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Sweet potato wedges

9 best food sources for getting beta-carotene in your diet

Learn about nine of the best foods to include in your diet to ensure you're getting enough beta-carotene on a daily basis!
Mushrooms on a table

Stay hydrated this summer: 5 foods with a surprisingly high water content

Looking to increase your water intake? These five foods can actually help give you a hydration boost for many benefits.
Man tying his shoes.

Is running bad for your knees? Here’s what science says

Can running actually cause knee pain? Read what numerous experts have to say on the topic, and learn ways to minimize knee pain during exercise.
Jesse Tyler Ferguson and husband in Los Angeles.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson reveals his top vacation spots (and what he never travels without)

We interviewed Jesse Tyler Ferguson on his favorite places to travel, how he makes the most of a vacation, and what he's always sure to pack in this interview!
Man doing pushups

12 of Hunter McIntyre’s most recommended HIIT workouts

Pro athlete Hunter McIntyre shares his favorite HIIT workouts to burn fat, build muscle, and help you stay focused on your #fitnessgoals in 2023.
Man tying his shoes.

How to prevent shin splints: 5 simple tips for a better workout

Do you suffer from shin splints? Switch up your routine with these tips to help!
Sprout and salad dish served

What all the major vitamins do: A complete guide

Looking to improve your health through nutrition? Be sure to include all these vitamins in your diet!
Man doing yoga.

Yoga misconceptions debunked: Everything people get wrong about this exercise

If you have a list of reasons why you can't start doing yoga, read on to learn how it could actually be a great addition to your routine!
Man in the gym working out his triceps

4 cable exercises for developed triceps

Learn how you can safely and effective build your triceps in the gym with only a cable machine.
Man walking.

Yes, there are real benefits of walking fast — an experts’ guide

Wondering how impactful walking really is? Read on to learn more!
Gut-healthy meal.

5 essential rules for gut health, according to the experts

Looking to improve your gut health? Follow these five rules recommended by experts in the health and fitness field!
Older man and woman using resistance bands.

Over 40? Don’t make these bodyweight workout mistakes

Over 40 but still want to stay in shape? Avoid these mistakes!
Man using a massage gun on shoulder.

Everything you need to know about massage guns

Need help with your post-workout recovery routine? Read on to learn about massage guns!

How to make kombucha and its 6 amazing benefits

Kombucha is a fermented green or black tea with numerous health benefits. Much like a sourdough bread starter, kombucha uses a starter culture called a scoby.
Man lifting dumbbells.

The optimal weightlifting guide for beginners, according to a certified personal trainer

This beginner workout guide will help familiarize you with the basic exercise techniques in weight training in order to get the results you're looking for.

Protein for muscle gain: Personal trainers reveal their top tips

Utilize these 11 tips from certified personal trainers to optimize your protein intake
Man using a jump rope on a rooftop

These are the best HIIT workouts for beginners

Wanting to try HIIT? Check out these three effective workouts for beginners
A man using a massager on his leg on a yoga mat in the living room.

The best fitness gear to maximize your post-workout recovery

Whatever your fitness goals are, you need the best gear for post-workout recovery to ensure that your body gets the rest and recuperation it needs.
Man doing cable exercises

5 effective cable workouts to help you get those boulder shoulders

Want to switch up your shoulder routine? Try these effective cable exercises!
Three flavors of Buchi

Buchi review: Should this brand be your go-to kombucha?

Learn about Buchi in this review to see if it should be your go-to kombucha brand!
Fresh blueberries in a bowl

7 incredible reasons to load up on blueberries this summer

Discover why blueberries are a superfood and the different ways you can enjoy them!
Streets of London.

Your guide to the perfect London vacation

Learn about where to stay, what to do, and how to save money on your next trip to London.
A man sitting on the bleachers holding a water bottle while wiping his brow with a white towel.

Rest days are essential: 6 excellent ways to up your recovery game

Regularly implementing rest and recovery practices, such as meditation and foam rolling, can help your body experience relaxation both mentally and physically.
Man doing dumbbell overhead press

Worried about a rotator cuff injury? The exercises to avoid (and what you should do instead)

Worried about rotator cuff stability? Try these four alternative exercises instead!
Man doing lat pull-downs.

7 cable exercises you need to get a bigger, more muscular back

Include these 7 cable exercises in your back day routine to see gains!
Side view of a man doing up-down planks at a beach.

5 plank variations you should add to your abs routine

Planks are beloved exercises because they strengthen the entire core. Learn how to perform five different plank exercises here.
Salmon shakshuka.

Try these fantastic healthy recipes for a low-cholesterol diet

Try these two tasty low-cholesterol recipes to boost your heart health!
A man bending down on one knee in the middle of a workout.

The benefits of creatine supplements for HIIT workouts (and how to take them)

Creatine supplements can improve power, speed, strength, and athletic performance. Here's how.
A bowl of kale on blue table.

7 great reasons to make kale a regular part of your diet

Eating a few servings of kale a week can lower your LDL cholesterol levels, help with inflammation, provide your body with numerous nutrients, and more!
A man stretching his leg on a mat in a room.

Should you exercise before bed to improve sleep?

The key to working out before bed is to be mindful of the exact timing and the specific type of exercise that you want to do.
A group of people hiking outside.

How to train for hiking: The 10 best exercises you can do

Training for hiking involves strengthening your legs and core. Here are only some great workouts for hikers to try.
Strong man doing pull-ups.

7 essential exercises you need to include in your calisthenics routine

Looking to create a calisthenics workout? Try these seven exercises!
An overhead shot of grilled chicken with rice and vegetables beside a metal fork and a glass of wine on a table.

5 ways a high-protein diet benefits your health

While eating a high-protein diet may be different from what you are used to, it can help with muscle growth, a higher metabolism, and more!
Person showing their elbow

What is golfer’s elbow?

Golfers can get random, weird injuries, too! Here's everything you need to know about golfer's elbow, including how to treat it at home.
Flybird Fitness weight bench and dumbbells.

Flybird Fitness review: How does this weight bench set measure up to Bowflex?

Compare Flybird's and Bowflex's adjustable benches and dumbbells!
A person hitting a shot on the golf course.

How to get in ‘golf shape’ in 30 days (or less!)

You might be out of "golf shape" from sitting around all winter. We're here to get you back into the swing of things (pun intended) quickly!
Coconut Secret.

Our honest review of Nutiva’s product line: Should you buy it?

Learn all the important nutrition facts about Nutiva's oils and sauces!
A man bending down on one knee in the middle of a workout.

The secret to at-home workouts: Everything you need to do to get buff

Exercises to do at home with no weights and no need for the gym.
TB12 foam roller

TB12 vibrating pliability roller review: Is this upgraded roller worth the money?

Looking for a foam roller to boost recovery? See if the TB12 is right for you!
A tired man with towel sitting on a bench in a gym.

How to prevent burnout in your workout routine

If you're not seeing the workout results you want, you might be experiencing burnout. Learn about seven symptoms of burnout here and how to fix them!
kinjabang noodles review bowl hero 200564  1

Review: Do these quick ramen noodles serve up a tasty (and healthy) meal?

Interested in figuring out whether Kinjabang Noodles should be added to your shopping cart? Learn everything you need to know here!
EVR-Fit Edge protein powder.

EVR-Fit Edge protein powder review: The pros and cons of this vegan supplement

Learn about the benefits and downsides of EVR-Fit Edge's plant-based protein powder!
Squats are one of the best glute exercises

Fitness tips: 10 bad habits you need to ditch for a better workout routine

Not seeing the progress you want with your workouts? Make sure you don't have any of these 10 bad habits!
man talking to doctor diagnosis

Your guide to reducing inflammation: 7 essential tips

Try these seven effective ways to reduce inflammation and feel better in no time!
Man sitting at desk with good posture.

How to train for better posture (because your WFH habits suck)

Learn how to improve your posture to get rid of back pain and more!
Peloton bike at home.

The best Peloton instructors to match your workout vibe

Peloton can be a great form of exercise; see which instructors are best for your workout vibe!
A man in sunglasses runs downhill past a close up image of heather.

Treadmill running vs. outside: Is one really better?

Read on to learn the pros and cons of running outdoors vs. on a treadmill to see which is right for you!
everyone hummus by Ithaca hummus.

Our honest review of Ithaca Hummus: Should you buy it?

Are you a fan of hummus? Let's see if Ithaca Hummus is going to be your new favorite brand.
Man doiung deadlifts for strong glutes

7 fantastic reasons why deadlifting should be part of your routine

Learn about deadlift variations and why they should be a part of your workout routine.
A man has ankle pain during outdoor exercise. knee Injuries.

Improve your mobility with these amazing ankle strengthening exercises

Learn about five effective exercises to improve ankle mobility and strength!