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Score a First-Class ‘In-Flight’ Experience at Home with These Fully Stocked Airplane Bar Carts

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Sometime around the debut of Mad Men, we all became fascinated with midcentury modern styling. From retro suits to craft cocktails to high-end vintage furniture, everyone wanted to cultivate the Draper lifestyle. Few scenes embody Don’s jet-setting executive persona like watching him single-handedly empty the airplane bar cart on a cross-country flight. Now, thanks to Australia’s Qantas Airways, you can buy a piece of that history.

Qantas is now selling 1,000 galley carts from its newly retired and much beloved 747 aircraft fleet. Every one of these planes and, of course, the carts as well, has history. Before being grounded in the California desert, the latter averaged more than 2,000 flights each. What’s more is that each one comes fully stocked, including 160 mini bottles of wine, Champagne, Business Class amenity kits, smoked almonds, Tim Tams, and even First Class Sheridan throws. Cigars not included.

The iconic jets were part of nearly every major airline’s fleet for more than four decades. United sunsetted its last 747 in 2017, and British Airways followed suit in July, four years ahead of schedule. Retiring the last of the 747s was part of Qantas’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement came six months earlier than expected, marking the sad end of an era for aviation enthusiasts. In the wake of the retirement, the airline was flooded with public interest in Qantas memorabilia. This is a rare opportunity to own a genuine piece of history from the “Queen of the Skies.” The airline plans to auction off truckloads of other related goods with the proceeds going to the Royal Institute of Deaf and Blind Children.

“These pre-loved carts served Qantas and our customers well during their world travels from London and Los Angeles to Singapore and Santiago … While we no longer have use for them, they still have life in them, especially for those with an appreciation for aviation collectibles and an eye for design,” said Qantas Executive Manager of Product and Service, Phil Capps.

Qantas is offering the fully-stocked carts for around USD $1,000 (AUD $1,474.70) each. Half-sized carts are roughly two-thirds of the price. Frequent flyers can also opt to purchase them using Qantas Points. Let’s be honest: None of us are using those points for anything else at the moment.

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