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The best flannel shirts for men to rock in winter

These are the best flannel shirts to keep you stylish in the cold weather

A man wearing a navy blue baseball cap and plaid flannel shirt.
Alex Mill

When you grow up in the city of Seattle, flannel isn’t a fashion choice — it’s a way of life. Most of we Seattleites prefer to weave our own flannels from the fur shorn off a sasquatch, or we simply get them handed down out of our fathers’ closets (all our fathers were loggers — every last one), but when we do decide to shop for a new flannel, we know what to look for in terms of quality. With all the time we spend living in the cold and rain, we’ve learned how to be properly dressed for the weather.

To that end, here’s a roundup of the best men’s flannel shirts to keep you warm this winter. This list includes both classic mainstays and great new releases, and each of them has been personally tested by a genuine Seattle native. Flannel-cred doesn’t get more real than that.

The Pendleton Plaid Lodge Shirt.

Best overall flannel shirt: Pendleton Plaid Lodge Shirt

When it comes to flannel, there simply isn’t any comparison to Pendleton. The renowned wool and textile brand has been in operation since the Civil War, and they’ve consistently produced the best of the best flannels year after year. The soft and perfectly fitted Lodge Shirt is among their most classic designs.

Cotopaxi Mero Flannel.

Best flannel for hiking: Cotopaxi Mero Flannel

Heavyweight yet breathable, this is the ideal flannel for wearing as a second layer, or by itself, while hiking or otherwise engaged in the outdoors during the fall or winter. The Mero Flannel is offered in an array of Cotopaxi’s typically awesome colors, and there’s even a version for women if you want to go his-and-hers.

Pendleton Burnside Plaid Flannel.

Best flannel for the workshop or studio: Pendleton Plaid Burnside

If you’re looking for an ultra-durable flannel to wear around the workshop or studio, once again Pendleton delivers. Tough yet soft, the Burnside includes workspace-friendly features like a pen slot in the pocket, a locker loop, and a twill-tape placket that’s built to last.

Rugged flannel shirt for men this fall.

Best flannel for rugged layering: Filson Western Flannel Shirt

Filson’s legacy of hard-wearing goods for active explorers of all sorts lives on in this heritage-inspired Western shirt, helpfully done up in a timeless red-and-black plaid pattern. This is the flannel to wear for early mornings in the yard or late nights in front of the fire, preferably atop a Filson henley with some whiskey close at hand.

Luxury flannel shirt for men.
Mr Porter

Best luxury flannel shirt: Mr Porter Checked Cotton Flannel Shirt

The in-house brand at Mr Porter delivers on a luxury flannel shirt that delivers both a higher price tag and the quality to match. The black-and-white combo here makes this a crisp, slightly dressy flannel shirt with some serious rock ‘n roll edge.

Office-ready flannel shirt for men.
Faherty Brand

Best flannel shirt to wear to the office: Faherty Brand Stretch Featherweight Flannel Shirt

Using brushed, soft organic cotton with a bit of stretch, this Faherty flannel shirt is the ideal option to wear to the office untucked with dark blue jeans or navy chinos or else layered under a blazer for crisp style any day of the week.

A male model posing while wearing a red Wrangler Retro Western Snap Printed Shirt.

Wrangler Retro Western Snap Printed Shirt

This eye-catching plaid flannel takes on a Country-Western accent with the addition of a cowboy-style yoke and snap closures, yet still maintains a sense of formality. It’ll work for the roadhouse — with the clean, rounded hem worn untucked over your favorite jeans or tucked into slim-fit gray flannel trousers. 

Wrangler Men's Utility Khaki flannel

The best flannel for your wallet: Wrangler Men’s Utility Plaid Outdoor Shirt

A must-have for those who are looking for some of the best flannel shirts is the Wrangler Men’s Utility Plaid Outdoor Shirt. This flannel offers a timeless combination of rugged elegance and its classic plaid design is synonymous with American fashion, giving you that quintessential, rustic look. The flannel features a relaxed fit that’s perfect for layering, making it a versatile addition to your wardrobe, especially during the fall or winter season.

This Wrangler flannel has long sleeves with roll tab options providing adaptability, whether you prefer a casual or more formal look. This men’s flannel shirt features a button front closure for easy wear, while the two front pockets offer practical storage solutions. What sets it apart is the vented back with mesh, ensuring breathability during outdoor activities, as well as a UPF 30 rating to protect you from the sun’s rays. Available in a range of colors, including khaki, green, black, red, and blue, this flannel allows you to express your personal style.

Mr Porter Portuguese flannel black
Mr Porter

The best flannel for a formal look: Mr Porter Portuguese Flannel

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to the Mr Porter Portuguese Flannel shirt — you can wear it buttoned up for a classic, sophisticated look, or leave it open over a T-shirt for that relaxed, effortlessly cool vibe.

And when it comes to fit, the “Teca” flannel has you covered. It fits true to size, however, if you’ve got broad shoulders and want a bit more room, taking the next size up is an option. This men’s flannel shirt is made from mid-weight, non-stretchy fabric, ensuring it maintains its shape while keeping you cozy. So, if you want to wear a piece of Portuguese heritage on your sleeve (literally), the ‘Teca” flannel shirt is the way to go. It’s available in black, dark brown, pink, and dark green.

Patagonia Fjord Flannel Shirt

The best flannel for an everyday look: Patagonia Long-Sleeve Midweight Fjord Flannel Shirt

When the days get chilly and your breath starts to show, the Patagonia Long-Sleeve Midweight Fjord Flannel Shirt is a perfect companion. Made from 6.5-ounce organically grown cotton flannel, this shirt boasts a heavier, high-quality feel, providing that warmth you crave during the colder seasons. The soft, long-staple cotton used in its creation is 100% organically grown, meaning no synthetic chemicals or fertilizers were used in its cultivation. It’s a shirt with a conscience.

The traditional button-front design of this Patagonia flannel adds a touch of timeless elegance to your casual wardrobe. It’s a button-up shirt that’s perfect for those laid-back moments or when you’re putting in some overtime at work. The straight hem ensures that you can wear it in a variety of situations, whether you’re hanging out with friends or working. Two chest patch pockets, secured with flaps and single buttons each, not only provide style but also practicality. And with two-button adjustable cuffs, you have the freedom to adjust your look as per your mood.

LL Bean Fleece Lined Flannel
L.L. Bean

The best flannel shirt for chilly weather: L.L. Bean Men’s Fleece-Lined Flannel Shirt

The true heavyweight champ in the world of winter warmth and flannel shirts is the L.L. Bean Fleece Lined Flannel shirt. L.L. Bean has crafted a masterpiece that’s not just a shirt; it’s your cozy sanctuary against the biting cold. This isn’t your ordinary flannel; it’s the kind of shirt that makes you rethink your heating bill because you’ll be cozy inside and out.

In the realm of fit, L.L. Bean offers the “Traditional Fit,” a style that’s relaxed through the chest, sleeve, and waist. But what truly sets this shirt apart is the double dose of softness — soft cotton flannel on the outside, and toasty polyester fleece lining within. It’s like being wrapped in a cozy cloud, except you can wear it to the grocery store. With two side and chest pockets, it doesn’t just keep you warm; it’s one of the best flannel shirts for keeping your essentials close at hand.

Muskox Yukon Heavyweight Flannel

The best flannel that doubles as a jacket: Muskox Yukon Flannel Shirt Jacket

A flannel that’s got more character than a campfire ghost story is certainly the Muskox Yukon Flannel Shirt Jacket. Just like its namesake, this flannel exudes strength and warmth. It’s woven from heavyweight 100% cotton flannel, the kind of fabric that laughs in the face of winter’s chill. This isn’t just any flannel; it’s your trusty companion for adventures in the great outdoors. And while it’s tough on the outside, the soft brushed interior ensures you won’t have to choose between comfort and durability. It’s a win-win situation.

The Muskox Yukon Flannel is packed with practicality. It sports a button front and wrist closure to keep the elements at bay. Need somewhere to stash your essentials? No worries, it’s got two secure flapped chest pockets and two side-seam pockets. And for those who like to hang their flannel with pride, there’s a locker loop to show it off. But that’s not all — it’s not just a flannel; it’s an eco-conscious choice. The recycled content buttons add a touch of sustainability to your style.

Dakine Charger Insulated Flannel

The best flannel for adventure: Dakine Charger Insulated Flannel

Gentlemen, if you’ve ever wondered what one of the best flannel shirts for conquering the mountains looks like, look no further. The Dakine Charger Insulated Flannel is not just a shirt; it’s a proclamation of adventure. Whether you’re scaling peaks, shredding slopes, or just braving the urban jungle, this flannel is your trusty sidekick.

Made for the fearless souls, this men’s flannel shirt is like armor for the intrepid. It’s not just a piece of fabric; it’s a durable and breathable wicking fabric package that’s got your back in any weather. Want to layer up for those frosty mornings? This flannel welcomes it with open arms. But if you’re in a hurry to get out there and charge through life, it’s warm enough to be your stand-alone statement. Crafted with 100% recycled polyester flannel and Thermolite Ecodown-FE 60 HL insulation, it’s not just about style; it’s about making an eco-conscious choice.

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Sarah has been a freelance writer for over 7 years now, having started while she was living out of a suitcase and traveling…
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