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Hang Tight with the Best Camping and Backpacking Hammocks

When it comes to relaxing, hammocks really have the market cornered. There’s nothing like gently swinging in a warm breeze with a great book and a camp cocktail. With lightweight fabrics, we can take our hammocks camping or even replace our backpacking tent.

Best Camping Hammocks

Kammok Roo Double Hammock

Kammok Roo Double

The Roo Double hammock from Kammok is lightweight but strong at the same time, maxing out at a 500-pound load. You can easily fit a significant other or possible the whole family in at that rating. The Roo still packs down small to the size of a Nalgene water bottle. The Kanga Claw carabiners can withstand 5,000 pounds of force. These hook to the Python webbing slings that spread the weight over a wider area on the tree.

Therm-a-Rest Slacker Single Hammock

Therm-a-Rest Slacker

Therm-a-Rest is well known for sleeping pads but also makes other rest-related items like hammocks and sleeping bags. The Slacker hammock is the perfect addition to the backyard or car camping kit. The soft polyester fabric has more stretch than the commonly-used nylon and dries faster. A lightweight aluminum carabiner on either end makes for fast setup. The Slacker supports up to 400 pounds and comes in single or double sizes.

Eno Sub6 Hammock

Eno Sub6

Empty space in the car or an empty pocket in your backpacking bag just screams for a lightweight hammock. The Sub6 from Eno weighs less than 6 ounces and packs down tiny. It still has a 300-pound rating to support you after too much camp food. Both ends are held up but an ultralight toggle put through a loop on the straps; much lighter than a carabiner, though it still can be hung with clips. Add a ProFly Sil Rain Tarp and you can sleep outside completely out of the elements.

Best Backpacking Hammocks

Swayy Eira Insulated Hammock

Swayy Eira Insulated Hammock

One of the problems with sleeping in a hammock is CBS, aka Cold Butt Syndrome. On a hot summer’s day, a cool breeze might be welcome but it’s the last thing you want on a cold night backpacking. Swayy Insulated Hammocks solves this problem with the all-in-one Eira hammock system.

The system starts with a strong hammock, capable of holding 400 pounds and comfortable to sleep in. Below that are two tubular baffles holding water-resistant, butt-warming 800 fill power DownTek down. The down baffles are wrapped in wind-resistant Luxon fabric with just enough breathability to prevent moisture build-up. The whole thing zips on top like a sleeping bag. Finally, a waterproof rainfly rolls out of an integrated ridgeline. CBS sufferers, rejoice.

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym Zip Hammock

Hennessy Hammocks Asym Zip

When we’re talking about backpacking with hammocks, Hennessy is one of the original names in the game. The Asym Zip is an all-in-one solution with hammock, bug netting, and rainfly so you can hammock camp anywhere in any weather. The Asym Zip features as asymmetrical design so you can lay diagonally across the hang line, with better support for your lower back and knees. A zipper option gives you easy access where the mesh meets the hammock. There’s also the overlapping bottom entry option to save weight. The Asym Zip holds 250 pounds and comes with straps. Hennessy offers free upgrades to longer straps if you need them.

Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Mosquito Net Hammock

Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro

To completely outfit yourself for a backpacking trip can be expensive so a whole one-person shelter for under $100 is a screaming deal. The Skeeter Beeter doesn’t come with a tarp but any tarp can be pitched over the two ridge-lines, which hold up the bug mesh so it’s out of your face but still keeps the no-see-ums and mosquitos out. It comes with two 10-foot pieces of cord and two nautical grade carabiners to hang anywhere you like.

Warbonnet Outdoors Original Blackbird Hammock

Warbonnet Blackbird

Another original in the hammock camping space, the Blackbird is a favorite of hammock campers and thru-hikers. It’s available in the Dream-Tex fabric, a strong, soft, cotton-like material made specifically for hammocks. A two-square-foot storage shelf inside gives a bit of room for necessities so they’re not on top of your face. The 15.75-ounce hammock can hold up to 350 pounds and has three different suspension options of increasing weight ranging from $15 up to $46. For camping when the temperature drops, partial-length Yeti and full-length Wookie under-quilts are available.

Just for Fun



What about those poor hammocks restricted to the backyard, offered only a glimpse of the campsite once in a while? The MelloShip is here to change that. The MelloShip is not a hammock itself but a boat for hammocks. Take any of the hammocks in this article and string them up on this double-pontooned boat. The whisper-quiet electric motor charges through solar and gently takes you anywhere you want to go. GPS-controlled steering can be pre-programmed for routes up to four miles. We don’t advise falling asleep while driving a boat, but with the MelloShip, it would be hard not to.

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