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What We Know About Free Assembly: Walmart’s New Affordable Fashion Line for Men

Free Assembly Walmart Fashion Brand
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Walmart is entering the fashion game.

On September 21, the big-box store announced the launch of

Free Assembly,

a new fashion brand for men and women featuring fall staples at insanely affordable prices.

“We’ve built an in-house fashion design team with decades of experience designing for modern American brands known for mass appeal,” Denise Incandela, head of Walmart Fashion Group, wrote in a press release. “This new brand is born from thoughtful, simple design, quality fabrics, modern silhouettes, and styles updated for today.”

The brand’s main selling point is its value. For example, the most expensive item from its 25-piece menswear collection is a $45 parka jacket (yes, you read that correctly). And denim lovers can scoop up a pair of selvedge slim fit jeans for $40, which is quite a steal, given that quality selvedge can easily sell for triple that amount.

Free Assembly
Image used with permission by copyright holder

By the looks of it, Free Assembly also delivers plenty of style for your buck, as the collection is made up of no-frills tops and bottoms that will still look decent for years to come; pants are cut in straight and slim-fit silhouettes, two-pocket flannel shirts comfortably hug your shoulders, and smart undershirts could pass for business casual during your work-from-home calls. While you won’t find any faux leather jackets, tie-dye hoodies, or other flash-in-the-pan trends here, this stuff is made to last. Think of it as an even more affordable version of Gap, which is no surprise, given that Free Assembly is designed by Dwight Fenton, who has also worked for Bonobos, J. Crew, and Old Navy.

“I’m confident that this new brand will quickly become an essential part of their everyday wardrobe,” Incandela said. Though time will tell on that statement, we have to tip our hat to Walmart, who knows a market opportunity when they see it. Now, well into our pandemic reality and seeming economic freefall, guys are being more frugal (to say the least) with how they spend their hard-earned paychecks, especially when it comes to their wardrobes. And unless you want to turn to thrifting, Free Assembly is one of the most competitively priced menswear collections out there now.

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