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SylvanSport’s multifunction GO camper trailer gets an off-grid makeover for tackling the toughest terrain

Part camper, part adventure gear trailer, part toy hauler, this micro towable is all about versatility.

Rear view of SylvanSport's GO All-Terrain Camper Trailer being towed by a Jeep.

Whatever your flavor of camping, overlanding, or road-tripping, there’s a compact camper van, an RV, or a car camping setup for you. But for campers who like to mix things up every trip, versatility is key. That’s where SylvanSport’s all-new GOAT trailer comes in. Part pop-up tent camper, part outdoor gear trailer, part toy hauler, it’s designed to fit the active lifestyles of almost any outdoor lover.

Side view of SylvanSport GO All-Terrain Overlanding Camping Trailer.

The low-down on the Sylvan GO All-Terrain Overlanding Camping Trailer

The best outdoor gear does more than one thing well, and the GO All-Terrain (or “GOAT” — get it?) camper trailer is like the multi-tool vehicle accessory you never knew you needed. Like all of SylvanSport’s clever trailers, the GOAT boasts a versatile, jack-of-all-trades design, allowing owners to camp in it, haul their favorite outdoor gear, or even tow larger things like dirt bikes, quads, or mountain bikes. In its “collapsed” form, the integrated roof rack can carry kayaks, bikes, or anything too large for stashing on or in your vehicle. With the roof popped up, the cargo space is large enough to accommodate up to and including an ATV. The 950-pound max payload is hefty enough for all of the above.

Parked at camp, the roof extends even farther upward to accommodate a sizeable, soft-sided pop-up camper setup. It’s spacious enough to sleep four adults in two separate beds, which can also be combined into one massive 116-inch-by-80-inch “super king” mattress. Once unfurled, the interior offers 6.5 feet of headroom that feels larger and airier than we’d expect from such a compact camper trailer. It lacks a bathroom or cooking setup, but SylvanSport does offer an all-in-one outdoor kitchen unit. Buyers can also opt for an “Off Grid” package that adds that standalone kitchen, plus a portable camp toilet, a privacy tent, a roof-mounted shower, and more.

Pop-up camper setup of SylvanSport's GO All-Terrain Overlanding Camper Trailer.

To celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary, SylvanSport designed the GOAT to be its most rugged, off-road-centric trailer yet. Traction comes by way of beefy Falken Wildpeak all-terrain tires mated to Vision steel wheels, all riding on a Timbren HD Axle-Less suspension. By the numbers, this setup gives the GOAT a full 18 inches of ground clearance (five more than the original GO trailer) and bumps up the departure angle to 42 degrees. The result is a seriously capable design that’s ready for overlanding and serious backcountry exploration.

GO All-Terrain (GOAT) Overview

The best part? By combining a lightweight exoskeleton and an aluminum chassis, SylvanSport managed to keep the GOAT’s weight down to just 1,200 pounds. That’s light enough to tow behind almost anything with a hitch, from smaller crossover vehicles (think Subaru Outbacks) to full-sized pickups and SUVs. It also makes the towing process much safer and easier, especially for anyone new to towing a trailer.

Pop-up tent setup of SylvanSport's GO All-Terrain Camper Trailer.

Price and spec your own Sylvan GOAT Overlanding Camping Trailer

Of course, the best outdoor gear rarely comes cheap. Sylvan’s GOAT trailer is available in three trim levels. The entry-level “GOAT Base” model starts at $18,495. Stepping up to the $19,995 “GOAT Big” package adds a handful of extras to the mix, including an awning, a comfy mattress, and a full-size spare tire/wheel. The flagship “GOAT All Out” model packs everything from the “BIG” package and adds a ton of nice-to-have options, like a screen room, a solar kit, a standalone outdoor kitchen, and more — all for $21,995. Right now, the GOAT camping trailer is only available for pre-order, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start daydreaming about which of the best US National Parks you’ll visit with it first.

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