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Ginger on cutting board.

Benefits of ginger: 5 reasons why you should add it to your grocery list today

Learn about five reasons why you should start including ginger in your diet, as well as many creative ways to do so. Here are 5 amazing benefits of ginger.
Man sitting at desk with good posture.

How to train for better posture (because your WFH habits suck)

Learn how to improve your posture to get rid of back pain and more!
Peloton bike at home.

The best Peloton instructors to match your workout vibe

Peloton can be a great form of exercise; see which instructors are best for your workout vibe!
A man in sunglasses runs downhill past a close up image of heather.

Treadmill running vs. outside: Is one really better?

Read on to learn the pros and cons of running outdoors vs. on a treadmill to see which is right for you!
everyone hummus by Ithaca hummus.

Our honest review of Ithaca Hummus: Should you buy it?

Are you a fan of hummus? Let's see if Ithaca Hummus is going to be your new favorite brand.
Man doiung deadlifts for strong glutes.

7 fantastic reasons why deadlifting should be part of your routine

Learn about deadlift variations and why they should be a part of your workout routine.
A man has ankle pain during outdoor exercise. knee Injuries.

Improve your mobility with these amazing ankle strengthening exercises

Learn about five effective exercises to improve ankle mobility and strength!
A resistance band around a man's ankles.

How to build muscle on your lower body with resistance bands

Check out these six effective muscle-building exercises you can do from anywhere with resistance bands!
A view outside the airplane during sunset.

Make the most of your vacation budget: This is the best time to book a flight

Whether you are catching a domestic or international flight, there are a few tricks to help you save money so you can enjoy your time off even more!
Green detox juice.

5 fitness trends the experts say should die in 2023

Are you wondering which fitness trends are actually legit and which ones are just fads? See what the experts have to say about them going into 2023!
exercise running workout phone app watch headphones

Experts agree: These are the hottest fitness trends of 2023

Learn about what experts are predicting the fitness trends will be for 2023!
Young happy man greeting with group of supporters at finish line after marathon race.

Achieve 2023’s most common fitness goals with these tips from a personal trainer

Do you want to achieve some of the most common fitness goals of 2023? Learn how through a few easy steps, all vetted by a personal trainer.
style tips for holiday party outfits christmas

Want to stay trim during the holiday season? 7 easy tips to help you eat smart

Want to enjoy the holidays without undoing any progress you have made this year? Take a look at our tips to eat smart and tasty this holiday season.
Man sitting on floor looking sad.

How to deal with depression in men: First, know the signs to look for

Depression is very prevalent among men, yet many go untreated. Learn about the symptoms to watch out for and what your options are for help.
man talking to doctor diagnosis

How to prevent stroke, one of the leading causes of death in the U.S.

Strokes more commonly affect men than women. Learn how to identify your risks and reduce them.
A brown rice-based dish with toasted bread slices served on a plate with spoon and fork.

Include these 11 foods in your diet to reap the benefits of manganese

Manganese can protect your brain and bones, among other things. Here are 11 tasty ways to include this vital nutrient in your diet.
Bartender making alcoholic cocktail in red color, metal jigger and bar environment

These factors elevate your liver disease risk (no, it’s not just about alcohol)

Learn about the primary causes of liver disease and helpful preventative measures to take.
Closeup of a pile of mixed nuts.

Cobalt is the secret ingredient in vitamin b-12: How to get more in your diet

Cobalt, also referred to as vitamin b12, is a nutrient often neglected. Learn about the best sources to include in your diet.
Doctor listening to man's heart.

Heart disease is the no. 1 killer of men: 7 simple ways you can prevent it

With heart disease being so prevalent among men, it is important to understand what symptoms to look out for and how to prevent it.
Dark chocolate.

7 amazing foods high in copper that will boost your immune system in cold season

Copper is not a nutrient many people pay attention to, but it serves many purposes within the body. Learn about seven foods to start including in your diet.
Ribeye caps topped with garlic and herbs cooked in a cast iron pan over charcoal.

What foods are high in iron? These staples will help you live a healthier life

Iron is a vital nutrient that benefits the body in numerous ways. Learn about some of the best foods to include in your diet to hit the daily requirement!
Seafood that is high in vitamin B12.

A Guide to Vitamin B: Benefits and What Foods to Eat

There are several B vitamins. Find out which foods are naturally high in vitamin B complex for healthier eating.
The beach at Kapa’a, Kauai, Hawaii.

The Ultimate Beach Vacation Packing List for the Summer

Learn about the dos and donts for packing for your next beach vacation. Packing can be a hassle, so make things easy and follow along with our list!
WHOOP 4.0 wristband and tracker.

Everything You Need to Know About WHOOP 4.0 Fitness Monitor

Learn about my experience trying the WHOOP 4.0 for 30 days and both the good and bad of making this purchase!
Man running on street by a body of water.

7 Benefits of Outdoor Workouts on Athletic Performance

Gyms are a great place to stay fit and active, but moving your exercise outdoors also helps boost your vitamin D levels, improve your mood, and more!
11 cadogan gardens hotel review feauted image

Is 11 Cadogan Gardens the Most British Hotel in London?

Read our review to learn about this hotel's accommodations, dining, location, special offers, and more!
person writing in their planner.

The Best Planners to Organize Yourself in 2022

The best planners are designed to make your life simpler. For your convenience, we've gathered the best planners for 2022.
Man running on street by a body of water.

5 Physical Fitness Components You Need to Understand

Flexibility and muscular endurance are a few vital components of being healthy. Learn about the other three and what you can do to optimize them.
cracked coconut served on a wooden plate.

7 Healthy Facts About the Benefits of Coconut Water

Regularly drinking coconut water can keep you hydrated, your skin healthy, and more! Read on to learn about why you should have this beverage daily.
Lemon water with whole lemons

Do You Know About These 5 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water can clear up your skin, aid digestion, and more! Learn how to boost the effects of your lemon water and what to do with the peel!
best mens running sunglasses for men 2021

The 7 Best Men’s Running Sunglasses for Runners

Applying sunblock to your skin is as important as wearing a pair of sunglasses. That being said, here are the best running sunglasses for men in 2022.
A person's hand writing out their workout plan on a notebook in a room.

How to Design Your Own Workout Plan for a Healthier You

In order to get the most out of your exercises and healthy meal plans, you need to create your own workout plan tailored for your specific goals and lifestyle.
benefits of hiking

7 Healthy Benefits of Hiking You Need To Know

Whether or not you are an avid hiker, you should take a look at these 7 benefits of hiking to get you inspired to plan your next trek!
Banana slices on a plate of pancakes beside a cup of honey on a table.

The 5 Best Tasty Recipes That Use Protein Powder

Take a look at these five tasty recipes that use protein powder so you can hit your protein goal every day without drinking shakes.