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miller lite cantroller video games eric andre liter feature

Miller Lite’s New Cantrollers are Beer Cans that Double as Video Game Controllers

In an age where competitive gaming is a thing, Miller Lite is stepping up to play with the big kids by introducing a cantroller.
fathers day beers father beer grilling barbecue skewers

The Best Beers to Share with Dad this Father’s Day

From legacy lagers to modern craft miracles, find the perfect Father's Day beers to toast the man that made you.
jim beam kentucky trip bonding over bourbon stillhouse

Jim Beam Encourages Bonding Over Bourbon with the Ultimate Trip to Kentucky for $23

Jim Beam is offering up a Father's Day trip, aptly titled "Bonding Over Bourbon," that worth $3,000 for the same $23 price as its Jim Beam Black as a celebratory offering.
crown royal french oak cask finished bag feature

Crown Royal Goes Full French Canadian with Release of French Oak Cask Finished Whisky

In its fourth Noble Collection release, Crown Royal looks toward French oak to help add character to its base Canadian whisky.
Caribbean Reserve Rye

Ready For Some Arr & R? Basil Hayden Releases Caribbean Reserve Rye

A mixture of Kentucky rye, Canadian rye, and black strap rum highlight Basil Hayden's newest limited edition release, Caribbean Reserve Rye.
cocktail inspired teas whittard of chelsea tea

Cocktail Culture Reaches Tea as Whittard of Chelsea Launches New Line

Whittard of Chelsea has launched a new cocktail-inspired line of teas, including six flavors like mojito, white sangria, and Moscow mule.
lagunitas hoppy refresher non alcholic sparkling water

Inspired By Its IPA, Lagunitas Pumps Out Hoppy Refresher

The California brewery has rolled out the new sparkling water, Hoppy Refresher, slowly as it looks to give fans more options when they need a non-alcoholic beverage.
House Beer Lager

House Beer Banks On Clean Beer and Design to Grow

Noticing an open gap between craft beer and macro lagers a few years ago, House Beer entered the category. Now with craft brewers entering the space, founder Brendan Sindell believes in the ability of his product to fend them off.
coors light temperature free beer giveaway cold stream 1

Coors Light Rolls Out Free Cold Brews for Record-Breaking Temperatures

As the weather heats up across the country, Coors Light will be watching the thermometers and giving out free beer to cities breaking heat records.
midwestern dry ginj rieger co kansas city reigers gin top down

J. Rieger & Co’s Midwestern Dry Gin is Distilled With True London Spirit

Longtime Tanqueray master distiller Tom Nichol found himself in Kansas City helping J. Rieger & Co. and head distiller Nathan Perry in creating Midwestern Dry Gin.
easy cup sake iron chef morimoto holding feat

Iron Chef Morimoto Continues Building His Empire with Easy Cup Sake

Building on his restaurant group, knife set, instant ramen, beer, wine, and premium sake lines, Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto has launched Easy Cup Sake.
the balvenie stories new expressions suite 1 creditfineyoungman

The Balvenie Stories Tell of the Magic Contained Within Scotch Whisky

Along with three new special expressions named The Balvenie Stories, The Balvenie is opening up an exclusive suite in New York City with a $60,000 package of experiences.
Lucky Lager

Lucky Lager Comes Back to Bay Area as Pabst’s Latest American Classic

Pabst Brewing brings back Lucky Lager in California as the brand's latest American classic regional lager.
George Dickel Bottled in Bond feature

George Dickel Releases 13-Year-Old Bottled In Bond Tennessee Whisky

George Dickel Bottled In Bond Tennessee Whisky is a fiery new spirit from Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. and the first innovation from new general manager and distiller Nicole Austin. 
lesser known ale trails las cruces credit bosque brewing

One for the Road: 7 Lesser-Known Ale Trails in the U.S.

Cities and regions across the U.S. are touting their beer scenes and since some get a lot more glory than others, here are a few of the hidden gems.
coca cola mixers

New Coca-Cola Signature Mixers Hit the U.K. Market, U.S. Missing Out For Now

Coca-Cola's four new Signature Mixers were created by master mixologists and are cocktail-ready, but only for those in the U.K. for now.
Diageo Johnnie Walker

With New Visitor Centers, Diageo Commits to Building Scotch Lovers’ Destination

Following a massive investment in its Scotch business, Diageo is pumping up Scotch-related attractions in hopes of bringing people to Scotland.
Jim Koch Boston Beer Sam Calagione Dogfish Head

Sam Adams Brewer Boston Beer Co. and Dogfish Head Merge to Create ‘Formidable’ Portfolio

The maker of Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Boston Beer Company, and Dogfish Head Brewery merged in a craft beer mega-deal this week.
starward whiskey

Ad Astra Per Whisky-A: Australia’s Starward Whisky Debuts on U.S. Shores

Joining plenty of other whiskies of the world, Australia's Starward Whisky is sending its Starward Nova to the U.S. with its heavy wine notes.
wandering whistler brewed alcohol tea feature

Wandering Whistler Alcohol Brewed Tea Serves Worldly Brews with a Twist

Wandering Whistler released its first two flavors, Earl Grey with Elderflower and Green Tea Jasmine. Founder Jackie Atlas hopes to create postcards from around the globe through the product.
Creature Comforts cans

Standing Out From the (Six)-Pack: 11 of the Best Beer Can Designs Ever

As an ever-increasing number of breweries hit liquor store shelves, it's more important than ever beer can designs catch eyes, but also establish firm brand awareness.
tulip pint beer glass

Whether It’s Here to Stay or Not, Brut IPA is Shaping the Future of Craft Beer

Beer styles come and go in the modern world of beer, but the Brut IPA came with a bang and helped brewers see a new way to use an old ingredient.
Aquamala Cerveza Artesanal

7 Mexican Craft Breweries You Need to Know

As American craft breweries continue to dive into Mexican-style lagers, Mexico continues to develop a solid artisan beer scene of its own. Whether you're headed to Mexico or not, check out some of these Mexican craft brews.
Last Drop 1969 Glenrothes Scotch

You’ll Have to Pay Big for 1 of the 271 Bottles of 1969 Glenrothes Scotch

Would you pay over $6,000 for a single bottle of whisky? If you would, then you might want to check out the 1969 Glenrothes Single Malt Scotch Whisky.
pale ale for trails sierra nevada initiative feat

Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale for Trails Aims to Clean Up America’s Trail Systems

Sierra Nevada Brewing is committing itself to a major effort to clean up trail and river systems in the United States (and hopes to bring plenty of customers with it). Introducing the Pale Ale for Trails program.
Athletic Brewing beer glass

Athletic Brewing Scores Big with Non-Alcoholic Beers that Actually Taste Good

The desire for a tasty non-alcoholic beer drove the creation of Athletic Brewing Co., which has provided the beer market with flavorful (and award-winning) N/A offerings.

Sonoma Portworks Helps Showcase American Grappa

Despite its major winemaking industry, California isn't flush with grappa. A few producers, like Sonoma Portworks, are trying to change that.
Pints for Parks Cuyahoga Valley

Support National Parks this Summer By Drinking Breckenridge Brewery Pints

Drinking for a good cause is always a good thing. Introducing the Pints for Parks program: Colorado's Breckenridge Brewery is giving proceeds of every beer sold across the country this summer to U.S. National Parks.
budweiser moon landing

Budweiser Celebrates Moon Landing With Discovery Reserve American Red Lager

Budweiser's latest reserve series celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with the Discovery Reserve American Red Lager.
BodyArmor James Harden

Coca Cola’s Premium Sports Drink, BodyArmor, Could Be Your New Go-To Sports Drink

Acquired by Coca Cola last year, BodyArmor is a premium sports drink poised to offer the best refreshment for any and all athletes. We take a closer look.
natural light six pack

You Could Win Free Natty Light for Birdies Hit at the Masters

Fore the win: At 95 calories, Natural Light is celebrating its one less calorie than Miller Lite by giving away beer each time a golfer birdies at this weekend's Master's Tournament.
PBR Extra Non-Alcoholic

New PBR Beers Incoming for Pabst Brewing’s 175th Birthday

Pabst Brewing Company is launching new products to join its flagship Pabst Blue Ribbon on the shelves: Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra and Pabst Blue Ribbon Non-Alcoholic. The beer releases coincide with the company's 175th anniversary.
Red Clay Brewing Company

Final Four Beer: Best Craft Breweries from the Towns of College Basketball’s Best

The college towns of the NCAA Tournament's Final Four teams might not be beer hot spots, but they still make some great beer. Here are the best craft breweries representing Auburn, Virginia, Michigan, and Texas Tech.
long root wit

Patagonia Provisions Grows Its Beer Family With Long Root Wit

Patagonia Provisions has launched its second beer, Long Root Wit, which joins Long Root Pale Ale in the company's mission to revolutionize the beer industry's grain usage. The latest brew is a collaboration with Portland's Hopworks Urban Brewery.
carnival beer cans

Miss Your Cruise Vacation? Take Home a Carnival Cruise Beer When It’s Over

Carnival Cruise Lines has upped its craft beer game with the addition of canned versions of three of its flagship beers.
Kona Brewing Company bottles cans

Kona Brewing Celebrates 25 Years of Local Brewing in Hawaii

In 1994, no brewery called Hawaii home as logistics posed a massive problem. Now, 25 years later, Kona Brewing is a nationwide presence without forgetting its home.
New York Yankees Blue Point Brewing feature

Major League Beers: 9 Beers Brewed For Baseball Season

Beer and baseball are a natural fit, so these ball clubs and breweries stepped up the game and partnered for some delicious beers to enjoy during the summer.
Fling Craft Cocktails

Boulevard Brewing Pours Tasty Concoctions Into a Can With Fling Craft Cocktails

Building on 30 years of brewing, Missouri's Boulevard Brewing is branching out with ready-to-drink cocktail brand Fling Craft Cocktails for a little bit of diversification.
coors light on tap

Coors Lights Launches Smart Tap as a Counterattack in the Big Beer War

Coors Light has introduced a smart tap handle to dispense free beer each time the brand is attacked by a Bud Light campaign.
treaty oak distilling whiskey gin texas experiments run wild in 1

Treaty Oak Distilling’s Experiments Run Wild in Texas

In the foothills of Texas, Treaty Oak Distilling employees are given freedom to experiment with everything from corn to barrels to cocktails.
lime citrus cocktail salt rim

Lemons, Limes, Grapefruits, Oh My! A Beginner’s Guide to Cocktail Citrus

Part sweet, part sour, all delicious. Regardless of the type, citrus fruits are an essential piece of a bartender's arsenal. Here are the nine different types of citrus you need to know to make delicious cocktails.
Richland Single Estate Old South Georgia Rum Bottle Glass

6 Best Aged Rums Over $50 and Under $100

Aged rum is a beautiful thing. Here are some of the best rums over $50 (but still under $100).
porto tonico aperol spritz cocktail wine glass

Porto Tónicos Should Be On Your Cocktail Radar

James Beard Award-winning sommelier Belinda Chang gives her suggestions for the best porto tónicos. This light and fresh cocktail combination uses white port as its main ingredient.
Ferris Coffee and Nut Cocktail Recipe

Coffee Roasters Weigh in with Their Favorite Non-Alcoholic Coffee Cocktails

Cocktails are catching on with coffee roasters, and while they do often mix in the booze, non-alcoholic mixtures can be a tasty treat on a rough Monday morning. We chatted with several roasters from across the country to get their favorite non-alcoholic coffee cocktails.
Pork Highway Lechon Head

Puerto Rico’s Pork Highway Is a Meat Lover’s Dream

Pork is a staple across Latin America, but few places showcase the simplistic beauty of the meat than the “Pork Highway” (La Ruta del Lechón) in Puerto Rico.
Redlands Estate Tasmania Whiskey Australia

Your Guide to the World’s Lesser-Known Whisky-Producing Countries

As consumers open their palates to new flavors and stories, whisky production is quickly expanding beyond the traditional Scottish, Irish, American, and Canadian distillers and to countries like Japan, Israel, Mexico, Taiwan, India, and Austrlia.
Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey Tuthilltown Distillery

What is Empire Rye? A Guide to New York’s New Whiskey Association

Prior to Prohibition, the state of New York was a hotbed of rye whiskey production. While the "noble experiment" effectively killed the industry, Empire Rye is making a comeback.
art of sport

Kobe Tested and Approved: Art of Sport Provides Athletic Skin Care

With basketball great Kobe Bryant as a partner, Art of Sport founder Matthias Metternich uses athletes to hone formulas and test grooming products before launching them in the market.
Taco Bell Big City Bell Pilsner

Taco Bell Beer Is Real: Meet the Big City Bell Pilsner

Taco Bell is releasing its second beer with a craft brewery — Big City Bell Pilsner with Blue Point Brewing — leaving Taco Bell and beer lovers alike wondering if there's a larger plan afoot.
revel spirits new agave category avila reposado triple distilled

Revel Spirits Launches New Agave Spirit Category Dubbed Avila

Revel Spirits hopes to highlight the Mexican state of Morelos with a brand-new agave-based spirit category called avila. Revel both steams (like tequila) and roasts (like mezcal) the agave it uses before blending.