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O.N.S Menswear Makes Versatile, Packable Gear For Modern Urbanites

What’s a man to do when he needs to pack for a trip and has no way of keeping his suits crisp and his attire wrinkle-free? Finding suitable clothing options for a nomad is a tough task, especially when you need to dress up and look sharp. New York City-based men’s lifestyle brand O.N.S Clothing is filling a much-needed niche in the men’s fashion world by providing the modern man with chic, quality products to ease the everyday stress that comes with living life on the road.

The O.N.S approach comfortably rides the line of sophisticated and functional, which are both extremely important for those working on the go. The last thing you want is to arrive at your destination then pull a cramped pair of trousers and a suit jacket out of your weekender bag, only to find your fit is wrinkled and creased in all the wrong places.

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There are a few tips and tricks on how to pack a suit when traveling lightly, but nothing is ever guaranteed. The O.N.S collection is designed to give the traveling man some relief by offering lightweight, packable garb that’s crafted with wrinkle-free fabrics to make sure you look sharp in every city.

O.N.S presents a wide array of attire for urbanites, from shirts and pants to accessories and outerwear. And, it’s a lifestyle brand, so you’ll also find other goods such as art pieces, candles, bags, and grooming products, among others, if you’re looking to fully buy in to its mission. Today, however, we’re going to give you the rundown on some of the best travel-ready fits it has to offer.

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We’ll begin with our preferred ensemble: the Conduit Packable Blazer and the Niles Packable Trouser. Like we mentioned before, it’s a pain to deal with wrinkled dress clothes when you’re on the road. If you bring the Conduit blazer with you, you’ll never have to worry about that again.

This blazer dons a single lapel, two-button, relaxed fit that feels at home whether you’re out to lunch with clients or bustling in the boardroom. It’s made with a wrinkle-free and water-resistant fabric that will quickly become your favorite travel companion, and it’s delivered with a packable bag for easy storage and transport. The Niles trousers are made with the same wrinkle-free fabric to ensure you always have a crisp and impressive go-to fit away from home.

And, if you’re a little taken back by the price tag, O.N.S offers a 20% discount when you purchase two items or more, which means you can get the aforementioned pair together and save a little moolah.

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Packing for a trip goes beyond having an outfit for meetings and work-related activities, too. You’ll want tofind a range of lightweight options that are easy to pack and offer the versatility you need for compiling multiple looks on the road. The O.N.S menswear collection hosts other lightweight and packable pieces that fit the bill.

The Cayden Anorak hooded jacket is a perfect staple piece if you’re looking for a lightweight third piece that meshes with just about everything. It sports a naturally wrinkled, water-resistant fabric that looks the same no matter how tight you pack it into your carry-on, and is offered in three neutral colors for added flexibility. It’s zippered nylon Lanier Hooded Jacket is another suitable option that you can comfortably travel with wherever you go.

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If you’re not one who travels for work, but you are still looking for some stylish, contemporary items to round out your wardrobe, O.N.S menswear offers more than just wrinkle-free, packable products, too. You can find these, and more, on the brand’s website and at its flagship store in New York’s Nolita district.

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