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Nowaday Reignites the Roaring ’20s With Bespoke Vintage Car Tours of NYC

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Paris, Sydney, Los Angeles — some cities are so iconic that it’s difficult to imagine seeing them “in a new light.” Likewise, New York City has been written about, serenaded, philosophized over, and explored from nearly every angle for more than a century. Now, one startup company is offering fresh, one-of-a-kind tours of the city in beautifully restored vintage cars.

These aren’t the typical Big Apple double-decker bus tours designed to herd tourists around by the dozen. Nowaday whisks guests through Manhattan in stunning classic cars from the 1920s and early 1930s. The fleet includes a dozen models like a 1932 Chrysler Imperial, a 1931 Chevrolet Series AE, and a rare 1928 Ford Model A. All have been meticulously restored to their original Jazz Age glory, but with updated safety and tech conveniences like air-conditioning, seat belts, and modern sound systems.

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In a city where even the extraordinary often isn’t enough to turn heads, these vintage rides guarantee a double-take from bystanders. Nowaday founders wanted tourgoers not only to see the sights but to become part of the story. The company even provides period props and accessories for a real taste of the Roaring ‘20s. Co-founder Jaime Getto said, “We’re looking to tell the story of the city we’re in, but also place you in it … Picture a Ford Model A on the streets of New York. When you’re in that car, you become one of the sights. People will chase the car down the street to take a photo.”

The initial Midtown tour visits many of Manhattan’s most famous locations, including Grand Central Station, Central Park, the Flatiron Building, and Carnegie Hall. Plus, every Nowaday chauffeur is a specially trained storyteller with the skills and expertise to provide keen insights into the city’s past. The company has already expanded with a new downtown tour that takes guests back to Manhattan’s roots. The route explores the city’s swankiest neighborhoods like Tribeca, SoHo, and Wall Street, while highlights include One World Trade, the Brooklyn Bridge, Chinatown, and Trinity Church.

While the company is already looking to expand to Los Angeles and Paris, it currently only operates in New York City. Both 60-minute tours can be booked online for less than $100 for two passengers. Every tour is ultra-exclusive with only enough space for three guests per car, although larger groups can opt to hire a caravan of Nowaday cars. 

For travelers who prefer to be in the driver seat, DriveShare offers peer-to-peer rentals of exotic, vintage, and collectible cars.

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