The 6 Best Bar Carts For Your Man Cave

best bar carts

What’s a man cave without easy access to your favorite drink? Nothing says relaxation like being just a few feet away from your alcohol, so take your inner sanctum to the next level with one of the best bar carts out there.

Ring Bar Cart $347

best bar carts sterling st35110212

Best For: Beginners/traditionalists with a dramatic streak

Pros: Easy to clean, unique design

Cons: No side railings, fixed height shelving

While mirror tops might seem gaudy to some, the reflection they provide can add dimension to your bar. The unconventional shape combined with its simplicity makes it a great choice for those of any bar-tending ability who want to make statement.

Bonifay Bar Cart $250

best bar carts mercury row bonifay cart

Best For: Industrial design lovers who entertain small groups of friends

Pros: Wine and stemware storage

Cons: Fixed height shelving

This Mercury Row bar cart takes a modern approach to cocktail serving by juxtaposing wood and metal piping. This is a good bet if you’re looking to upgrade from a bookshelf or starter bar cart, especially if you have just discovered the wonders of wine. With wine and hanging stemware storage, this bar cart will help you expand from hard liquor.

Alatorre Bar Cart $223

best bar carts alatorre cart

Best For: Klutzes and multi-room users

Pros: Discreet towel racks and caged sides

Cons: Small wheels, fixed height shelving

Some carts have thin bars around the shelve perimeters to prevent slip’n’slide glassware, but that’s not always enough for the professionally uncoordinated. Luckily, this cart manages to make safety look cool. If you know you plan on frequently moving the cart, this is a sleek way to keep your alcohol safe. 

Billancourt Bar Cart $550

best bar carts trent austin design billancourt cart

Best For: Wine lovers and those who like a wide variety of alcohol

Pros: Large bottle trellis, removable handles, foot rail, and stemware storage

Cons: Not ideal for small spaces

When you see a bottle trellis, you automatically think wine storage. But any seal-able alcohol bottles can rest in one of the 14 openings in this cart. By storing bottles vertically instead of horizontally, you get a better weight distribution and easier, clink-less bottle retrieval. Although the trellis makes the cart taller than most, the removable handles allow for some horizontal flexibility.

Hanoverton Bar Cabinet $479

best bar carts darby home co hanoverton cabinet with wine storage

Best For: James Bond and people who don’t need bar mobility

Pros: Extendable serving top, removable wine storage

Cons: Immobility

Yes, this is a cabinet, not a cart, but it’s one of the most versatile home bars at this price point. An innocuous cabinet when closed, it transforms into a stylish bar when you open the doors. The top expands, secured by the open doors, and the inside houses a removable, 16 bottle wine rack, door storage, and a utility drawer. Although there are no wheels, the legs are adjustable, in case you want to add a foot rail. D.I.Y.-ers can take advantage of this and add their choice of wheels. The cabinet comes in black, cherry, and mahogany.

Bar Cart No. 1 $2,500+

best bar carts cart 1

Best For: Gatsby, garnish lovers, and people who crave customization

Pros: Adjustable shelving, discreet towel racks, removable wooden tray, and a customizable finish

Cons: Only two omnidirectional wheels and cost

This beauty can be made-to-order in walnut, maple, or oak using whatever finish you like. The top wooden tray can be removed for cleaning after you zest a ton of lemons or some drunken mixology. For at least $1,000 more, you can get Bar Cart No. 1.2 with copper handle accents and an optional built-in ice bucket. The cost is on the higher end, but it’s more reasonable than, say, $13,500. This is definitely the best bar cart for you if you have a kidney to spare and you’re serious about entertaining in style.