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The Best Outdoor Clothing Brands To Wear This Fall

Man running on the steps barefoot.
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Dressing or packing properly for the fall mostly means expecting almost four seasons in a day. The key to this? Layering — something like a well-fitted, moisture-wicking base layer; a comfortable, insulating mid-layer; and a warm, weather-resistant outer.

Moreover, dressing for the outdoors is a piece of cake when you’re purchasing from the best clothing brands. These premium outdoor clothing brands are our hands-down favorites to get you started.

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Man carrying a Courier Bag 15 by Arc’teryx.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

We’ve long been fans of Arc’teryx for its extreme outerwear and premium technical apparel. The Vancouver brand is a staple of rugged rain shells designed to tackle everything from daily urban commutes to Appalachian Trail thru-hikes to the summit of K2. Few items in its catalog are inexpensive, but we believe you get what you pay for. “Buy once, cry once.” Right?


Filson Danner Combat Boots on rocks.

Filson was rocking the “lumbersexual” look long before it was popularized a few years back. But the brand’s image isn’t just for show. The Seattle company has manufactured some of the world’s most legit, hardest-working outerwear for more than 120 years. So, it knows a thing or two about thriving in the backcountry and looking good in the process.


Man wearing Haglofs clothing.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Finnish maker Haglofs offers a deep catalog of outerwear, including everything from thermal underwear to extreme down jackets. We like their mid-layer fleece selection available in a wide array of colors, styles, and fabric weights for every season. Plus, they’re affordable to boot.

Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen HP Code Zero Polo on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Though its catalog has expanded over the years to include every manner of apparel, Helly Hansen’s roots are in hardcore outerwear. The Norwegian brand’s history dates back more than 140 years. Company founder Captain Helly Juell Hansen and wife, Margrethe, built a brand around keeping sailors dry and comfortable at sea with waterproof jackets, trousers, and tarps handmade from linen soaked in linseed oil.


Houdini jacket on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Like every brand on this list, Houdini makes legendary outwear designed to last a lifetime. What truly sets it apart, however, is a rock-solid commitment to sustainability. The company debuted its first product made from recycled fabrics and fibers in 2007, long before it was “cool.” This year, it reached 100% sustainability with 100% of the fabrics across its entire line of recycled, recyclable, renewable, biodegradable, or Bluesign-certified clothing.


Moncler shorts on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Moncler is synonymous with ultra-luxurious, head-to-toe down coats built for near-Arctic conditions. But its crewneck sweaters can be all-season outdoor wear. Other than that, the brand’s latest catalog includes plenty of versatile options that balance style, form, and function.

Mountain Hardwear

Mountain Khakis Water Rock Shorts on a white background.
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Since 1993, Mountain Hardwear has proven to be a reliable one-stop brand for all manner of outdoor apparel and technical gear. At its core, it caters to extreme athletes, but the same technology and design-savvy used in its flagship products bleed over into every product in its catalog.


Patagonia Retro Pile Fleece Jacket worn by a model.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Few brands are as ubiquitous among hikers, campers, kayakers, mountaineers, and the like as Patagonia. For almost 50 years, the company’s mantra has been to outfit outdoor lovers with gear that’s designed to last a lifetime. We also love its consistent dedication to recycle and reuse programs and green initiatives that give back to the planet.


Prana Stretch Zion Straight Jeans partnered with sneakers and a white shirt.
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We applaud Prana for its commitment to sustainability and positive societal change. Even more importantly, the company also makes versatile, comfortable apparel from basics to travel-friendly styles to activewear — all with a softer, “be one with nature” image.

Sierra Designs

Sierra Designs Borrego Hybrid Jacket worn by a model.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Like Mountain Hardwear, Sierra Designs is a one-stop outfitter for almost everything modern outdoorsmen need to get into the backcountry. Its latest round of versatile, all-new gear for 2020 includes everything from down booties to hurricane pants to hybrid all-season jackets.


REI Co-Op Men's Hiking Boot on a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

There’s a lot to like about REI, but we’re especially big fans of its in-house REI Co-Op line of outdoor gear and men’s apparel. Since launching more than 80 years ago, it has expanded its catalog to include everything from camping tents and backpacks to luggage and outerwear. Everything is well-made and often well-reviewed. But we really love the affordability and the rock-solid return policy that demonstrate just how much REI stands behind its products.

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Backcountry Hybrid Grid Men's Fleece Pullover worn by a model.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Like REI, Backcountry makes excellent men’s apparel and outdoor gear. The catalog runs deep with hundreds of products, including everything from socks and shorts to puffy jackets and fleece pullovers. The best part about the brand’s in-house line is the affordability. Prices are competitive compared to powerhouse brands like The North Face and Patagonia but with comparable quality in most cases.


Columbia Men's PFG Tamiami Short Sleeve Shirt worn by a model.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Columbia Sportswear Company has become a mainstay of the outdoor apparel industry since its inception in 1938. Today, it sells thousands of products, including some of the best and most affordable menswear. Its technical shirts and bottoms are great for everything from hiking to fly fishing to everyday wear. While not quite a “budget” outdoor clothing brand, theirs tend to be some of the most affordable brand-name products on the market.


Flint and Tinder Flannel Lined Waxed Men's Trucker Jacket on Huckberry.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Huckberry boasts some of the world’s most stylish menswear brands, and its curated selection of outdoor clothing brands is no exception. You’ll find everything from Proof and Flint and Tinder to Taylor Stitch and more. Plus, most of its apparel tends to include durable, sustainable, premium fabrics like merino wool and bamboo. So, they’re not only great for everyday wear but for more active pursuits as well.

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