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Stay up to date on the latest travel news. We curate stories on new contests, beautiful rentals, neat openings, and current trends.

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Al Bayt Stadium, where the World Cup will be played in Qatar

What to Know With Less than 200 Days Until Qatar World Cup

With less than 200 days until kickoff, here are some topline details to help fans and potential attendees to learn and prep for the World Cup in Qatar.
A man drives a car through a hilly landscape while listening to the HearHere app.

HearHere’s App Uses Actors To Narrate the American Landscape

Man driving on country road

Here’s Why Rental Cars Are So Expensive

when safe to book travel face mask at airport

When Will It Be Safe to Book Travel Again? Here’s What You Need to Know


Could This Remodeled School Bus be the Skoolie Adventure of Your Dreams?

travel bubble map magnifying glass

After COVID-19, Travel Bubbles Could Be the First Step for Travelers

airplane aisle seats

Airplane Seating Could Look Very Different in the Wake of COVID-19

black friday cyber monday

You Can Demand a Cash Refund (Not a Voucher) for Your Canceled Flight

air travel id requirements

Looming Real ID Deadline Extended Until October 2021

standing room only airplane aviointeriors skyrider 3 window plane view

The Greenest Planes of the Future Could Run on Plant-Based Fuel

Coastal Hiking Path

England to Unveil the World’s Longest Coastal Hiking Path Later This Year

international space station nasa

Book Your All-Inclusive Stay Aboard the International Space Station for $55 million

airport airplane luggage carryon

JetBlue Founder’s Breeze Airways to Serve Off-the-Beaten-Path Airports

Air travelers love and love to hate budget airlines. In 2020, one more carrier will join the fray, and it’s promising to be “the world’s nicest airline.”
travel destinations to help new years resolutions cycling france getty

Travel Destinations to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

We can't resist a good reason to travel, especially when the novelty has worn off the new year. And what better reason could there be than self-improvement?
Potcake Place K-9 Rescue

These 5 Vacation Destinations Want to Send You Home with a Puppy

No one needs an incentive to take a vacation, but bringing home a (mostly free) puppy is pretty good motivation nonetheless.
Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel – Norway

You Can’t Have a Fear of Heights If You Want to Stay at Cliff Boutique Hotel

If standing at the edge of a 2,000 foot high cliff isn’t enough of an adrenaline rush, Cliff Boutique’s pool should satisfy you.

Airship002 Is a Retro-Future Airbnb Cabin Tucked Into the Scottish Highlands

You can find anything from treehouses and yurts on Airbnb. If you’re headed to the Scotland, you can add “retro-cool submarine” to that list.
o n s menswear makes versatile packable gear for modern urbanites 1

O.N.S Menswear Makes Versatile, Packable Gear For Modern Urbanites

O.N.S menswear provides lightweight and packable for men who need versatility on the go, whether it's for making rounds around the city or traveling to new destinations.
phone hand manicure

The Isle of Man Encourages Visitors to Lock Away Their Smartphones

The majority of us agree that we’re addicted to our phones, social media, and the internet in general. Yet, we just can’t seem to break free. Now, a clever initiative in Britain’s Isle of Man encourages visitors to temporarily swap their digital devices for a collection of old-school alternatives.
Arctic Bath complete snow

The Viking-Inspired Arctic Bath Is Now Open in Swedish Lapland

Sadly, Game of Thrones is long over. If you still find yourself in a pit of Westeros-less despair, the Swedes may have just the cure. The Viking-inspired Arctic Bath that we covered last year is now officially open. It’s every bit as luxurious and out-of-this-world as we could’ve hoped.
barsys robot bartender

British Airways Is Bringing AI-Powered Robot Bartenders to U.S. Airports

One day soon, when the robots take over and enslave us all, we’ll wonder where it all went wrong. Should we have seen the signs? Replacing human bartenders with AI-powered automatons seems a likely start. British Airways is tempting fate anyway by trialing “robot” bartenders at two major U.S. airports.
Airbnb Bahamas Sabbatical reef

Take a Two-Month Bahamas Sabbatical and Help Save the Planet in the Process

Except for the crazy few living in Florida, most Americans are in the clutches of another bitter winter. Most of us are already eyeing a tropical island getaway. How does two full months in the Bahamas sound? Now, Airbnb wants to send you there with the opportunity to do some social good in the process.
what to wear mens outfit weekend getaway winterclothes

What to Wear: The Best Men’s Outfit for a Summer Weekend Getaway

Never leave home with one of these gear picks for summer, with our selections guaranteed to help you traverse the mysterious outdoors like a boss.
koh samui thailand library resort samui8

Thailand’s Surreal The Library Resort Is a Bibliophile Traveler’s Dream Getaway

Themed restaurants and hotels are often hit-or-miss. In the hands of a sophisticated designer, however, a themed eatery or luxury resort can be extraordinary. Mere feet from one of Thailand’s most famous beaches, one designer hotel is proof of the latter.
Zion National Park river

Visit Any U.S. National Park for Free in 2021 on These 5 Days

The U.S. government gets a lot wrong, but one thing it nailed more than a century ago was the founding of the National Park Service. Most NPS sites are already quite affordable. On select dates this year, however, visitors can experience every NPS site completely free of charge.
Gearrannan Blackhouse Village

A Once-Abandoned Village Is Now the Most Scottish Hotel in Scotland

Gearrannan Blackhouse Village is a living museum at the intersection of the Outer Hebrides' rich history and its tiptoe into modernity. Now, travelers looking to dive deeper into that history can spend a night or two at the village living (almost) like a true 19th-century Scot.
leyland titan double decker bus wales glamping ceridwen centre

This Vintage Double-Decker Bus Is a Modern Glamping Escape in the Heart of Wales

Airbnb has proven that just about anything from oversized potatoes to the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile can serve as an extraordinary overnight guest room. Add to that list one more unique glamping getaway: A vintage double-decker bus in the heart of the Welsh countryside.
silos 159 vrbo round top texas convertedgrainsilo 1

Spend the Night in a Converted Grain Silo in Small-Town Texas

We’ve seen everything from faux Idaho potatoes to oversized tequila barrels to sheep wagons being used as impromptu “hotels.” So, it was only a matter of time before some small town decided to repurpose a few of its disused grain silos as shabby chic bedrooms for overnight travelers.
airplane flight aisle passengers

Starting in 2020, New Laws Will Come Down Hard on Unruly Air Passengers

With shrinking seats, Draconian baggage restrictions, and surly flight attendants, air travel seems to be getting worse. It’s enough to drive even the most patient passengers mad, in some cases to the point of air rage. Starting in 2020, new legislation will come down hard on unruly flyers.
Arthouse Hotel New York City cocktail

Christmas Isn’t Over Yet at NYC’s Arthouse Hotel

Christmas isn't over -- not yet. For the Christmas-obsessed among us who relish an extra week or three of good tidings and the classic movies that celebrate the holidays, one New York City hotel has transformed its lobby into a shrine to honor the most iconic Christmas films of all time.
nowaday vintage car tour nyc 1

Nowaday Reignites the Roaring ’20s With Bespoke Vintage Car Tours of NYC

New York City is so iconic that it's difficult to imagine seeing it "in a new light." Now, one startup company is offering fresh, one-of-a-kind tours of the city in beautifully restored vintage cars.
alaska cruise ship iceberg

Now Is the Best Time to Score a Cheap Alaska Cruise for 2021

We’re now officially into winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. Most of the U.S. has seen its first snowfall -- even a blizzard or three -- so it’s unlikely many of us are daydreaming of an immediate Alaskan getaway. Right now, however, 2021 is the best time of year to start planning an Alaskan trip.
Harbour Air magniX Commercial Electric Airplane

World’s First All-Electric Commercial Test Flight Touches Down in Canada

Cutting-edge engineers around the world are setting their sites on the skies to find ways to electrify aircraft. Last week, a small single-engine seaplane made history with a world-first flight that could pave the way for cleaner and greener air travel.
home2suites dog

Stay at This Mississippi Hotel and Adopt a Shelter Dog at Checkout

From car rides to snowstorms to long sunrise hikes, dogs make everything better. They also make travel better, but not everyone has a dog or can take theirs with them while traveling. One Mississippi hotel is offering a unique adoption program to provide guests with free shelter pups during their stay.
supertramped co conversion van ernie facebook 1

Supertramped Co.’s Conversion Camper Van Is Part Tiny Home, Part Surf Shack

There’s something so appealing about flippantly abandoning our worldly belongings, tossing our iPhones into the ocean, and living the simple life on a beach in Costa Rica. One U.K.-based company distilled that daydream down into a single, one-of-a-kind camper van unlike any we’ve ever seen.
norway announces stunning new whale watching museum inside the arctic circle 1

Norway Announces Stunning New Whale-Watching Museum Inside the Arctic Circle

From the world's largest underwater restaurant to a $2 million roadside toilet, Norway has proven it can make anything beautiful with a meticulous minimalist design aesthetic. Now, it's announced plans for the world's most stunning whale museum.
dogs of chernobyl clean futures fund

Meet the Street Dogs of Chernobyl on a One-of-a-Kind Airbnb Experience

If you like radioactive fallout, post-Apocalyptic towns, and dogs, Airbnb has the perfect niche travel experience for you. Amid Chernobyl’s growing popularity as a tourist destination, the company is offering a unique opportunity to visit the infamous disaster site and do some social good in the process.
hopper app phone illustration

Lock in Low Airfares for a Full Week with Hopper’s Price Freeze Tool

Shopping for the cheapest flights has never been easy. Buy too far in advance or too last-minute and, either way, you’ll pay a premium. Thanks to a clever new tool, travelers can now lock in pricing for up to a week before pulling the trigger.
Van Nelle Factory

Travel Wright Is Every Architourist’s Dream Come True

From Amsterdam to Japan, Mexico to Fallingwater, get unique insight into America’s most beloved architect while savoring local culture and cuisine.
best hotels for wildlife encounters lion house at gg conservation reserve

The World’s Best Hotels for Up-Close Wildlife Encounters

It’s one thing to spy a cheetah or herd of elephants in a zoo enclosure. It’s another experience altogether to spend the night amid a pack of wolves or dozens of lions mere feet from your bed. For animal-loving travelers, these are the world’s five best hotels for up-close wildlife encounters.
United Airlines airplane in flight.

United Airlines Launches Fly Now, Pay Later Travel Payment Plan

Most of us would love to travel now -- like, right now. But, having to pay for it right now always seems to get in the way. United Airlines wants to make every impetuous travelers' dreams a reality with the new Uplift “fly now, pay later” deferred payment option.
escape tiny home rental properties homes 1

Escape Elevates Tiny Homes to Works of Architectural Splendor

Escape tiny homes have been around since before tiny home living was a thing. Now, the company is designing tiny homes that are used as rental properties, offering unique experiences for whoever stays there.
adventure travel swing

Win 1 Trip Every Year in the Life of Adventure Travel Contest

In Exodus Travels' new Life of Adventure Travel Contest, three lucky winners will each win one adventure trip per year for the next 25 years. That's a free, bucket-list-worthy vacation every year through 2045. That’s not a bad haul for five minutes’ worth of data entry.
Northern Lights Wilderness Camp Off the Map Travel Kilpissafarit

See the Solar Winds at Finland’s Northern Lights Wilderness Camp

In the past few years, Finland has become ground zero for some of the world's best aurora borealis viewing. The recently debuted Northern Lights Wilderness Camp in Finnish Lapland might be the purest, prettiest (and priciest) way to see the one-of-a-kind phenomenon.
2020 Living Vehicle

The 2022 Living Vehicle Is a Swanky Luxury Apartment on Wheels

For anyone looking to pull the ripcord on society, there’s never been a better time to get the hell out of Dodge. Modern nomads have a wealth of incredible options available to help fuel their mobile lifestyle. But, what about travelers who don’t want to leave it all behind?
rv trailer

Score an RV Rental for $1 Per Day With Secret Repositioning Deals

RVs are big, expensive machines prone to leaks and mechanical problems, and they inhale gas faster than a Bugatti Chiron. There’s a reason many travelers opt to rent rather than buy. But, what if you could rent an RV for $1 a day or even get paid to drive one? If that sounds too good to be true, read on.
Saddleback Cay

For Sale: The Stunning Bahamian Island Where Fyre Festival Didn’t Happen

Fyre Festival will go down in history as one of, if not the, greatest disasters in music festival history. Now, the private Caribbean island widely and fraudulently touted as the postcard-worthy home of the festival is up for sale.
The inside of the cabin of an airplane full of passengers.

Major Airline Admits to Monitoring Passengers Via Onboard Cameras

These days, it seems every gadget from the iPhone to Amazon’s Echo is listening to our every word. Trading our privacy for convenience might seem worth it, of course — right up until the machines take over. Now, one of Asia’s largest airlines has confirmed it’s actively spying on passengers.

Ireland’s Beautiful Arranmore Island Desperately Wants You to Move There

Depopulation is prompting municipalities around the world to devise clever ways to keep their residents and find new ways to woo new ones. Now, one of Ireland's most idyllic islands is working hard to lure locals and newcomers back in a big way.
fear and loathing in las vegas

This Map Will Take You on the Same Road Trip in ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’

From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, this online map by charts the wild, psychedelic journey taken in Hunter S. Thompson's novel 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas'. Mescalin not included.