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8 Best Magazines That Deserve Your Subscription in 2022

It may be a publication of the past, but sometimes it feels good to pick up a magazine and just flip through the pages. A magazine can serve as a decoration to your coffee table, instant entertainment while waiting in the dentist’s waiting room, and a suitable alternative to your phone while in the lavatory.

In a time where everything is just a swipe away, you could grab your phone to browse the web for the same information, but there are a handful of ink and paper publications still worthy of your subscription.  To help you go analog, we curated a list of the best magazine subscriptions for men so you can step away from your screen and flip through your favorite glossies.

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For design, architecture, and ideas for the home you hope to own one day, Dwell is your magazine. Even if you never read a word, the imagery is stunning and left on your coffee table for guests to pass the time, it’s a phenomenal piece of print. Dwell believes that good design thinking can deliver a better life.

  • $20 for six issues

Browse at Dwell

Fast Company

Fast Company

Seeing itself as “The future of business,” Fast Company is inked with innovation in technology, leadership, world-changing ideas, creativity, and design. There are articles that deliver inspiration for all walks of life, from CEO penthouse types all the way down to the ironically-minded hipster. Fast Company has the information you want with a well-styled layout that your design professor will appreciate. Subscribe and learn all the ways to take over the world.

  • $20 for eight issues

Browse at Fast Company

The Ski Journal

Ski Journal

A true coffee table subscription, The Ski Journal is a collection of pages detailing the true ski culture with outstanding imagery. The paper stock is thick and claims the surface it lays upon as if it intends to carve out its own powder 8s. The Ski Journal covers travel, athlete profiles, and paints the picture of a life you want to live: Slaying everlasting pow.

  • $40 for four issues

Browse at The Ski Journal

Outside Magazine

Gear, adventure, health, travel, culture, and features — Outside Magazine has something for anyone with an outdoor mindset. It’s dedicated to exploring our life and the natural world while telling stories of how to get outdoors from writers who have lived the adventure. Read Outside Magazine for inspiration, then throw it aside and get outside.

  • $24 for 12 issues

Browse at Outside Magazine

Avaunt Magazine

Avaunt Magazine

Avaunt Magazine tickles the perspectives of the unusual with the mastery of storytelling. The magazine explores the world for its most remote destinations, reflects on the best of style and culture, and before the last page is turned, insists on satisfying your restless imagination. Avaunt is very likely a publication your cohorts haven’t heard of, so take in the information and drop serious knowledge on them.

  • 20 British pounds for two issues

Browse at Avaunt Magazine


Inked Mag

Whether you’re looking for tattoo ideas for yourself, appreciate the art though are terrified to ink yourself, or are drawn to the attractiveness of tattooed individuals, Inked is a vanguard of expression, culture, and art. Depending on your company it may be one to keep tucked away, but the visuals will always leave you inspired and perhaps a little hot and bothered. Inked promotes the fading rebellious lifestyle associated with tattoos and glorifies the practice as art.

  • $30 for six issues

Browse at Inked

Sneaker Freaker

Sneaker Freaker

In this day and age, you have to be G’d up from the feet up, and that most certainly starts with staying hip to the sneaker culture. Sneaker Freaker is the holy grail for sneaker releases, throwbacks, and celebrity footwear that will leave you wiping drool from your face. The magazine tiptoes through expansive and private sneaker collections, looks back to where and how sneakers molded cultural revolutions, and hints at laced-up footwear on the release radar. Sneaker Freaker is pure eye candy, regardless of how crispy your own footwear is.

  • $41 for six issues

Browse at Sneaker Freaker


Surfer Magazine

Whether or not you’ve been on board, been barreled, or can actually rip, Surfer is the type of magazine that drops jaws. Everything from board reviews, to where to find the best set, to highlighting the sought-after culture of surfing is here. Surfer will slip from the paper and into your dreams and if it’s already your bible, then you know the goods when you got ‘em.

  • $20 for four issues

Browse at Surfer

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