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Tepui Rooftop Tents Wants to Help Fund Your Next Camping Trip

We’ve reached the final fortnight of winter, which means it’s nearly time to shelve the skis and get the camping gear ready for nights under the stars. As you start thinking about outdoor adventures and who you want to bring on your next epic road trip, Tepui is challenging you to take your plans to the next level.

You’ve probably come across the brand’s gear on your Instagram feed by now. You know those tents that perch atop vehicles, typically with majestic mountains looming in the background? That would be the work of Tepui, a badass company that believes off-road adventures and expeditions are a staple of life.

Right now, Tepui is hosting the Endless Adventure contest, which will allow 10 winners to head out on the road trip of a lifetime.

Tepui's Endless Adventure Contest 2018

“Our company was founded on a road trip,” says founder Evan Currid. “The adventure and spontaneity of the open road is at the core of our company and we want to share that with our community. Whether it’s a road trip in their home state or an excursion across the country, we want to support others as they embark on their dream trip.”

Feeling fired up yet? We thought so. Here’s how to snag the support of Tepui Tents:

Get your buddies together and come up with a dream adventure that will be one for the books. Does your itinerary include hiking Hurricane Pass in Yellowstone and catching cutthroat trout for dinner over the fire? Or are you more interested in jumping off the Black Rocks into Lake Superior on your way to the Porcupine Mountains? Either way, complete the application, make your best video, and enter for your chance to take off on a Tepui sponsored adventure! The deadline is March 22, 2018.

Ten finalists will get $2,000 to fund the trip (five of those 10 will get an additional $2,000), Tepui gear, and high fives from all their friends.

“We see the Endless Adventure as a way to get people outside — first-time campers, families, and avid adventurers. It’s an opportunity for Tepui to reflect on the last eight years of adventure and thank our extended family by supporting their dream adventures.”

So conjure up your perfect outdoor adventure, create a video that showcases your inspiration and intrepidity, and sign up to win. Those victory IPAs aren’t going to drink themselves around the campfire.

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