brooks’ New Book

Brooks England

In England, biking culture has as much of a storied past as any British hobby.

As the sport has grown and transformed over the decades, Brooks England has been there for just about every pedal along the way. Since 1866, the leather company has built ornate saddles, cycle bags, and a variety other bike accessories that has made it a household name throughout the country.

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To celebrate their 150th anniversary, Brooks England put together a book celebrating the company’s core values and standards while illustrating the power of biking throughout the United Kingdom. The Brooks Compendium of Cycling Culture (Thames & Hudson) is a medley of thinkers, creators, photos and essays highlighting the eclectic society of two-wheel enthusiasts.

The book reads more like a high-fashion magazine, interspersed with dynamic illustrations and rustic essays that lend a note to Brooks standard of high quality and individualism.

It’s a jumbled, yet fun read, as the who’s who of British cycling literature walk you through the history of the sport in England (including proudly noting that the world’s first official bike race was won by a Brit).

This would be a wonderful addition to any cycling enthusiast’s collection. It offers a special look at the origins of one of the oldest biking cultures while giving space for the makers that create Brooks’ highly regarded leather products.

You can order yours here.

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