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The Manual 2016 Awards

the manual 2016 awards
The Manual presents our first ever awards for our favorite spots in eight cities across America, highlighting the best businesses around the country. For the next eight weeks, we’ll be showcasing these locations – so check back for our winners!

Atlanta, Georgia


The Empire City of the South is back on the map for more than malls.

Portland, Oregon


The city is known worldwide for its forward thinking concepts.

Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles is a vibrant city, home to people from across the United States and the world, harboring big dreams and talent.

San Francisco, California


From one of the world’s most acclaimed restaurants to a beer that’s been brewed for all over a century, here what impressed us the most this year in San Francisco.

New York City, New York


The urban adventurer can always find a quality piece of beef, a barber that remembers your name and some great brands to explore.

Austin, Texas


With all of the hoopla has come a bountiful variety of new places to discover, making it a destination for more than just music.

Seattle, Washington


From great coffee to high quality clothing, the Emerald City continues to provide countless places for work, relaxation, and discovery.

Chicago, Illinois


The new school of Chicago creative aren’t just recreating the past; they’re giving a well-measured contemporary twist on things.

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