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The Manual


The North Face’s prototype ‘Moon Parka’ coat is made of synthetic spider silk

Because it's one of the world's stretchiest and strongest materials, spider silk has long been considered the holy grail of textiles. If we could figure out a way to mass produce it, we could make some of the strongest ropes and farbrics…
Food & Drink

Forget Nuka-Cola: Carlsberg UK’s Fallout Beer is the drink of choice for the world’s end

Beverages marketed at gamers, like Mountain Dew Game Fuel or Nintendo's Power Up, have traditionally fallen under the aegis of "energy drinks," meant to keep you firing on all cylinders through late-night raids and team death matches…

Should your self-driving car kill you to save a school bus full of kids?

It's the near future and you're reading this on your way to work in your self-driving car. The human driver of the car in front of yours slams on the brakes. Your car’s reaction time is roughly the speed of light, so it has time to…

Sleeping In Airports ranks the best and worst airports in the world

When it's raining outside, does it rain inside too at your local airport? If you live in anywhere Port Harcourt International Airport in Nigeria, your answer may be yes, and similarly, if you live in New York City, you may have similar…

Instagram releases Boomerang because GIFs are taking over the world

If you're inexplicably hypnotized by one-second videos played on loop ad nauseam, Instagram has a present for you, and it's called Boomerang. Today, the app that makes all of our lives look better than they are is releasing a new standalone…

Nike will release self-lacing Back to the Future shoes for charity in 2016

In 1989, Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled to October 21, 2015 and 26 years later we finally have something to hold from their trip. Nike is celebrating Back to the Future Day by releasing the illusive self-lacing Nike Mag sneakers for…

These geeky eco-warriors want your old phone to help stop illegal deforestation

That old smartphone you’re considering putting up on eBay, or just leaving in a drawer because it’s no longer needed, could be put to much better use. Forget about making a cheap home security system, or recycling it for parts…
Fashion & Style

Style + Tech = Ray-Ban Shama Shade

Face, meet palm, because you were not the genius to think of putting a solar panel on your sunglasses and turning them into a phone batter – Sayaleee Kaluskar was.
Fashion & Style

Style + Tech = Proof NY Surface Pants

Proof NY is a purveyor of well tailored clothing designed to survive the apocalypse, and with their new Surface pant, you don't need to be a bike commuter or a commuting biker to appreciate them.
Fashion & Style

Style + Tech = Garmin Fenix

You better hope your wrist is worthy enough to carry the Garmin fenix, a GPS-enabled watch that crunches serious data while looking seriously badass.
Fashion & Style

Style + Tech = Burton Ion Leather boots

Let's say you've just finished building the most high-performance snowboard boot available, but it's missing a certain something – what do you do? Duh … wrap it in Red Wing Leather.

Style + Tech = Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

We're not saying all celebrity-endorsed headphones are bad; we're just saying that when an OG producer of quality cans makes a set that look this good, your search is over.
Fashion & Style

Style + Tech = Stone Island mesh reflective down jacket

Stone Island has a habit of making clothes that harness technology in unexpected ways, and its new Mesh Reflective down jacket is nothing if not unexpected.
Fashion & Style

High style + Cutting-edge tech = This

Behold the first-ever content series between Digital Trends and The Manual. The Bromance has begun. Since there are a plethora of brands out there melding style and technology, we thought we would take this opportunity to profile one item…
Fashion & Style

Tech + Style = Nike Free Flyknit

Nike creates shoes for various kinds of runners, but their latest, the Hyperfeel, look like they were created for people who just like really cool-looking shoes.

Tech + Style = Philips DesignLine

Respectably spec'ed, Philips Designline is notable less for its performance and more for it's remarkable re-imagination of the television form factor.
Fashion & Style

Style + Tech = Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves

Touchscreen gloves are not new; touchscreen gloves that look as good as Muijo's black leather offering are a revelation.
Fashion & Style

Style + Tech = Leica D-Lux G-Star RAW Camera

What do you get when an iconic camera company partners with a purveyor of really tight pants? We're not sure, but whatever it is, it looks and works great.