From punk to polished, Bruns Acoustics’ new Timbre speakers are gorgeous

punk polished bruns acoustics new timbre speakers gorgeous bluetooth speaker

There’s an ocean of wireless speakers out there, with a myriad of design choices sufficient enough to make your head spin. But if you’re looking for something a little different in both style and performance, you’ll want to take a good look at a gorgeous new speaker from the folks down under at Bruns Acoustics, called the Timbre.

Built from timber salvaged in the Australian wild, the Timbre couples modern convenience and old school design for a distinctive new take on the wireless genre. Each of the Timbre Classic speakers are hand-carved from a grain-matched piece of lumber, fixed with billet machined alloy fittings and stainless steel hardware, and topped with a hand-dyed strip of Australian leather.

If a punk rock amplifier stirs your senses more than a pristinely finished wooden cabinet, Bruns Acoustics also offers its Timbre Relic series, which includes rusted hardware, chipped paint, and aged parts designed to bring the “mojo of an instrument that’s been gigged for years.”

Just as intriguing as the Timbre’s design is what’s at the heart of the beast. Each speaker is loaded with premium components, and powered by a house-built BA1 analog amplifier, designed to bring a warm, earthy buzz to the digital feed from your mobile device. The amp pushes 75 watts of power to two 3-inch drivers and a 3.5 inch subwoofer. The Timbre can connect to your sound source via Bluetooth, or a 3.5mm hardwired connection.

As for size, each Timbre is around 14-inches wide, 5-inches deep, and 8-inches tall, and can weigh a hefty 11-15 lbs, depending on the wood. But the little box is a heavyweight in more ways than one: the price tag is around $835. Not exactly a budget buy. Still, if this little box sounds nearly as good as it looks, it could be worth the dough. You can get a Timbre for yourself on Bruns Acoustic’s website now to find out.

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