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goose island bourbon county brand stout gibc lineup 2018 feat

Goose Island Beer Continues Barrel-Aged Exploration with New Bourbon County Stout Lineup

Every year, Goose Island Beer Co unveils a Bourbon County Brand Stout series. Check out the 2018 releases now.
Sapporo beer

How the German Roots of Japan’s Sapporo Were Crucial to its American Success

The entire globe has its hand in the beer industry, but few nations are rooted in the beverage like Germany. Japan’s most notable beverage brands, Sapporo, can trace its origins back.
baijiu chinese spirit

What Is Baijiu: 4 Brands to Try Right Now

Despite its relative obscurity in the U.S., baijiu is one of the most consumed liquors in the world. Chinese distilleries are starting to invest in marketing the product in markets outside of Asia, including America. Here are the four best brands to try.
ao yun luxury chinese wine 2014

Why You Should Get to Know Chinese Wine

Chinese wine isn’t the among the first to come to mind when searching for a quality product, but Moët Hennessy and Maxence Dulou are trying to change that.Before it blows up, get the inside scoop on how Chinese wine is poised for growth.
spirit works sloe gin

What is Sloe Gin?: A Brief Introduction to the Traditional Spirit

While it may not be all that popular in the United States these days, sloe gin is a traditional flavored spirit that dates back to the 17th century in England. Here's everything you need to know today.
Fifth Frame Brewing Co.

6 Craft Breweries That Also Roast Excellent Coffee

Beer and coffee go hand-in-hand, as exemplified by the many great coffee beers on the market. The similarities are attractive to brewers and more than a few across the country have started to roast their own coffees, helping diversify their businesses in an ever-more-saturated market.
Traverse City Whiskey Co

And a Cherry On Top: 5 of the Best Cocktail Cherries

For years, cocktail cherries have generally been neon red and overly sweet, but they don't need to be. These are the best cocktail cherries, all of which are beautiful flavor-packed treats for drinks or snacking.,
brewnuts beer donuts donutmess

Brewnuts Uses Beer to Make Doughnuts. Somewhere, Homer Simpson is Smiling

Cleveland bakery and bar Brewnuts incorporates beer into every donut they make, and have an eye toward more in the future.
best porters

Dark and Delicious: Four Classic Porter Beers to Enjoy this Fall

A palate can only take some much experimentation, and it's important to appreciate the simple beers in life. Cut through the noise of modern beer and grab one of these classic American porters to enjoy as cool, crisp weather falls across the U.S.
barrel-aged beers

The Quick and Easy Guide on How to Age Beer

Beer is a perishable product, but that doesn’t mean aging beer is a bad idea. There are certain styles of beer that can withstand — and improve with — some aging.
brenne french whiskey

Brenne Whisky Contains the Essence of France, Distilled

With Brenne Single Malt Whisky, Allison Parc left her doubts behind and created a French spirit that showcases the nuances and terroir of the land from which it comes.
Apologue Liqueurs Persimmon

Apologue Liqueurs Puts a Focus on the Under-Appreciated Ingredients of the Midwest

Apologue Liqueurs is a Midwestern brand that is proving to the country that da Bears aren't the only good thing to come out of Chicago. Locally grown ingredients serve as the focus for the liqueurs, which currently include Aronia berry, celery root, and persimmon.
mamajuana candela

What Is Mamajuana? Only the Best Drink from the Dominican Republic.

It’s easy to assume that a trip to the Dominican Republic will be filled with rum. This assumption, of course, is not wrong. However, when you make friends with locals or pay attention at the bar, you learn about a certain treat: Mamajuana.
anderson valley brewing company g and t gose

5 Cocktail-Inspired Beers From Craft Brewers

It’s not unusual for breweries to experiment with taste and it only makes sense that some have turned to the cocktail world for inspiration. Here are some of the best cocktail-inspired beers, including brews that replicate a Moscow Mule, Sazerac, mimosa, Bloody Mary, and gin and tonic.
firestone pivo pils

Make Lagers Great Again: Why American Craft Brewers are Taking the Style Back

Lagers are having a moment. It’s a beautiful thing, really. Sometimes it just makes sense to drink a clean, crisp, simple beer. These American craft breweries are reclaiming the lager style from the macro producers that dominate the market.
10 barrel brewing the last blockbuster

One of the Last Blockbuster Stores Now Has Its Own Beer

The Internet was ecstatic to hear there was one last living Blockbuster store in Bend, Oregon. The beer-loving state that Oregon is, it only makes sense that Bend-based 10 Barrel Brewing stepped up to honor it with a limited-edtion beer.
chicago style polish sausage

4 Chefs Share Their Favorite Football Game Day Food

With the National Football League season on the horizon, we chatted with several chefs about their favorite game day foods at NFL stadiums tailgates, then figured out the best way to translate those to the couch, the parking lot, or wherever you find yourself watching your team.
founders all day ipa tall boy

These 19.2-Ounce Beer Cans Are the New Tall Boys

Tall boys were once reserved for big-name beers, but like pretty much everything else, craft breweries have launched an array of 19.2-ounce cans so they can make their way into single-serve settings, like convenience stores, sporting events, and concerts.
kona brewing co beer

Kona Brewing Makes Waves With Sustainability Efforts and New Brewery

The brewing industry is certainly one of the most sustainably-minded industries (out of necessity, if nothing else, due to the large amount of resources that go into making a delicious brew). Hawaii’s Kona Brewing Co. is taking that to the next level with a new brewery and sun-powered beer.
new holland spirits beer barrel bourbon

7 of Your Favorite Breweries Are Also Distilleries

You can head to a brewery to get a big selection of beer and cocktails? You might be surprised, but it’s an increasingly common occurrence as more brewery and distillery combinations are opening up across the country.
weird brewery locations cincyexperience 0131 3

Some of the Weirdest Places That Are Now Breweries

With more than 6,500 breweries in the United States, it's tough competition to be among the weirdest places to brew beer. While it’s still more common to find a brewery in a strip mall, it’s not unusual to find one in a noteworthy setting, from firehouses to funeral homes.
mexican corn

How Sierra Norte Came to Make Mexican Whiskey with Heritage Corn

Longtime mezcal distiller Doug French is using heirloom corn from Oaxaca to offer three distinct flavors of Sierra Norte Mexican Whiskey, each created from a different color of corn.
the bitter truth grapefruit beer

A Bitter Experiment: Why You Should Try Adding Bitters to an IPA

The intense flavors of IPAs, sometimes extremely bitter, make a perfect canvas for experimenting with cocktail bitters. We chatted with Alex Hauck, co-founder of The Bitter Truth, to learn more about this unconventional practice.
Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion 10

Firestone Walker Unleashes the Full Potential of Hops with the Luponic Distortion Series

Firestone Walker Brewery Company uses its Luponic Distortion series as a way to explore one of beer's key ingredients: hops. Each addition to the lineup — including the most recent, Revolution No. 010 — is the same style of beer with a new kind of hop.
jottshots flavors

Make Jell-O Shots Great Again? JottShots Are Trying To.

Entrepreneur and former Wall Streeter Dorian Levy saw an empty slot in the beverage world and set out to fill a void in the pre-packaged gel shot market with JottShots, a supposedly more mature and convenient version of the Jell-O shot.
Barrel Runner Founders Brewing Co

5 Best Rum Barrel-Aged Beers To Enjoy Right Now

While bourbon still reigns supreme as the chosen barrel for aging many beers, more breweries are beginning to experiment with rum barrels, which generally impart more coconut and dark chocolate notes than their whiskey counterparts while leaving out some of the booziness.
barrel aged stout and selling out goose island beer company

New Book Chronicles the Sale of Goose Island Beer Company to Anheuser-Busch and the Fallout

One of the craft beer industry’s defining moments is now encapsulated in a work of true journalistic effort with the book "Barrel-Aged Stout and Selling Out," which chronicles the sale of Goose Island Beer Company to brewing powerhouse Anheuser-Busch and the fallout.
juniper cocktail lounge park mgm

Gin-Sanity: How to Build the Largest Gin Collection in Las Vegas

The newest cocktail destination in Las Vegas is a haven for gin lovers, with more than 80 diverse examples of the spirit made across the globe. The extensive collection at Juniper Cocktail Lounge is used in an eclectic beverage lineup representative of the spirit's multiple flavor possibilities.
brewers association independent craft seal

What We Learned at the 2018 Craft Brewers Conference

Each year the Brewers Association holds the Craft Brewers Conference, highlighting some of the important issues in the beer industry. Here's what we learned at the 2018 CBC and World Beer Cup.
Tattersall Distilling Company Sour Cherry Liqueur lemonade cocktail

Notable Prize-Winning Spirits from the 2018 ADI Judging Awards

In the world of spirits, awards aren’t everything, but they are a pretty good barometer of who is making good juice and where. We'd like to share our personal favorite "Best in Class" winners from the 2018 American Distilling Institute (ADI) Judging Awards.
Tony Gemignani

Making Pizza at Home: Tips from a World Champion Pizzaiolo

12-time World Pizza Champion Tony Gemignani gives home cooks pizza making tips to ensure a world-class pie.
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare

5 Awesome Spirits to Blow Your Tax Refund On

Spend your tax refund right — on expensive booze! We've got a few of the best bottles picked out that will help you get rid of the refund burning a hole in your pocket.
Firestone Lager

How 2 Craft Breweries Are Turning to Lagers to Beat the Competition

With the release of Founders Brewing Co.’s Solid Gold and Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s Lager, two of the most influential craft brewers are now in competition with big-name lagers like Budweiser, Coors Light, Corona, Heineken, Stella Artois, and more .
Huss Brewing Co

The Best Breweries to Hit Up in Phoenix During MLB Spring Training

Every year MLB teams descend upon Phoenix, Arizona, for spring training, a time for players to hone their skills for the upcoming season. If you're in town to watch, here are the best breweries to hit up for a cold post-game beer.

A Quick Introduction to Hawaiian Rum and 2 Leading Local Distilleries

A tropical paradise in its own right, with plenty, rum drinks already were a staple on Hawaii, so it makes sense companies like Kōloa Rum Company and Manulele Distillers have staked their claim as two of the state’s leading distilleries.
reno sign

6 Best Beer Destinations in Reno, the Biggest Little City in the World

Reno, Navada, has no shortage of activities that will leave a visitor thirsty, so here are the best bars, restaurants, breweries, and watering holes that serve up shirt-quenching craft beer.
chilean fog beer cerverceria atrapaniebla 13450854 1161873497167842 7293074683688715633 n

This Chilean Brewery Makes Beer from Desert Fog

Brothers Miguel and Marco Carcuro make fog beer from, you guessed it, actual fog at Cerverceria Atrapaniebla, a brewery in the Atacama Desert of Chile.
A pour of nocino, a walnut liqueur

What it Takes for an American Distillery to Make Nocino, a Traditional Italian Walnut Liqueur

Using a traditional Italian family recipe, Francesco Amodeo at Don Ciccio & Figil in Washington, D.C., makes nocino, a green walnut liqueur.
carnival cruise line

Carnival Cruise Line is Brewing Beer on the High Seas

Carnival Cruise Line announced that its newest ship, Carnival Horizon, will be serving up boat-brewed beer at its newest dining concept.
diplomatico rum

Diplomático Rum is Sharing a Taste of Venezuela with the World

Situated at the base of the Andes Mountains in Venezuela, Diplomático rum ships its product across the globe, giving drinkers a taste of South America.
anchor brewing christmas ale

Celebrate the Holidays All Year Long with Anchor Brewing’s Christmas Ale

For over 40 years, Anchor Brewing Company has celebrated the holidays with a unique Christmas Ale, gift that keeps on giving: great now and better aged.
Corpse Reviver No. 2

Shake Off a Hangover with a Corpse Reviver Cocktail

One of the best ways to get ride of a hangover after a long night of drinking is with hair of the dog. May we suggest a classic (and boozy) Corpse Reviver?
kavalan distillery

Why You Should Know About Kavalan Distillery and Taiwanese Whisky

As the master blender of Taiwan's Kavalan Distillery, Ian Chang wants his whiskies to drink like a fine symphony.
preview great pubs of london streets

Brilliant New Book Maps Out the Great Pubs of London

'Great Pubs of London' by George Dailey provides a guide to the some of the best — and most historic — places to grab a pint in England's capital city.
founders brewing co cbs

Founders CBS is the Maple Beer You Need in Your Life Right Now

Founders Brewing Co. just reintroduced one of its most sought-after brews: Canadian Breakfast Stout. Founders CBS is now available in 46 states.
danger close craft distilling 20 dollar bourbon

Army (and Brewing) Veterans Open Daring New Distillery in Vermont

The same group of veterans who launched 14th Star Brewing Co. in St. Albans, Vermont, are also behind Danger Close Craft Distilling.
hot buttered rum

How to Make Hot Buttered Rum (Just in Time for the Holidays)

Hot buttered rum is a classic, Colonial-era cocktail that's relatively easy to make. This warm concoction is perfect for the holiday season.
Tuatara Brewery New Zealand beer

Forget the Landscape: Beer is the Real Reason to Visit New Zealand

Sure, New Zealand is home to some beautiful scenery. But have you tasted New Zealand beer yet? Here are more reasons to visit (and drink).
Cachaca caipirinha cocktail

Dive into World of Brazilian Cachaça with an Expert Mixologist

There's a lot more to cachaça than caipirinha cocktails. Take it from Tim Weigel, who is conducting extensive research into the Brazilian sugarcane spirit.

Big-Name Beer and Spirits Brand Invests in Marijuana Company

Constellation Brands, distributor of Corona Extra and Modelo, made a major investment in Canadian marijuana company Canopy Growth Corp.