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Airstream’s Adventure-Ready Trailer Gets Bigger and Better for 2021

Adventure-minded campers have long relied on truck campers and teardrop trailers for off-road exploration. But, most of these offer a pared-down, almost ascetic experience. Airstream’s Basecamp redefined what off-grid camping could be with a solid mix of rugged good looks, off-road-readiness, and modern creature comforts. Now, the icon of the original “silver bullet” camper is thinking even bigger.


New for 2021, Airstream is expanding its wildly popular Basecamp platform — literally. The lineup will include the entry-level Basecamp 16 (formerly just “Basecamp”), plus the Basecamp 20 and Basecamp 20X. As its name implies, the 20-foot Basecamp 20 is bigger in every way. The design is longer, wider, and taller, guaranteeing a roomier, more comfortable living space with additional storage for even more adventure gear.

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Basecamp 20 offers all the standard features of its little brother and more. The expanded floor plan accommodates a larger convertible rear bed making the living quarters more flexible for sleeping, eating, and relaxing. A convertible front dinette can seat up to four, or comfortably sleep two children or one adult. The additional square footage also allowed Airstream to incorporate more storage throughout. Separate freshwater, gray water, and black water tanks are standard, plus the Basecamp 20 adds an energy-efficient tankless water heater and a dedicated furnace. Upgraded options like air-conditioning, a microwave, and a full solar setup are also available. With a base weight of 3,400 pounds, the whole package is towable with most small to mid-sized trucks and SUVs.

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For anyone looking to get far off-grid, the all-new Basecamp 20X trim is Airstream’s most exciting news this year. The flagship model includes everything from the Basecamp 20, plus a bevy of features designed to make it a go-anywhere, off-road-ready beast. With three inches of additional lift and larger Goodyear Off-Road DuraTrac tires, it offers more ground clearance. Stainless steel front stone guard protection means the shell will stand up to rocks, gravel, and almost anything the backcountry can throw at it. Additional features like tinted window guards and a steel double step also make the 20X more livable.

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The 2021 Airstream Basecamp 20 starts at $45,900, while the off-road-ready Basecamp 20X will be available from $48,900. Airstream dealers are taking orders now with the first deliveries expected next month.

Travelers after a cushier alternative should check out the chic, stylish, and surprisingly non-aluminum Airstream Nest.

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