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Inside Tentree’s Fully Biodegradable Fall Jacket and Sustainably Sourced Line

Tentree's fully-biodegradable Nimbus Rain Jacket made of all compostable materials.
Tentree’s sustainably-sourced, waterproof Nimbus Rain Jacket.

According to an EPA Office of Solid Waste assessment, the average American keeps an article of clothing for about three years. When these old clothes are tossed in the trash, they’re either burned, contributing to climate change through carbon dioxide emission, or they end up in a landfill, where they decompose for about 200 years, emitting carbon dioxide and even more potent methane gas. 

While many retail companies leave it up to consumers to change habits, Tentree believes change begins with them. Since its 2012 founding, the textile has sought to make an impact from the commercial end. Tentree’s just-released Essential Outerwear Collection, for example, not only features three elevated, transitional weather styles with deep-rooted sustainability stories, its Treeline Canvas unisex jackets are the first-ever fully biodegradable coats made from all compostable materials. 

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Kapok fiber is the key to Treeline Canvas Jacket’s compostability. The renewable fiber is sustainably harvested from seed pods of the kapok tree. Versatile and widely available, kapok is typically used in various as filling for items like bedding and upholstery. As part of the insulation layer of the cotton canvas Treeline Jacket, kapok fiber makes one of its first appearances in apparel. According to Tentree, when the jacket reaches the end of its wearable life, all wearers have to do is remove and recycle screw buttons, and the rest of the jacket is 100% biodegradable.

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Also appearing in Tentree’s new line are the men’s Nimbus rain jacket, offering a sleek, fully-recycled waterproof option that raises the standard for the average rain jacket. Featuring a certified Bluesign-approved lining (the highest environmental standard for textiles), each jacket is made with 27 recycled water bottles and has a shell crafted from 100% Repreve recycled polyester. 

The women’s Nimbus Short rain jacket, the third newest style, is made from 24 recycled water bottles. Similar to its menswear counterpart, the women’s rain jacket has a certified Bluesign-approved lining and a shell made from all Repreve recycled polyester. In addition, the women’s edition features Natulon Zippers sourced from recycled, post-consumer materials and polyester products. 

The three new jackets for the upcoming fall season all maintain Tentree’s trend-forward design, innovative tech, and a commitment to sourcing sustainable fibers and materials. Tentree not only plants 10 trees for every coat sold, but its 99% recycled materials make it the most sustainable outerwear vendor available on the planet. The textile company aims for big change by leading by example and offering green options from the merchant end.

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