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You Can’t Have a Fear of Heights If You Want to Stay at Cliff Boutique Hotel

Norway is an adventure lover’s dream destination. You can take your pick of one-of-a-kind explorations like kayaking fjords, ice-climbing glaciers, or daring to step to the edge of the famous Preikestolen, or “Pulpit Rock” — all while surrounded by some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. If you thought the thrill-seeking couldn’t get any more extreme than that, check out this daring new concept design that puts a hotel right on the side of Preikestolen. 

Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel – Norway
Hayri Atak

Cliff Boutique is five stories (and nine total suites) of vertigo-inducing views. Created by interior architect Hayri Atak, the concept drawings for the hotel show it built into the side of the cliff. To maintain the look of Pulpit Rock, which gently curves inward, each floor of the hotel is a bit narrower than the one above it. Clad in dark gray concrete panels, the design is intended to help the hotel blend in with the surrounding rocks, preserving the integrity of the famous site. 

Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel – Norway
Hayri Atak

At close to 2,000 feet high, Preikestolen is one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Norway. Part of the cliff system of the Lysefjorden fjord in the southern end of the country, Preikestolen draws in large crowds thanks to its nearly flat top, which juts out, making it feel like you are floating over the land. It’s an insta-worthy spot that lets visitors take in unobstructed, dramatic views of the water below and the snow-capped mountains beyond. By building the hotel down into the side of the cliff, those views remain intact while giving visitors to Cliff Boutique a unique perspective of the fjord. 

Cliff Concept Boutique Hotel – Norway
Hayri Atak

The lowest level of Cliff Boutique is an observation deck and lounge, complete with a swimming pool. If standing at the edge of Preikestolen doesn’t spike your adrenaline, a few laps in the pool will. Extending out from the observation deck, the pool is suspended by cables attached to the top of the cliff. It already looks precarious, but the glass-bottom of the pool makes for an even more dramatic swim. It’s something only the bravest of visitors would be willing to tackle.

With few other hotels close to the popular landmark, Cliff Boutique would be sure to give you that once-in-a-lifetime experience and breathtaking views few others ever get to enjoy. Just be sure you don’t have vertigo before you book your stay.

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