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Christmas Isn’t Over Yet at NYC’s Arthouse Hotel

Arthouse Hotel New York City tree
Arthouse Hotel New York City/Facebook

Just because December 25 has come and gone doesn’t mean Christmas is over — not yet. For some of us, it’ll last until the last needles fall from the tree sometime around late March when we’re forced to put away the decorations. For those crazy few who relish an extra week or three of good tidings and the classic movies that celebrate it all, one New York City hotel has transformed its lobby into a shrine to honor the most iconic Christmas films of all time.

Arthouse Hotel New York City room
Arthouse Hotel New York City/Facebook

This month, Arthouse Hotel New York City revived its annual holiday pop-up bar. For 2019, the Upper West Side hotel decked its lobby and the adjoining Arthouse Wine Bar with vignettes inspired by the most beloved Christmas films. One window of the bar, for example, features a cutout of Home Alone’s “Wet Bandits” Marv and Harry, peeking in at guests from outside. A replica living room from A Christmas Story complete with a vintage radio, fireplace, the Parkers’ blue couch, and a box marked “fragile” fills a corner of the bar. The Griswold Family’s burnt-to-a-crisp Christmas tree is tucked into another, along with a charred outline of Aunt Bethany’s cat in the carpet. Buddy’s white paper cutouts from Elf line the ceiling over an intimate corner of the lounge.

Arthouse Hotel New York City cocktail
Arthouse Hotel New York City/Facebook

The cocktail menu has been appropriately updated with Christmas movie inspiration, too. Holiday punch can be poured directly from the iconic “fra-gee-lay” leg lamp from A Christmas Story. A housemade, Clark Griswold-inspired holiday eggnog spiked with Pierre Ferrand Cognac is served straight from the carton. The bar is also offering new twists on classic holiday cocktails, like the Spruce Tree Martini (with bold pine notes), a Negroni with hints of cranberry sauce served in a cranberry sauce can, and a Cold Fashioned (an Old Fashioned with Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur). All are served in vintage cans with bespoke, retro-holiday labels.

Arthouse Hotel New York City eggnog
Arthouse Hotel New York City/Facebook

This is the fourth year for Arthouse Hotel’s holiday pop-up feature, which has become something of a tradition for locals and guests. Past themes included a Willa Wonka-esque Holiday Cocktail Factory with a bubble room and drinks served in gumball machines, and a Shakespeare-inspired Midwinter Night’s Dream setup. This year’s Arthouse Holiday Movie Revival pop-up installation lasts only until January 5, 2020.

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