The Dopest Weed Accessories to Help You Get High this 420

Now that California has finally seen the light and fully legalized recreational marijuana, more than 60 percent of the U.S. population lives in a state where weed is either medically and/or recreationally legal. To celebrate America getting over the hump and her continued slow roll to becoming a green-tinged paradise — and observe the sacred stoner holiday of 420 —we’ve rounded up the best weed accessories, gear, and gadgets you can obtain legally without resorting to a sketchy head shop or asking your older cousin with that patchy mustache. Prep the snacks, pack a bowl, and get ready to do some stoned shopping.

Aura Waterpipe
aura waterpipe

Look at this, friends. No, seriously, just look at it. It’s like a weed lover from the future came back in time just to bestow upon our barbarian selves a civilized, aesthetically pleasing, minimalist masterpiece of a bong. In the works since 2015, Aura is finally available for order (and if sold out, pre-order for the next production batch). But there’s more to a book than its cover and this bong has plenty packed inside. Designed to be easier to hold, easier to clean, and easier to light, the Aura Bong is the only smoking device a true cannabis connoisseur requires because it allows for both the biggest hits and the best flavor.

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Chongo Terra Cotta Bong
Chongo Terra Cotta Bong

For a completely different take on a how a bong should look and what it should be made of, take a gander at the Chongo Terra Cotta Bong. Made from–get this–terra cotta, this bong is pretty to look at with the added benefit of hiding the nasty tar and resin build-up that is so clearly visible with glass bongs. If you’re worried about the resin seeping into unglazed ceramics, don’t be–the interior is glazed for easy cleaning and a silicon grommet is used for an airtight seal between the bowl and the vessel itself.

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Twisted Glass Blunt OG Addition
best weed accessories the glass blunt store twisted og addition

We love a Swisher Sweet rolled blunt just as much as the next pothead, but this glass blunt blows all organic weed bindings out of the water. With a glass cylinder frame and an internal metal corkscrew and filtered mouthpiece, this glass blunt works by loading the weed in, lighting the correct end, and simply twisted the inner corkscrew as the blunt is smoked, pushing the spent marijuana and ash out the front. Every hit is a touch of green with the Twisted Glass Blunt. Carefuly though, get into this guy too deep and you could burn through an ounce in a week, easy.

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Nave November
Nave November

One of the minor problems involved with owning weed accessories and paraphanalia is the fact that, when sitting out, a typical bowl isn’t very attractive. They’re often hideously colored, definitely tarred-up, and more often than not end up being knocked over or slid across your coffee table than sitting quietly on its own waiting until its next use. Not so with the Nave November bowl. With a circular design, but the usual smoking system (mouth piece, carb, bowl), the Nave November bowl looks as good as it smokes.

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Gatorbeug Banana Pipe
banana pipe

Smoking weed isn’t all beauty and glamor. In fact, it’s mostly giggles and coughs. To honor the silliness of getting high with your pals, try this hilarious and entirely functional banana pipe. It beats trying to smoke out of a real banana.

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Pax 3
pax 3 vaporizer

The third incarnation of the Pax vaporizor can not only vaporize buds and flower, but it also has the ability to vaporize shatter, wax, and oils using their new concentrate insert. Vaping is great for people who don’t like to or can’t actually smoke and for those who would prefer to keep the scent of their vices a little more discreet.

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Shine Papers
shine papers

Roll your weed in papers the same color as Post Malone’s teeth with a pack of gold leaf papers from Shine. Made from real 24k edible gold (just like those flakes in Goldschläger) with a hemp blend base, Shine papers burn smoothly with the added effect of making you look (or at the very least, feel) badass and insouciantly profligate.

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Marley Natural Small Tray
marley natural small tray

No one is going to call you out for grinding up your weed and rolling a blunt directly on your coffee table, but they’re definitely silently judging you for it. No self respecting stoner would be so wreckless as to allow his stuff to lay on an unbordered surface. In places where weed is still illegal it’s a precious and rare resource! So keep it all together with this smooth wooden tray from Marley Natural. When not acting as a surface for your sojourns into stonerdom, it doubles as a remarkably handsome valet.

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Original Stash Bag
the original stash bag
The Original Stash Bag/Facebook

If you have roommates, live in a dorm, or have kids or pets, you need a secure place to store your weed and the Original Stash Bag by Hat Attack is what you need. Sure, you could use a mason jar or the medicine bottle it came in, but for traveling (within your own state of course) or shorter term storage, a stash bag is a great option. And with a scent-proof inner lining that prevents smells from seeping into its surroundings, the Original Stash Bag can masquerade as your standard dopp kit.

Need some more gear to celebrate 420? Our friends over at Grenco Science are offering a sweet sale between Monday, April 16 and Sunday, April 22. Use the code ‘THEMANUAL’ for an additional 5 percent off this Santa Cruz Grinder. We’re also fans of the G Pen Pro Vaporizer and the G Pen Elite Vaporizer.

Now that you’ve got stash, set this playlist up for your next smoke sesh, then have a tipple from these great cannabis-infused cocktails.


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