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The 11 Best Living Room Furniture Pieces To Buy for Your Home

Sophisticated furniture in a living room.
Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Some of the best furniture sets are the pieces that will fit your personality and style and are made of quality materials. It used to be that furniture needed to match, that you had to purchase living room sets and you were supposed to be happy with that. Sure, you can still find furniture sets, but do you need to have everything match? No, you don’t.

You can find the best pieces of living room furniture that can complement or contrast your design and décor. You can mix and match, you can play with textures, and you can choose the colors you want. All of these components play a key role in choosing your area rugs, your throw blankets, and your furniture. Here are the best living room furniture for your space.

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Choosing Living Room Furniture

Decorating your home should be a fun experience free of stress and worry. You want nice, quality classic pieces that stand the test of time from moving or wear and tear. Let’s face it, things are going to be dropped on them, spilled on them, and if you have a pet, they are going to want some snuggles on the comfy couch, too.

Perhaps one of the best things about furniture shopping is picking out the accessories and having the option of delivery. You can browse the stores online and in-person to get a feel for what you’re going to buy, but then they deliver in a matter of days!

You could use these tips to decorate your entire living room. The only thing left would be to load up the bar cart and pick out a few more accessories, and you have a completely updated and modern living space you can show off to everyone.

The Ceni Sofa

A plush Ceni Sofa in Lagoon Blue variant.

Article has some great furniture pieces, and we think this three-seater is the perfect color. It’s a Mid-Century Modern-styled sofa with unattached seat cushions and backrests. The solid wood walnut base sits low to the ground and supports the beautifully upholstered high-density foam.

If the Lagoon Blue fabric doesn’t go well with your color scheme, you can choose from five other wonderful colors. There is some assembly required, but it only takes about 15 minutes once you unbox.

The Sven Sofa

A Sven Sofa in Birch Ivory variant.

You can’t go wrong with the Sven Sofa. You can customize this in so many different ways! First, choose between fabric, leather, or velvet. Second, choose your color. We had a difficult time choosing one ourselves. The velvet looks so plush and inviting, but the chocolate leather version has such a beautiful depth to it, and the tufted fabric with an open weave gives it that classic look and feel.

The back cushions and bolsters sit atop the bench seat, supported by a wooden corner frame. Every once in a while, just fluff the cushions so they remain fluffy and in shape. They even use Pirelli webbing, which has been used since the 1950s and has the right amount of support and stretch when pulled over the furniture frame.

Foundstone Kaysen Block Coffee Table

A wooden Kaysen Block Coffee Table.

You really can’t get much more modern rustic or organic than this recycled and reclaimed coffee table. It’s not only a sustainable piece of furniture, it’s also beautiful. Made from all-natural teak wood, you can use this indoors or outdoors. Teak wood is naturally water-resistant, and maintenance is a breeze. Because it isn’t manufactured in a shop, each table will have very different characteristics to it.

You can also place a glass on the top of the table so you never have to worry about stains or damage to the wood. Although normal wear and tear or a few nicks and bumps make any wood furniture feel lived and give it some added charm, this coffee table truly will complement any décor.

Mara Walnut Coffee Table

An elegant Mara Walnut Coffee Table.

The Mara Walnut Coffee Table is a classic design with clean lines and an elegant feel. The smooth marble slab and solid oak legs are a perfect match for any living room décor. Meanwhile, the sealed marble is 14mm thick and compact in size, makings this a great piece for small spaces. Just know that since marble is all-natural, the color tones, marbling, and surface texture will vary from table to table.

You can choose between an oak or walnut finish for the legs, although we think the walnut goes best with the Italian Carrara Marble. Please make sure you use placemats and coasters to protect the surface. This table would go great with solid wood tables as well.

Sand & Stable Selah End Table

A well-crafted Selah End Wooden Table.

Speaking of solid wood tables, Sand & Stable put together one of the best sustainable tables out there. This is an all-natural solid wood table and no two are alike; meaning, the wood knots will be different and so will the grain, color, and finish.

The table is sized perfectly to sit at the end of your sofa or accent chair, or maybe even just by sitting in a corner holding a lovely vase of flowers. Another teak wood product is handmade and designed with well-balanced intertwined sticks. It is a natural finish but is also available in white.

Christopher Knight Home Naja End Table

A mid-century Naja End Table from Christopher Knight Home.

Christopher Knight knows end tables, with some of the most unique-looking pieces on the market. The Naja End Table is no exception. The table is shaped like a guitar pick and is perfect for Mid-Century Modern décor. Rubberwood is a tropical wood that is environmentally friendly because it is sourced from reclaimed Pará rubber tree wood from rubber plantations.

It’s a smooth and sturdy table enough to handle the heaviest book. Rubberwood makes great furniture because the latex is extracted, and the remaining wood can be dried and sanded to a smooth finish. The grain texture is similar to oak, and the rings of the rubberwood are densely packed.

Modway TV Stand

A Modway TV Stand on white background.

With extra support from the tapered wood legs, this Mid-Century Modern TV stand sits at 71 inches long and 17.5 inches tall. This media console can hold up to a 78-inch television. The walnut finished tv stand sports ribbed slat doors with bottom hinges instead of the typical sliding door or cupboard style door. The adjustable shelves will hold all of your electronics and keep the wiry rat’s nest out of sight. If you have a wall-mounted tv, you could still use the tabletop as an additional shelf.

Mod Armchair

A Mod Armchair in Spearmint Aqua variant.

Armchairs make a great accent piece because they can add a splash of color to any room and can be used as a reading nook for book lovers. This accent armchair comes in four colors, and its solid wood legs support the durable fabric. It features a strong back, deep seat, and curved arms that are perfect for unwinding and reading a book. Sitting at almost 3.5 feet, this chair won’t take up much space, but it will fill a room with class and style.

Shinola Parker Wood Table Lamp

A Shinola Parker Wood Table Lamp displayed on gray background.

The Shinola Parker Wood table lamp is an exclusive collaboration between Shinola and Crate & Barrel. The base of this lamp is solid white oak and is paired with a woven cotton canvas shade that looks amazing at either end of your sofa. You can see the grain of the oak in the base and you’ll appreciate the mix of natural materials and how it’s all pulled together. The white cotton lampshade is a classic basket-weave design made from cotton strips. There is also a tan leather shade available made from tanned leather strips.

Burrow Index Wall Shelf

A Burrow Index Wall Shelf in a living room.

These full wall bookcase shelves let you choose your desired layout. Available in oak, walnut, or white finishes, these shelves mount securely on the wall and will hold just about anything. Think of them as modular bookshelves. You can purchase them in units of 1 to 5 and they will fit any configuration you can think of.

Maybe you want an entire wall full of shelves where you can display that book collection you’ve been storing. The solid wood construction matches all decors with little adjustments here and there. You can place these not just in the living room but the dining room, a home office, or a bedroom.

Marrakesh Gallery Moroccan Leather Pouf Cover

A brown Marrakesh Gallery Moroccan Leather Pouf.

Handmade in Morocco, this leather and cotton-filled pouf cover is available in six different colors and is the best accessory for your living space or, possibly, your bedroom. Its bohemian-styled leather strips are handsewn with white stitching. The pouf is the perfect Ottoman for your tired feet or while you’re just lounging around watching TV.

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