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Chill Out in the Middle of the Desert at This Solar-Powered Geodesic Dome House

Hawkeye House
Sam Friedman

As a good chunk of the country gets hit with a cold snap, and even some rare autumn snowstorms, heading south for the winter is looking really nice. Luckily there is an amazing escape in the middle of the desert that lets you soak up the sun, hike to your heart’s content, and live that wild off-grid life. Take a look at Hawkeye House, AirBnB’s hottest vacation rental.

Set in the middle of 112 private acres, Yucca Valley’s Hawkeye House offers the best of the desert all in one location. With stunning mountain views, endless trails to hike, and close proximity to Joshua Tree National Park, it’s an outdoor lover’s paradise. And thanks to its unique shape, Hawkeye House is a different kind of paradise — combining style and simple luxury to become a fun and quirky oasis in the sand.

Built as a geodesic dome, Hawkeye House has a gentle curve to its roof that matches the gentle curves of the nearby hills. The earthy tone of the exterior mimics the deep colors of the desert at dusk. It’s an innovative take on the trendy desert minimalist style we’ve seen pop up over the last year.

The intriguing exterior leads to a serene and inviting interior. Bright white walls accented with touches of natural wood create cooling vibes to escape the heat of midday. Sets of double doors fully open to allow for cooling cross breezes. The center of the dome is made of up a set of triangular skylights, ensuring the entire space is flooded with natural light during the day and offering an intimate stargazing experience in the evening. Kick back in the lofted sleeping area to take in the night sky.

The hexagonal-shaped main floor includes seating areas, a kitchen underneath the loft, the bathroom and a bonus bedroom. Rough, natural textures incorporated into the design, like the concrete countertops in the kitchen and concrete floor in the shower, add a rustic feel. Gold accents on the faucets and trim add a touch of elegance while reminding us of the vibrant colors of the desert.

Outside there’s even more space to unwind and take in the beauty of the rolling hills. A covered deck features a swinging daybed that can even be enjoyed at night thanks to the string lights hung along the pergola. In another corner of the patio, a bright orange chiminea is a great spot to gather in the evening, watch the sunset, and enjoy a fire.

Excited to head to the desert and check out Hawkeye House for yourself? Just gather up seven of your friends, and book your stay through AirBnB. But hurry, this is a hot listing that people have been clamoring to call home for a weekend.

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