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Win 1 Trip Every Year in the Life of Adventure Travel Contest

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Artem Beliaikin

Even though Dr. Oz, and other advisers, recommend we take our earned vacation time each year, most Americans don’t. In North America, it’s partly because of our masochistic work ethic and partly because most of us can’t afford it. With Exodus Travels’ latest adventure travel contest, though, wants to make sure that, for the next 25 years, you have no excuses.

The Life of Adventure Travel Contest is simple: One lucky winner from each of three regions will be chosen to win one adventure trip per year for the next 25 years. To be clear, that means a free bucket-list-worthy adventure vacation every year through 2045. Winners will be given an annual travel credit of $2,500 to put toward a trip of their choice. Over two and a half decades that amounts to more than $60,000. That’s not a bad haul for five minutes’ worth of data entry.

Even for hardened adventure travelers who typically “don’t do group trips,” Exodus Travels offers an impressive catalog. Earlier this year, we covered the unique Five Stans of the Silk Road Photography Adventure — a hardcore, 23-day expedition following the original Silk Road in the steps of Genghis Khan across five countries. The Life of Adventure travel contest includes a long list of similar trips, totaling more than 600 in over 100 countries. Exodus is inviting contestants to, for example, climb Kilimanjaro along the less-traveled Lemosho route, travel the Mekong Delta by boat, and stargaze in Oman’s Wahiba Sands. Most of the company’s trips take small groups of no more than 16 people. It’s the closest thing to traveling alone without actually being alone.

Travelers can enter by visiting Exodus Travels and choosing their preferred style of travel. These include Exodus’ typical adventure tour types like Cycling, Cultural, Wildlife, Polar, Mixed, and Family. The final step is to select their top three dream trips across Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. The Life of Adventure contest is open now through February 17, 2020. One winner from the United States/Canada, one from the United Kingdom, and a final one from Australia/New Zealand will be chosen at random.

If you win, the only catch is that you have to take us with you — or not. We didn’t actually read the terms & conditions, but we have to assume it’s in there.

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