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Ryan Waniata

Ryan Waniata

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Ryan Waniata is an audio engineer, musician, composer, and all-around lover of all things tech, audio, and cinema. Hailing originally from Montana, Ryan received his bachelor's degree from the University of Montana in composition and technology. He later studied audio engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, AZ, then packed up for Nashville, where he spent a couple of years playing and recording music in various studios and local venues. Ryan now makes his home in Portland, OR. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Ryan’s work.

Astell & Kern

Astell & Kern Shows Off Spanking New Luxury Audio Awesomeness in the SP1000 Hi-Res Player

The luxury audio specialists at Astell & Kern unveiled the company's all-new line of hi-res portable audio players, the A&ultima line this week.

Beyerdynamic Unchains Audiophile Sound with Xelento Wireless In-Ears

RHA headphones

RHA unveils three gorgeous new gifts to the headphone gods

RHA unveiled two new headphone models, as well as the company's first-ever portable headphone amplifier and DAC, the Dacamp L1, ahead of IFA 2016.
yamaha yas

Yamaha’s latest cheap-seats sound bar looks better, connects faster

Yamaha unveils its latest sound bar aimed at the cheap seats, the new Yamaha YAS-106, which offers a slimmer design, HDMI connection, & Bluetooth streaming.
vinyl console mini bar luno egb2 egb2int manual

Booze and vinyl make a beautiful baby in the EGB2 record console

Vinyl and booze are two of our favorite things, and these gems come together brilliantly in the new EGB2 turntable console from Luno.
samsong z55 professional reference headphones samson manual

Samson’s Z55 studio headphones offer brilliantly-balanced sound for less

We check out Samson's brilliant yet affordable new pro reference studio headphones, the Z55.
shure kse1500 electrostatic in ear headphones hands on manual

Hi-fi Corner: Shure’s KSE1500 electrostats will blow your mind

shure sha900 portable headphone amp display the manual

Hi-Fi Corner: Let Shure’s SHA900 portable amp take you to church

Shure’s SHA900 portable headphone amp is sleek and provides supremely realistic reproduction of all your music, but you'd better bring your gold card.
doppler labs here wireless buds augmented reality earbuds maincu v2 the manual

Hi-Fi Corner: Change the way you hear with these amazing wireless earbuds

Doppler Labs’ new Here Active Listening system offers a brilliantly simple way to enhance the sonic world around you in real time.
1more triple driver hybrid in ear headphones manual

Hi-Fi Corner: 1More’s Triple Driver in-ears offer brilliant sound for $100

China-based 1More bursts onto the U.S. headphone seen with its new Triple Driver in-ear headphones, which look great, and sounds even better for just $100.
astell kern ak320 1800 portable hires audio player astellkern hi res players 1 the manual

Hi-fi corner: Astell&Kern gets smooth with the new AK320 hi-res audio player

Astell&Kern comes through once again with one of the finest hi-res portable audio players on the market in the new $1,800 AK320.
kef m100 in ear headphones the manual

Hi-Fi Corner: KEF’s brilliant M100 bring the sound and the swagger

KEF's M100 are crafted from quality components, mixing style and substance into a lovely cocktail at the $150 price point.
audeze el8 titanium lightning jack headphones iphone 7 el 8 girl the manual

Hi-fi Corner: Audeze goes direct to Lightning with new EL-8 Titanium cans

Audeze has added a new bag of tricks to its EL-8 headphones, in the form of a new Lightning cable with DAC and amplification built right in.
decibullz wireless custom molded in ear headphones black and white kickstarter banner

These crazy wireless earphones mold to fit in hot water

Decibullz, the magical molding earphones that conform to your ears with the power of hot water.
yamaha musiccast multiroom receiver rn602 r n602 network hi fi image  angle manual

Hi-Fi Corner: Yamaha’s powerful new R-N602 takes multiroom up a notch

Yamaha has unveiled its latest Hi-Fi receiver as a part of the company's new MusicCast multiroom home theater system, the R-N602.
ultimate ears reference remastered high end in ear monitors manual

Hi-fi corner: Take the studio along with the Reference Remastered in-ears

Ultimate Ears Pro, pioneers in the world of in-ear monitors, have teamed up once again with the engineers at Capital Studios for a new Reference Monitor.
senneheiser reveals 55000 orpheus headphones sennheiser 2 manual

Hi-fi Corner: Behold the most expensive headphones in the world

The new Orpheus come with a Carrara marble stand, and a $55,000 price tag, making them the most expensive headphones in the world.
kef m400 headphones kep manual

Hi-fi Corner: KEF’s stylish M400 give you bass with balance

KEF brings the bass and the style to the forefront in the company's latest pair of headphones, the M400.
sony strza5000es dolby atmos 4k dtsx flagship receiver str za5000es cw 2 manual

Hi-fi Corner: Sony’s STR-ZA5000ES will bring your home theater to church

Sony reveals the company's new flagship receiver, the STR-ZA5000ES.
klipschs r6 and r6i in ear headphone line expands into snazzy new on ears klipsch reference life 2  970x647 c

Klipsch’s R6 and R6i in-ear headphone line expands into snazzy new on-ears

Klipsch rolls its hit R6 and R6i in-ear headphones into an on-ear version, with memory foam pads, and a leather-sheathed band that folds for storage.
yamaha musiccast rx s601 network av receiver lifestyle manual

Hi-Fi Corner: Spread the sound around with Yamaha’s RX-S601 receiver

turntable station vinyl consol kickstarter the manual

Hi-fi Corner: Show-off your turntable in style with Turntable Station

Line Phono has come up with a sleek and simple console aimed to stack up your turntable, vinyl collection, and amplifier into a tight space.
vmoda crossfade wireless headphones phantom chrome anvil web manual

Fashion and form shine in V-Moda’s Crossfade Wireless cans

V-Moda cuts the cord to create the new Crossfade Wireless headphones, bringing style, substance, and durability to the crowded market.
parrot zik 3 headphones announced at ifa 2015

Hi-Fi Corner: Parrot Zik 3 debut in Europe with wireless charging, Apple watch control

Parrot, maker of both drones and headphones, announced an update to it's insanely popular line of wireless noise cancelling headphones with the Zik 3.
definitive technology play fi w studio micro sound bar definite manual

Hi-Fi Corner: Slim down your sound with Def Tech’s W Studio Micro sound bar

Def Tech unveils a remarkably slim and stylish sound bar that boasts Play-Fi connection for multiroom sound over your Wi-Fi network.
sennheiser mysterious marble headphones london premiere mystery cans and amp with  manual

Hi-Fi Corner: Masked in marble, Sennheiser’s new audiophile cans define sonic luxury

Sennheiser held an elite event in London to unveil its latest headphones, which come with a tube amplifier wrapped in Carrara marble.
yamaha ysp5600 dolby atmos musiccast sound bar ysp 5600

Hi-Fi Corner: Yamaha’s $1,700 YSP-5600 is the Rolls Royce of sound bars

Yamaha AS1100 Amp

Hi-Fi Corner: Make that turntable sing with Yamaha’s A-S1100 integrated amp

Yamaha shows off its latest integrated amp for the audiophile set, the A-S1100.
fern and roby 100 pound cast iron turntable the manual

Hi-fi Corner: This stylish cast iron turntable is 100 pounds of awesome

Fern & Roby offer a new entry in the field of most coveted turntables on earth in this cast iron 100 pound chunk of sonic excellence.
astellkern ak380 3500 high res portable audio player ak 380

Hi-Fi Corner: Astell&Kern’s AK380 audio player is hi-res opulence incarnate

Astell&Kern ups the ante in the portable high resolution audio market once again, demoting the $2,500 AK240 for a new flagship in the AK380.
rha will premiere innovative new t20 headphones in munich image manual

Hi-Fi Corner: RHA’s gorgeous T20 premiere an all new driver system

Offering all the features of their predecessor the T10i, along with an innovative new driver system, RHA's T20 headphones are poised to dazzle.
yamaha 300 av receiver rxv379 rx v379 manual

Hi-Fi Corner: Yamaha’s RX-V379 receiver can power your home theater for less

astellkern affordable portable hi res audio player ak jr

Hi-Fi Corner: Astell&Kern’s new AK Jr portable makes hi-res affordable(ish)

aiaiai tma2 modular headphones custom design

Hi-Fi Corner: AIAIAI’s TMA-2 modular let you customize your cans

AIAIA's latest evolution in headphones builds on past models to create an adaptable headphone that allows you to choose your own design.
rha t10i in ear headphones

Hi-Fi corner: RHA’s steely T10i tender big bass without sacrificing clarity or detail

definitive techology w7 multi room wireless speaker technology

Hi-Fi Corner: Outfit your home in style with the W7 multi-room speaker

Definitive Technology's premium new W7 speaker is a wireless cube of sound that offers multi-room functionality like Sonos, but open source.
onkyo cp 1050 500 direct drive turntable

Hi-Fi Corner: Onkyo waxes nostalgic with the CP-1050 turntable

Onkyo joins the ranks of so many electronics companies these days, heading back to the old ways with a new turntable, the classically-styled CP-1050
hi fi corner check bang olufsens 600 bluetooth basket sound olufsen beolit 15 019 970x646 c

Hi-Fi Corner: Check out Bang & Olufsen’s $600 Bluetooth basket of sound

Can Bang & Olufsen's second take at a Bluetooth speaker raise your expectations of what a portable speaker can be?
give phone breather play rays super remote instead

Give your smartphone a breather and play with Ray’s Super Remote instead

Sleek, simple, and power-packed with versatility, this pricey universal remote aims to end your clicker clutter once and for all.
hi fi corner sonos play1 gets kind blue notes records 75th bluenote angled black press image

Sonos Play:1 goes kind of blue for Blue Note Records’ 75th

Sonos' Play: 1 speaker gets a colorful paint job, and an exclusive jazz playlist curated by Blue Note Records artists.
looking god like control home theater room meet neeo

Craving God-like control of your whole home? Meet NEEO

The world of universal smart remotes is about to get more interesting thanks to NEEO, an app/hardware combination offering control of over 30,000 devices.
hi fi corner samsungs new audio lab creates gorgeous multi room speakers wam7500 table

Hi-Fi Corner: Samsung’s new audio lab creates gorgeous multi-room speakers

Check out our first hand impressions of Samsung's new 360 degree multi-room speaker pods, fresh from the company's newly-built audio lab.
hi fi corner pioneer sp sb03

Hi-fi Corner: Pioneer’s SP-SB03 Speaker Base makes your TV worth listening to

The brilliantly nuanced Andrew Jones SP-SB03 Speaker Base from Pioneer is one of the best sounding compact home theater solutions on the market.
hi fi corner trade clunky gear silver sonic jack trades sprout 2

Hi-fi Corner: Trade out your clunky gear for this silver sonic jack-of-all-trades

The Sprout offers a multitude of ways to play, from wireless streaming to vinyl, as well as premium amplification for loud speakers and headphones.
put theater home denons 3000 dolby atmos receiver denon avr x7200w bk e3 product right

Put the ‘theater’ in home theater with Denon’s $3,000 Dolby Atmos receiver

With Dolby Atmos, 9 channels of potent sound, and high-resolution streaming, Denon's new $3K receiver is the stuff of home theater dreams.
hi fi corner futuristic speaker shoots sound directions replace archt one center manual

Hi-fi Corner: This is no carafe, but a futuristic speaker that shoots sound in all directions

This wireless sonic rocket offers a host of features to fill your room with sound, including high-res audio compatibility, and multi-zone capabilities.
martin logans new 80k neolith will blow mind bank account

Martin Logan’s new electrostat will blow your mind and your bank account

Martin Logan took the cover off of its latest innovation, the Neolith, a new speaker that employs the largest electrostatic transducer ML has ever created.
bos new portable speaker bluetooth beoplay a2

B&O’s new portable speaker begs audiophiles to believe in Bluetooth

For its first take on the Bluetooth genre, B&O brought out all the stops, packing 180 watts of power into a slim and elegant portable speaker.
skip trip canada spend cash waterfall audios niagara speakers audio niagra

Skip the trip to Canada and gaze instead upon the gorgeous Niagara loudspeakers

Waterfall Audio's Niagara speakers provide a gorgeous blend of exceptional sound quality, and high art, with a $40K price tag to match.
weekly dt antrumbras ambilight antumbra glow hq

The Weekly DT- Antrumbra’s Ambilight

Antrumba Glow is designed to sit behind a computer monitor (or a TV) and project ambient light that flows in tandem with the images on screen.