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Farm Loops: Enjoying Oregon’s Summer Bounty

Oregon summers are known for their abundance of sunshine and warm, soft breezes. Residents and tourists alike often head to the countryside to take in the beautiful scenery and fresh food. Oregon farm loops offer a unique way to enjoy the state’s bounty, from the fresh produce to world-class wines to beautiful flora. Most are bikeable so put away the car and pedal to your destination. Here are our favorites located within an hour’s drive of Portland:

Canby Farm Loop

Situated just 20 miles from Portland, Canby remains an easily accessible farm area for anyone looking for a quick day trip. With more than 20 places of interest to explore, you may have to make a weekend out of it. Start at Fir Points Farm. Watch the tree-climbing pygmy goats. Work your way through SuDan Farm at which you can pick up locally raised grass-fed beef and lamb, and end the day with some Pinot Noir at Pheasant Run Winery.

Molalla Country Farm Loop

Molalla is 35 miles south of Portland but is a world away in terms of scenery. This is true farm country with area farms offering strawberries, marionberries and cucumbers in the summer. Start at Boondeckers Farm to learn about sustainable farming, check out the team roping at the Para Hevea Equine Facility and savor a bite at Clarks General Store and Eatery. This farm loop is home to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm, which hosts a springtime tulip festival every year.

Sandy Area Farm Loop

The Sandy Area Farm Loop is one of the most popular during the summer because of its varied farms. Some offer produce, others meat, fish and poultry and there’s even a place to rest your head if heading back to the city is not an option. Start at Liepold Farm to handpick fresh berries. Head to Starr Alpaca Farm to admire baby alpacas April to September. Try your hand at trout fishing at one of 10 pools at Rainbow Creek Trout Farm. Stay overnight at the rustically elegant Sandy Salmon Bed & Breakfast Lodge.

Hood River County Fruit Loop

Nope, you won’t find the cereal here. What you will find are farm stands, wineries and breweries on this 35-mile loop an hour’s drive from Portland in the Columbia River Gorge. The Gorge White House allows you to pick your own berries, Hood River Lavender Farms offers 70 varieties of lavender, Fox Tail Cider has a tap room overflowing with the delicious nectar, and pulled pork, chicken and ribs can all be had at Apple Valley BBQ.

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