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kings commuting boses new qc25 headphones outdo predecessor nearly every way bose

King of quiet: Bose’s new QC25 headphones are an impressive upgrade

While Bose's QC15 may have held commuters' top spot for years, the company's new QC25 out do their predecessor in nearly every way.
precision power shrink size audioflys new af180 audioflyaf180stoneblue

Precision and power shrink to fit inside Audiofly’s new AF180 in-ear monitors

Audiofly's latest in-ear headphones pack a cocktail of powerful bass and crystalline precision into a sleek, portable design.
weekly dt dolby atmos coming blu ray

The Weekly DT – Dolby Atmos Coming to Blu-Ray

dyson new robotic wonder just made vacuums cool dysons eye 360 robot vacuum

Dyson’s new 360 Eye robot just made vacuums cool

Dyson's new device uses smart mapping, a dedicated app, and sheer brawn to make manual sweeping and vacuuming a thing of the past.
take back old school pro jects gorgeous elemental turntable elementalphonousb

Old school meets new with Pro-Ject’s gorgeous Elemental turntable

Pro-Ject's Elemental Phono USB blends form and function for a gorgeous design and high-quality sound at a price that won't break the bank.
quarterwave wireless speaker equal parts awesome science gorgeous aesthetics espresso

The QuarterWave wireless speaker is equal parts awesome science and gorgeous aesthetics

The QuarterWave is a beautiful wooden speaker with a rustic vibe, wireless streaming, and modern acoustic chops.
hal 9000 meets premium sound new od 11 cloud speaker

Hal 9000 meets premium sound in the new OD-11 Cloud Speaker

The new OD-11 Cloud Speaker brings a neo-vintage design into the 21st century with wireless stream, cloud connection, synthesized twitter feeds and more.
Emergence AS4 2.1 speaker system

The Weekly DT: Could ’3D acoustic hologram generators’ put your speakers to shame?

Peachetree deepblue2

Peachtree’s new deepblue2 speaker is a wireless tower of power

Peachtree Audio has enlisted the help of Indiegogo to reach the finish line for production of its powerful new speaker, deepblue2.
normal headphones use 3d printing fit better favorite jeans printer manual image

Normal 3D prints these headphones for the perfect fit

Normal uses 3D printing to create tailor-made headphones to order in as little as 48 hours. And you'll never even have to leave your chair.
meet mcaire mcintosh rolls royce wireless speakers console

Meet McIntosh McAire: the Rolls Royce of Lifestyle Audio Systems

The McIntosh McAire doesn't come from Apple, but the tech gurus couldn't make a more beautiful wireless speaker system if they tried.
sonys srs x9 wireless speaker elegant brick high powered sound sony

Sony’s SRS-X9 wireless speaker is an elegant brick of high-powered sound

One of the few truly hi-res wireless speakers on the market, Sony's new SRS-X9 is dressed to impress, with a gorgeous exterior, and power to spare.
jbls gorgeous authentic l8 brings 70s vibe wireless audio jbl

JBL’s gorgeous Authentic L8 brings a 70’s vibe to wireless sound

JBL's new wireless speaker series offers high-quality audio, and a wealth of ways to play in a cabinet that recalls the analog era.
yamahas new s2100 brings grand piano class home theater yamaha a lifestyle image

Yamaha’s new A-S2100 brings grand piano class to your home stereo

Yamaha's new audiophile-grade amp is beautiful on the outside, and powerful on the inside, offering an enticing addition for your home theater.
oppos pm 1 headphones offer mobile luxury all senses oppo manual

Oppo’s PM-1 headphones offer luxury for all your senses

A company that makes audiophile Blu-ray players turned its attention to headphones, and the results are awesome.
punk polished bruns acoustics new timbre speakers gorgeous bluetooth speaker

From punk to polished, Bruns Acoustics’ new Timbre speakers are gorgeous

Bruns Acoustics' new Timbre speakers offer sleek design and smooth engineering for package that's sure to start a few conversations.
noisehushs i7 noise canceling headphones cost less flight drink tab hero

Noisehush’s i7 ANC Headphones Cost Less Than Your Airport Bar Tab

The i7 from noisehush offer solid sound and active noise canceling at a price so low you'll barely even notice the money's gone.
NuForce headphones

Add premium performance to your commute with NuForce’s Primo 8

NuForce's new Primo 8 bring flashy design, high performance, and form-fitting comfort to the in-ear set.
Harman Kardon Onyx Studio wireless speaker

This slick wireless speaker catches eyes and ears wherever you take it

Harman Kardon's Onyx Studio blends style, originality, and performance into a wireless speaker that is sure to draw attention.
Klipsch stadium

Elegance and machismo merge in Klipsch’s 2.1 Stadium speaker system

Klipsch's Stadium speaker system blends raw power, hi-fidelity, and wireless convenience into a gorgeous aluminum box.
Polk audio hero

These Polk headphones look as good as your wardrobe

Polk Audio's Buckle headphones offer smooth style and smoother sound at a price that won't ruin your weekend.
sexy choice affordable meet edifiers e25 luna eclipse edifer

Sexy, choice, and affordable: Meet Edifier’s E25 Luna Eclipse

Edifier's E25 Luna Eclipse shelf speakers offer attractive style and great wireless sound at an quality-defying low price.