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Well-Groomed: The Manual’s Best Beard Oils

Dry and itchy beard? Get thee some beard oil!

Essential Tips for Your Motorcycle’s Spring Tune Up

Get ready for the onslaught of springtime rides.

Land Rover’s New 2018 Range Rover Velar Brings Concept Car Tech to the Showroom

Land Rover has introduced a new model brimming with tech called the Range Rover Velar. Named after the original Range Rover prototype, the Velar is more stylish and road-focused than any Land Rover before it.


Should your self-driving car kill you to save a school bus full of kids?

It’s the near future and you’re reading this on your way to work in your self-driving car. The human driver of the car in front of yours slams on the brakes. Your car’s reaction time is roughly the speed of light,…

Style + Tech = Proof NY Surface Pants

Proof NY is a purveyor of well tailored clothing designed to survive the apocalypse, and with their new Surface pant, you don’t need to be a bike commuter or a commuting biker to appreciate them.

Style + Tech = Garmin Fenix

You better hope your wrist is worthy enough to carry the Garmin fenix, a GPS-enabled watch that crunches serious data while looking seriously badass.

Style + Tech = Burton Ion Leather boots

Let’s say you’ve just finished building the most high-performance snowboard boot available, but it’s missing a certain something – what do you do? Duh … wrap it in Red Wing Leather.


Tech + Style = Philips DesignLine

Respectably spec’ed, Philips Designline is notable less for its performance and more for it’s remarkable re-imagination of the television form factor.