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Spend the Night in a Converted Grain Silo in Small-Town Texas

If Airbnb has taught us anything, it’s that virtually any structure can be converted into a guestroom. In the last two years alone, we’ve seen everything from faux Idaho potatoes to oversized tequila barrels to sheep wagons being used as impromptu “hotels.” It was only a matter of time before some small town decided to repurpose a few of its disused grain silos as shabby chic bedrooms for overnight travelers.

The three converted silos, collectively the Silos at 159, are located on a ten-acre stretch of land in Round Top — a speck of a town 90 minutes from both Houston and Austin, Texas. From the outside, each cottage appears to be an ultra-stylish tiny home. On closer inspection, the corrugated metal silos anchor the living/dining quarters of each cottage, which sleep two additional guests. At the rear are the master bedroom and bathroom. Each cottage also features a custom-built front porch — a mix of raw timber and ornate metal fixtures that provides an old-timey Wild West vibe.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The interiors are straight out of the Chip & Joanna Gaines playbook. They’re a blend of rustic and modern farmhouse chic, inspired largely by finds from the massive antique flea markets that put Round Top on the map. The 400-square-foot floor plans can accommodate up to four guests. All feature modern amenities like heat and air conditioning, full bathrooms with toilets and showers, separate living and dining areas, and kitchenettes with coffeemakers and mini-fridges. If the silos are a little too rustic for your liking — or you’re traveling with the whole family — the property’s 2,800-square-foot main house is also available to overnight guests. The inside is considerably flashier with three bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, an oversized chef’s kitchen, and even a seasonal outdoor pool.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The miniature silo cottage compound is a fitting addition to Round Top. Although the tiny town boasts a population of less than 100, it’s part of a region of Texas which has slowly made a name for itself over the last decade. It’s quiet, charming, and miles from anywhere — all the right ingredients for a proper Texan detox. That’s perhaps the reason why other unique guesthouses like the Flophouze Shipping Container Hotel have cropped up in recent years. On the map, it may look like any “ordinary” podunk town. The area is best known for its bi-annual antique flea markets and fairs, but there are a surprising number of museums, galleries, and wineries in the area as well.

Each of the three silo cottages can be booked through VRBO. Rates average around $250 per night but can go up to more than $350 in peak season. Sure, that’s not exactly cheap, but where else can you sleep in a legit grain silo?

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