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Exodus’ Capax travel trailer is luxe, off-road-ready, and fits in a standard garage

It sleeps five in surprising luxury, and collapses like a Transformer for easy, breezy towing and storage.

Exodus Capax travel trailer being towed by a black SUV down a desert highway.

Not long ago, travel trailer owners had to decide between luxury and off-road capability. These days, dozens of premium RV manufacturers offer high-end models with all the creature comforts of home and the ability to go just about anywhere you can dream of. Such is the case with Exodus and its debut luxe-meets-rugged Capax travel trailer.

Everything we know about Exodus’ Capax luxury travel trailer

Exodus Capax travel trailer setup at camp in the desert.

The Capax is built first and foremost to be a rugged, off-road-ready travel trailer. It starts with a riveted aluminum chassis and a no-weld construction for serious strength and rigidity in even the most challenging conditions. The trailer offers almost 20 inches of ground clearance and rides on an axel-less air suspension for a smoother, more predictable ride, even while traveling deep in the backcountry.

Stepping inside, the Capax is surprisingly spacious, with a height of more than 7.5 feet when the top is fully “popped” — significantly taller than any ultra-compact teardrop trailer and even many of the best lightweight travel trailers. With an RV king bed and convertible living area, there’s room to sleep up to five adults. Owners will find all the conveniences of home, including a lounge area, a media center with TV and speakers, dimmable zoned lighting, and a climate control system. The dual-access kitchen features a stove/sink combo, a double-drawer fridge, and plenty of storage and cabinetry—all accessible from inside or outside the rig. Tech-minded campers will also appreciate the built-in WiFi booster and satellite/radio communication systems so you can always keep in touch.

Interior sleeping quarters of the Exodus Capax travel trailer.

Plus, every model in the line-up comes standard with a solid solar-powered electrical system designed for serious off-grid exploration. That includes four solar panels powering a 400Ah lithium battery and a 3000-watt inverter to make sense of it all. Each of the trailer’s systems is managed via a touchscreen control panel, and there’s even 30-amp shore power for overnight stays where you’d rather be connected to the grid.

A key point that sets the Capax apart from many of the best overlanding-ready travel trailers is its clever expandable design. It was purpose-built to fit inside a standard residential garage when collapsed, much like a traditional pop-up travel trailer. What’s more, even in its collapsed state, all of its 15 storage compartments and utilities are still accessible. This makes for easy loading at home and unloading at camp without having to completely setup first. Plus, the streamlined silhouette is more aerodynamic, which guarantees improved fuel economy and towability (great for anyone new to towing!).

Build and spec your own Capax travel trailer

Side-by-side comparison of the pop-top collapsibility of the Exodus Capax travel trailer.

This is no ordinary travel trailer. Not surprisingly, that makes for a somewhat extraordinary price tag. The entry-level Capax S starts at $120,000, while the mid-range SE bases for $145,000. Upgrading to the flagship Platinum model means a starting price of $160,000 before you start ticking all the option boxes. If you’re itching for a sneak peek before you buy, the Exodus Capax will also appear at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this year.

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