Move Over WienerMobile, Oscar Mayer Has Gone One Better and Built a WienerDrone to Deliver Hot Dogs

Love it or hate it, everyone knows the infamous Wienermobile. As it rolls down the road, it always earns a few photos from passers-by and draws a crowd.

As part of Oscar Mayer’s Wienerfleet, it’s one of several vehicles built to expedite hot dog delivery to fans everywhere.

This July, they’ll add two new vehicles to the fleet, bringing new dimensions to the encased meat delivery game.

wienercycle oscar mayer

First is the WienerCycle: a three-wheeled moped with a sidecar that doubles as a hot dog warming station. The WienerDrone then takes those hot dogs and delivers them through the air to eagerly awaiting customers. That’s right, Oscar Mayer commissioned a drone to deliver ‘dogs.

The two newcomers join the Wienermobile, WienerMini and WienerRover to round out the five-vehicle lineup.

The WienerMini was a special collaboration between the British company and the hot dog giant. It was brought out of retirement this year as part of the new fleet celebrations.


The WienerCycle and Drone were both designed by Los Angeles display and effects company Flix Fx, with assistance from outside designers too.

Both will be making their first public appearance July 1 to celebrate our nation’s birthday in, where else but Weiner, Arkansas. The WienerFleet is hosting a large cookout for the entire town a few days later on Independence Day.

Expect to see the fleet make appearances across the country this summer and into fall.

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