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12 Best Inflatable Christmas Decorations for 2020

Christmas is quickly headed our way, and with it comes some all-important gifting and decoration decisions. Don’t be caught off-guard this festive season. Instead of waiting for prices to increase and stores to become overrun, why not grab some centerpiece Christmas decorations for your home now? May we suggest the latest trend in Christmas décor — Christmas Inflatables. That’s right, inflatables are affordable and fun ways to bring that festive spirit to your home or yard. What’s more, they are super easy to install and fold away for easy storage.

Inflatable Christmas decorations come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They all consist of colorful polyester outer lining which is inflated with a small blower that is included with the décor. All you need to do is plug in your décor and watch it inflate in front of your eyes. LEDs are built into the inflatables, which create an attractive glow when the inflatable is plugged in. There are thousands of these Christmas decorations online, but we know our readers, so we’ve compiled a list of the best inflatable Christmas decorations (from Amazon, Home Depot, and Wayfair) so you can narrow down your search to the very best.

Best overall: Christmas Tree with Presents

The MAOYUE inflatable tree stands at an impressive 7 feet and is what every man needs in a Christmas tree — a tree without the hack of setting it up. The built-in fan allows auto inflation in seconds. With built in lights, this tree brings a warm sparkle to your yard that will definitely score points when the mother-in-law visits.

Best budget: Inflatable Elf Legs Decoration

This decoration is simple yet entertaining. The stuck elf looks great when placed on the snow, or on a roof, creating the look that one of Santa’s little helpers has gotten into a bit of a predicament. The legs stand at 3.5 feet, so this is a great addition to a yard set-up or for someone with a small yard or a patio area.

Biggest size: Inflatable Christmas dinosaur

We bet you didn’t know you needed a 10-foot inflated dinosaur, dressed in Christmas gear holding a gift until this very second, did you? That’s correct, this monster is a Corythosaurus and is holding a gift and a candy cane if you dare try to take it from him. The set comes with 4 bright LEDs, a 9-foot extended cord and 6 ground stakes, to ensure your dino doesn’t run away. This Christmas décor is such a flex that we want to keep it in our yard year-round.

Longest size: Santa Claus on Sleigh

If you’re looking to take your décor to the next level, then consider the 12-foot deer-drawn Santa. This piece would look great on a roof, or below the patio. At 12 feet in length, it could even be used as a divider or entranceway for your lawn. The inflatable is made with strong polyester and self inflates with a built-in fan. Complete with LEDs and a wall socket, this impressive display will have the neighbors wondering why Santa spent all season in your garden.

Best Star Wars: Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Inflatable

This cute Baby Yoda is the Christmas — Star Wars crossover you never knew you needed! Inflate and place Baby Yoda to guard the presents below your tree, to welcome guests in at the door. This Inflatable is real-life Yoda sized at 4.5 feet. What’s better is that it is self-inflatable, and sets itself up in seconds- just plug it in and watch the magic happen!

Best Nativity decoration: Holy Family Barnyard Setting Inflatable

This wholesome addition to your yard or lounge brings the essence of Christmas back into your holiday. This large inflatable looks neat and attractive. We love the use of LEDs in the star and on the characters in the stable. This is bound to be a hit with both young and old family members.

Best Gingerbread Man decoration: Inflatable Gingerbread Man 

“Run! Run! As fast as you can!” You actually can catch this Gingerbread man, by installing all 5 feet of him in your yard and watching the LEDs light up his rosy cheeks. This Inflatable of a timeless Christmas character comes as a self-inflatable and is made to be able to handle the outdoors. The gingerbread man has 3 built-in LED lights woven into its polyester fabric.

Best Grinch decoration: Grinch with Santa Stop Here Sign Inflatable

Dr. Seuss’s Grinch has become a household name that speaks to all generations. We love the smirk on the Grinch’s face as it appears, he is about to acquire some of the gifts Santa is delivering. At 6 feet, this imposing inflatable is durable and weather resistant. It also contains LEDs that light up the Grinch and his bounty and is also self-inflatable.

Best snowman decoration: Christmas Snowman Inflatable

The SUPERJARE Snowman is HUGE! Create a statement by having this friendly fella welcome guests into your home. The Snowman contains LEDs that flash different colors, making this more than just a static inflatable. The set includes all LEDs, a self-inflation fan-for easy set-up and stakes, and Sandbags to allow for easy ground mounting.

Best winter theme: Polar Bear with Penguin

This friendly fella is a must-have addition to your outdoor Christmas set-up. The huge 7.5-foot polar bear is accompanied by 2 penguin friends who ride on the bear’s back. The size of this piece and the fact that it lights up brightly with the included LEDs really makes it a spectacle to behold. The pack includes an easy inflation device and is made weather-resistant so you can keep it outdoors without worry.

Best Nutcracker decoration: Nutcracker Toy Soldier Christmas Inflatable

Seeing a Nutcracker soldier on full display screams Christmas to anyone who looks at it from up-close. Brighten your front yard with this Nutcracker toy soldier inflatable. This Christmas inflatable is about 6 feet long and self-inflates upon being plugged in. It also has three LED lights that will give your yard that perfect holiday glow. This inflatable also comes with an air blower, ground stakes, tether ropes, and sandbags.

Best quirky decoration: Merry Christmas Soda Machine Scene Inflatable

Once plugged in, this soda machine Christmas inflatable self-inflates. This fun and vibrant Christmas inflatable features two adorable penguins teaming up to buy soda from a soda machine. It also includes yard stakes and tethers for a more durable placing. Aside from the self-inflating feature, it also easily deflates for convenient storage. Catch the eye of every passerby with this inflatable.

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