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Seinfeld Is One of the Most Stylish Shows of All Time. Here’s Why

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The 90’s are back. Not in the “Only 90’s kids will understand this” type of way. People are back in light-wash jeans. Up top, it’s breezy button ups. The standard shoe is a white sneaker, usually with some sort of accent. The trend toward tight jeans and slim cut sweaters is dropping off. And, yeah, they’re bringing back all of the junk you liked as a kid in good and bad ways.

One welcome 90’s trend is the resurgence of Seinfeld as a binge-worthy show during these rather tumultuous times. For a show that’s supposedly “about nothing,” the slice-of-life program forever elevated the way sitcoms are made. While much has been said about the show’s top-notch writing, we’d argue that Seinfeld‘s fashion — a mix of comfy streetwear, vibrant sneakers, and sensible overcoats — was just as impressive.

After all, the sign of quality art is its timelessness, the idea that a show can exist outside of its context in a completely different era and still resonate with viewers. In the same vein, a sign of quality fashion is its tendency to come back and come back again. If Seinfeld were being produced today, some things would be different. George would have different conflicts about cell phones. Elaine would probably be on Hinge. Kramer would spend a whole episode trying to understand TikTok. But what wouldn’t change is basically every outfit, which still hold up today, 30 years later. Here are some of our favorite Seinfeld styles, and how you can replicate them for 2021. 

Seinfeld (1989)
84 %
tv-pg 9 Seasons
Genre Comedy
Cast Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards
Created by Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David

George Costanza’s Brooklyn Dad Style

This outfit itself is all over Brooklyn in 2021, and for good reason. George’s (played by Jason Alexander) wire-rim frames are distinguished and elegant in contrast to the rest of his irreverent outfit. A New York reference graphic tee — and a three quarter sleeve at that —  that’s coordinated, but not matched, to a now-vintage New York Mets cap? It’s funny, it’s reserved. It says, “I have enough taste to know how this looks and I like it.” George maintains this type of style throughout the series, and he usually layers it with solid outerwear (think: neutral overcoats and vibrant beanies).

Essentially, this was athleisure long before the term caught fire. Form fitting (but not tight), comfortable, sports-adjacent pieces that complement each other. Seinfeld is filled with these outfits, long before they became the standard urbanite style. The best part: It’s such an easy look to pull together. 

Goodfair Preloved Printed T-Shirts

For certified good printed, vintage tees, you can’t go wrong with Goodfair, and it’s hard to beat the deal here of 5 shirts for $20. 

Mets Cap

George is sporting a flat brim here, but the dad hat is more the style these days, and no brand does them better than ‘47. 

Uniqlo Men Hybrid Down Coat

Steal alert! Uniqlo’s beige hybrid down coat is high quality for a low price and so versatile it’s insane. 

Sportsman Knit Beanie

Bang bang, a cheap beanie to pull the whole look together? Easy purchase. 

Elaine Benes’ Crucial Outerwear

Speaking of winter looks, no one wears their coats better than Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Benes. Every coat she wears on this show goes off, and while, of course, her style isn’t necessarily menswear, there’s still a lesson to be learned here: oversized tweed classes up any look. 

KingSize Wool-Blend Overcoat

One option from Amazon, this Big & Tall number has a great color and herringbone pattern, and it doesn’t hit your wallet too hard. 

Express Brown Houndstooth Topcoat

This one from Express is a little bolder with its houndstooth, but if you can land it, it lands hard. 

Timex Easy Reader Watch

Notice, also, that Elaine pairs her tweed coats with a black band watch. So classy, so easy, and surprisingly so affordable. 

This is a cheaper option, but don’t let anyone tell you not to sport a Timex. It’s a classic for a reason. 

Seiko Kinetic Leather Watch

If you’re just begging to spend more money, this Seiko is where you should start. The cream-colored face and Roman numeral numbering against the gold accents is subtle, but so, so nice. 

Jerry’s Normcore, Sporty Style

Here’s a short list of things Jerry Seinfeld was early on: lightwash jeans, two-tone color layering, Nike sneakers, tall white socks. We love his  lifelong commitment to sneakers. In 2015 as part of Netflix’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, the actor sported one of his beloved Nike Shox with a black suit during his interview with then-president Barack Obama. But Seinfeld Jerry likes to pair his Jordans with lightwash jeans and a bright monochrome top. The cast of Seinfeld even seems to sink into one color at a time, and sometimes all of their wardrobes will even blend together. 

Signature by Levi Strauss Regular Fit Jeans

While we love a slim fit, to get the real ‘90s, Seinfeld style, these Levi’s Regular Fits are more accurate. Too affordable to pass on right now, too. 

Nike Flight Legacy

Seinfeld liked to sport bulky, high top, yet sort of simply designed Nikes when he wasn’t wearing Jordans. These are a good starter for that style. 

Cosmo Kramer’s Printed Button Ups

Kramer (played by Michael Richards) was ahead of the game as well, only his general staple was a button-up and oversized slacks every time he stumbled his way into Seinfeld’s apartment. He’s shown up in what looks like a Marine Serre print, or a stitched on pink with rolled sleeves. Cosmo Kramer is fond of pairing these button-ups with a cardigan as well. Again, cozy and classy long before it became the norm. 

Goodfair Preloved Button Downs

Another great deal from Goodfair. 4 button downs for $40 is a steal, and getting random selections is only right given the spirit of Kramer’s character. 

Madewell Linen-Cotton Easy Camp Shirt

For something even more vibrant, look no further. This Paul Fredrick camp shirt is light and lovely. 

If this is your style, check out our ‘90s fashion guide for men, and if you’ve already binged Seinfeld, check out our rec’s for the best Netflix shows.

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