Escape in style: The 3 sexiest, ultra-light travel trailers of 2016

ultra-light travel trailer

Airstream was once the only game in town for sleek, well-built travel trailers (and buyers paid handsomely for the “privilege” of owning one). But, in the last five years, a number of manufacturers have jumped into the game to offer niche solutions for every type of traveler — weekender, hardcore backpacker, gear hauler, etc. Here are three of the sexiest, ultra-light travel trailers on the market today.

Retro Modern: Happier Camper HC1

Happier Camper HC1 Travel Trailer

The pint-sized Happier Camper HC1 offers an ingenious solution for travelers looking to take only the most essential elements of home along for the ride. While the retro modern shell oozes vintage cool, it’s what’s on the inside that’ll interest most roadtrippers. The clever Adaptiv™ interior features Lego-esque cubes that are infinitely configurable to suit almost any traveler’s style. The sleeping space, kitchen, and work areas can all be repurposed to however large or small you need them to be. It’s the closest thing to a mobile Swiss Army knife we’ve seen on the travel trailer market. Bonus: The company offers rentals for anyone looking to try before they buy.

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Jack of All Trades: The Cricket Trailer

Cricket Travel Trailer (interior)

TaxaOutdoors’ Cricket Trailer is arguably the most love-it-or-hate-it design of any travel trailer on the market. The asymmetrical shell may seem strange, but there’s a method to the company’s madness. Every interior space offers only as much space as is necessary and, even by RV standards, the company crams a boatload of intelligent storage solutions into a tiny package. Each of the three Cricket flavors — Gear, Camp, and Trek — is purpose-built for a particular type of backcountry traveler. Perhaps the best part is its diminutive size (15’ long by 6’9” tall) and weight (just 1,460 pounds unloaded), ensuring it can easily be towed by most four-cylinder vehicles. Bonus: A panoramic, 32” x 20” rear window ensures the cabin is awash in natural light.

Rugged Off-road Adventurer: Hiker Trailer

Hiker Trailer

The aptly named Hiker Trailer company has one goal: create serious, affordable, off-road capable travel trailers. Like most teardrop trailers, every model is purely utilitarian and features only the most essential amenities, all packed into the smallest space possible. Basic models offer little more than a durable, barebones aluminum shell that’s intended to be buyer-customized. Deluxe models feature legit off-road-worthy upgrades like beastly 33” tires, 3,500-pound axles, and 2×3 steel off-road frames. Their lightest model weighs just 640 pounds, meaning it’s (almost) towable by anything stronger than a bicycle. Bonus: The entry-level 4-by-8-foot model is priced at less than $3,000 (USD).