Add premium performance to your commute with NuForce’s Primo 8

NuForce headphones

In-ear headphones have undergone something of an evolution in recent years. That means you no longer have to put up with compromises when it comes to the tiny buds that bring solace to your daily trek to the office. A flashy new example of this elevation of design and performance can be found in the latest offering from the folks at NuForce, The Primo 8.

The ‘8’ in the name stands for the number of drivers you get from these comfortably contoured gems of high design – that’s four drivers per earpiece. So how do they stick four speakers into each of these tiny buds? Science, of course. Instead of using the standard dynamic drivers of most in-ears – which push air back and forth just like your stereo speakers – the Primo 8 employ a nimble array of razor thin balanced armature drivers. These tiny tubes don’t require external air to operate, allowing them to be stockpiled together like sardines.

Balanced armatures are known for their vivid clarity, but often have trouble summoning powerful bass. To combat the issue, NuForce divides the treble, midrange, and bass across four drivers in each earpiece, doubling up the low end to provide a wealth of power to your music’s foundation. The result is a masterstroke of detail, brilliance, and balance, allowing for pristine transparency up high, and a smooth, weighty push down below.

If you want to take the Primo 8 home it’ll cost you a hefty $500. That’s in-line with the comparably awesome Westone W40, and others in their class, but certainly no drop in the bucket.

Still, they say you should never hesitate to spend money on something you use everyday. So if you’ve been looking for a way to elevate the music that gets you through the morning in a comfortable, elegant device, we suggest taking the Primo 8 for a spin.

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