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The Manual’s Summer Bag Guide

Duffel, backpack, briefcase, suitcase, tote, attaché. A man’s bag has many names, shapes and sizes. Whatever your flavor, The Manual rounded up this summer’s best bags for dudes. Let’s face it, having a good bag is not only for the ladies. And all jokes aside we aren’t encouraging you to start sporting a “murse.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

We know the first consideration for a bag is function — a work attaché, or a gym bag for workout gear, but all the bags in this roundup are stylish too. A man’s bag is just as important as his shoes or his suit. It says a lot about your personality, it gives a kick to your workout and lets you carry your daily grind with some finesse. All the options we chose are $300 and lower and we think they look damn good. Enjoy gents!

Filson Tin Clothe Backpack $260 – In recent years, the backpack as seen an OH-SO-SWEET revival with leathers, canvas and tweeds. The days of black college backpacks with no flavor are behind us (Hallelujah!)

Merse & Company Duffel Bags/Daypacks $85-$120- We’ve also seen some interesting creations in gym bags and duffels. Merse & Company offers a great selection of duffels and day packs that take your gym bag from average to exceptional. They offer camo, stars, and even zebra prints with a variety of colors.

Aether Canvas Tote $295-From the outdoor jacket gurus. This sporty day bag is pure and simple. Great for a day in the city or a weekend trip to the beach. Its lower pocket is made to store shoes or a damp bathing suit without letting all your other valuables get wet. It comes in a variety of colors including a graphite, navy and black.

The Felix $265- Created out of waxed cotton canvas to protect it from the elements The Felix is an everyday bag. We especially love the brass YKK zipper. Its document pocket is great for work and it fits a laptop with no qualms.

 J. Press Palm Printed Backpack $187.50- This bag is pure summer with its colorful palm print pattern and brown suede accents. Need we say more. Its leather bottom protects for durability and its sports padded straps make for a comfortable ride.

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