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The 9 Best No-Show Socks for Men in 2020

Now that we’re in the dog days of summer, you’re probably trading out your sneakers and lace-ups for slip-ons, espadrilles, and loafers. You can’t go wrong with either three styles, but if you don’t want your feet to feel and smell like a dirty sock, consider buying some no-show socks.

The “socks vs. no-socks” feud is one that seems destined to rage on for as long as the one between the Hatfields and the McCoys. No matter what’s going on with trouser silhouettes — skinny leg, wide leg, shorter break, broken break, cuffed, shorts of all lengths — some guys are gonna want to wear a sock either for functionality, a splash of color, or an expression of personality. Some guys, on the other hand, just like that “toes-gone-commando” feeling … or maybe they want to show off their perfectly toned and tanned ankles. While we support both camps here, we do worry about the long-term health (and the stink factor) of shoes worn without socks.


We have one friend who swears that he always wears high-quality leather shoes sans socks and has no problems. But for the rest of us — with our fetid feet, stinky sneakers, noxious oxfords, and loathsome loafers — wearing a pair of no-show socks can not only dramatically extend the life of shoes that are otherwise destined for the dustbin, but they can also offer a bit of pampering to our soft soles. Read on for some suggestions for the best no-show socks for men in 2020.

Ten Thousand No-Show Training Socks

Ten Thousand No Show Socks

Made by one of our favorite active wear brands, these are our favorite summer workout socks, thanks to their highly breathable, odor-killing fabric. Plus, it also offers arch support, so you can stay cool and comfortable.

Kane 11 Men’s Laylo

Kane 11 Socks

These socks from upstart Kane 11 come in four neutral colors and, more importantly, runs up to size 17 — perfect for guys with larger feet.

Mack Weldon Stealth Sock Two-Pack

Mack Weldon is a favorite go-to for underwear, socks, sweats … well, just about everything the brand makes because they know how to fuse the latest in tech with reliable luxury. Here, the Stealth Sock maintains our requirement of an extra-low profile, while including X-Static silver to naturally control foot odor, as well as yummy Pima cotton for a touch of luxury. Mesh zones are knit into the sock for increased breathability, and there’s a cushioned footbed for extra comfort.

Smartwool Curated Compilation No Show Socks

Add a little sass to your hidden socks with this brightly patterned pair from Smartwool. Best of all, because of a unique printing process, each sock’s pattern varies, providing a little bit of extra personality. They’re a made-in-USA blend of naturally wicking merino wool with nylon, elastane (for stretch), and polyester. Smartwool’s Virtually Seamless toe design adds extra comfort and an internal silicone gripper keeps socks in place.

Lululemon No Sock Sock

You know Lululemon knows how to handle it when you sweat. These no-shows offer that no-sock look while saving your shoes with sweat-wicking yarns that keep feet dry. They’re perfect to slip on for the office, traveling, or commuting, offering mesh construction to help feet breathe and an interior grip to keep ‘em in place. Special seamless construction at the toe helps keep them from bunching up in your shoes, too.

FITS Invisible Sock

FITS proprietary knitting process builds its Heel Lock in from the ground up, preventing heel slippage without the need for a silicon grip. The sock is fully knitted, featuring seamless one-piece construction, including its Dynamic Toe Cup that allows toes to wiggle without tugging the rest of the sock. Made in the United States, the Invisible also includes super-soft Supima cotton. Be sure to check out the brand’s size guide to ensure a perfect fit.

Stance Gamut 2 No Show Socks

The Gamut 2 is now available in nine outstanding colors and features a super comfy terry loop construction — like a little towel for your toes — in the toe and front area of the sock. It also features super-light cushioning and arch support for added comfort.

Pair of Thieves Prism Cushion No Show Socks

Available in seven fun color combos, Pair of Thieves mostly solid sock is minimalist without being boring. The Prism Collection is made from a breathable cotton/nylon combination, including four-way stretch, a reinforced toe and heel, and they sport cushioning for comfort.

Uniqlo Low-Cut Socks


The very definition of Japanese simplicity, these no-shows from Uniqlo come in seven colors and you can get three pair for 10 bucks. They’re 100% cotton with a self-deodorizing feature, anti-slip grips, and contoured, wide-heel construction for a snug fit. The brand also makes available a version with a bit more pile for comfort, as well as several others that come up a bit higher on the foot if you’re not comfortable going (almost) completely naked.

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