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Airship002 Is a Retro-Future Airbnb Cabin Tucked Into the Scottish Highlands

Remember the olden days of travel when the only viable accommodations options for most of us were middle-of-the-road chain hotels or some charming-yet-creepy bed-and-breakfast. Those were dark times indeed before Airbnb changed the game. Now, almost anyone can find igloos, treehouses, yurts, even potatoes to spend the night in. If you’re headed to the Scottish Highlands, you can add “retro-cool submarine” to that list.


From the outside, it’s clear that Airship002 is something altogether different. Indeed, the Airbnb superhosts behind the one-of-a-kind tiny house describe it as “comfortable, quirky, and cool. It does not pretend to be a five-star hotel. The reviews tell the story.” With almost 200 five-star reviews on Airbnb, it’s clearly a pretty good story. Perched alongside a pristine lake in Scotland, the Roderick James-designed pod looks like an underwater research vessel docked at its terrestrial headquarters for refueling. The cylindrical design is clad in aluminum panels riveted together at hard angles. Porthole windows and wraparound dragonfly glass at both ends gives Airship002 a unique, almost imposing aesthetic.

The interior pulls inspiration from boat design and farmhouse chic with subtle Bohemian accents. Shiplap and aluminum cladding envelop visitors from the walls to the ceiling. It’s a look that might otherwise feel cold and functional, but natural fabrics, tasteful throw pillows, and soft accent lighting bring warmth and intimacy to the space. A wood-burning stove adds a homey feel and helps keep the chill away during Scotland’s notorious winters. The well-placed porthole and floor-to-ceiling windows add a bit of whimsy and help brighten the pod with natural lighting as well.

Located on four private acres in Drimnin near the Isle of Mull, Airship002 is an ideal place for a digital detox. Thankfully, the pod’s liberal use of glass helps bring the outside in. The dragonfly windows wrap the seating area and nearby kitchen at one end, while the other envelops an office and sitting area. A pair of windows over the four-poster queen bed in the main sleeping quarters allow for stargazing while guests drift off to sleep. Outside, a private waterfront deck provides sweeping views across The Sound of Mull. The list of outdoor opportunities within walking distance is typical of the Scottish Highlands. Sunset hikes amid fields of bluebells in full bloom, bird-watching along the Sound, and stargazing under Drimnin’s crystal-clear skies are all just a few minutes away. The best part is that guests are likely to have it all to themselves.

Reservations at Airship002 are bookable exclusively on Airbnb Plus. Nightly rates start around $200 per night, although the hosts occasionally offer weekend package discounts.

If a private desert retreat is more your speed, check out Yucca Valley’s Hawkeye House, situated at the edge of Joshua Tree National Park.

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