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Travel Wright Is Every Architourist’s Dream Come True

Architourism — traveling to a destination solely for the architecture — has always been for ultimate architecture nerds. But more and more tour companies are getting hip to the fact that it is not only a thing, it’s something a lot of people are interested in. 2020 is set to be the year of architours and the best one by far will be Travel Wright, a series of tours around the world based on the work and social impact of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Frank Lloyd Wright Trust

Set to begin in February of 2020, Travel Wright was developed by the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust. This series of four different tours will explore America’s most iconic architect, places that influenced him, and his impact on the rest of the world. Each location will only be visited once during the year, and tours have been carefully planned out so as not to overlap. Meaning if you are a Wright fanatic, you could potentially go on each trip —  a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close and personal with some of his most exciting works.

The tours are divided by global regions and each focuses on a different aspect of the prolific architect. These are curated experiences that give travelers exclusive access to curator talks, private viewings, and glimpses behind the scenes. From the strong influence of Mayan architecture on his famous Ennis House to the Japanese philosophies he used throughout his career, each tour offers a different view at what drove Wright in each of his designs.

Frank Lloyd Wright Trust

Start by stepping back in time with a visit to Mexico’s Mayan ruins. Wright and the Americas is 8 days of exploring Mexico City and the Yucatán. Along with learning why Wright was so fascinated with this region of the world, you get an insight into the area’s rich design history.

From Mexico, Travel Wright will head to Amsterdam and focus on Dutch Modernism. Here you will learn about the impact Wright had on other architects as people like Hendrik Petrus Berlage took what they learned in the United States and implemented it in their home country.

Frank Lloyd Wright Trust

In October, just in time for peak foliage season, Travel Wright will head to Wright’s most famous home – Falling Water. This 5-day tour includes an architectural tour of Pennsylvania, starting in Pittsburgh, going through Polymath Park, and culminating in a private tour of Fallingwater and dinner inside of Kentuck Knob.

The final tour of 2020 heads to Japan to explore how “that great East” impacted Wright’s designs. Wright in Japan is a 12-day tour which shows how FLW was one of the first American architects to step away from European influences and look to eastern design philosophies to guide his creations. You’ll explore the country, taking the same path Wright did during his multiple visits in the early 20th century.

Frank Lloyd Wright Trust

Whichever tour piques your interest, book it right away. Spots are limited and these experiences are sure to sell out. You don’t have to be a Wright fanatic to enjoy Travel Wright. You just need a desire to see the world, experience new cultures, and learn a bit about design in the process.

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