The Manual Wind: Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Squelette

manual wind parmigiani tonda 1950 squelette fleurier

parmigiani-fleurier-tonda-1950-squelette-02Storied brands in the watch world usually all have similar origins.  Two watchmakers come together sometime in the 1800’s to collaborate on the production of a new movement, slap their last names on it, and become watch folklore.  The highest quality brands to this day stand true to some form of this story in one way or another.  Their watch lineage is proven by the provenance of parmigiani-fleurier-tonda-1950-squelette-03their pieces.  One brand that holds the watchmakers namesake but does not have the age behind the story is Parmigiani.  As compared to some of the high end more established brands, Parmigiani is young.  Named after the expert watchmaker that worked at parmigiani-fleurier-tonda-1950-squelette-06restoring some of the most complicated and exquisite pieces of the famed Sandoz collection, the Sandoz family saw opportunity and invested in Michel Parmigiani.

parmigiani-fleurier-tonda-1950-squelette-04Since 1996, Parmigiani has created some of the most unique watch designs along with some of the highest quality movements and complications.  A true manufacturer, this Fleurier based in-house watch brand manufactures springs, to cases, and everything in between.

One of their latest introductions shows their true manufacturing prowess.  The Tonda 1950 Squelette takes Parmigianis classic 39mm gold case with tear drop lugs and exhibits the beautiful movement they are known for.  This ultra thin caliber with a 42 hour power reserve bares all, including its micro rotor, between the two sapphire crystals.  One of the most legible skeletons, the hour and minute hands are well sized and also lumped making this a more practical skeleton dress piece than most.  The openness of this dial creates the illusion of a larger watch while still maintaining a conservative size on the wrist.  Attached with an Hermes crocodiles strap, Parmigiani insures their timepiece is of the highest quality all around.

Considering they are just creeping up on their 20th anniversary, Michel, the Sandoz Family, and Parmigiani have done amazing things in watchmaking in a short period of time.  The Tonda 1950 Squelette is just one example and i am sure their will be more to come.

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