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Meet McIntosh McAire: the Rolls Royce of Lifestyle Audio Systems

meet mcaire mcintosh rolls royce wireless speakers console
Some people just have to have the best of everything. Whether it’s the car, the racket, or the liquor in their glass, luxurious style and brilliant performance are paramount, above all other consideration – including the price. For this demanding subset of the public, we present the McIntosh McAire wireless speaker system, the premium choice for compact wireless sound.

While the McAire is suitably fitted to speak to all of your Apple paraphernalia, it was crafted by a different McIntosh than those tech gurus down in Silicon Valley (note the missing ‘a’). Instead, it was created on the other coast by McIntosh Laboratory, a trusted name in all things hi-fi since the early ‘50’s. And it’s from that era (or even before it) that the McAire draws inspiration, weaving modern technology, and premium sound into a gorgeous cabinet of retro brilliance.

Surrounding the gleaming blue VU meters and sparkling silver dials are an understated collection of high performance drivers, including two four-inch woofers with dual acoustic ports, a pair of two-inch inverted dome midrange drivers, and dual ¾-inch tweeters. While the amplification specs are McIntosh’s little secret, the McAire should have no problem filling the room with fluid lines of first-class sound. The system’s promised frequency response of 60Hz-45kHz assures superior handling of the most delicate details across the spectrum.

Connection options include Wi-Fi with Airplay support for high quality streaming, hardwired USB connection to charge your device while you play, and stereo RCA connection for Auxiliary components. The system also offers the AP1 iOS app, which recreates those gorgeous VU meters on your phone for a symbiotic retro experience.

And now for the tough pill to swallow: the price. At $3,000, the McAire dares you to find a more expensive means of succinct wireless audio playback. Still, if you want the best, you have to pay for it. And with a reputation for knock-out performance in everything it creates, McIntosh products are an investment in sonic supremacy. You can a list of authorized McIntosh dealers which carry the McAire from the company’s website.

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