Shake Off Those Winter Blues With a Spring Grooming Intervention

No matter what kind of weather you experience, winter tends to wear on us all.

For those of us who dealt with seemingly endless amounts of snow and cold, we may still be feeling a little depressed from a lack of Vitamin D or, for that matter, enough fresh air. Artificially heated environments have dried us out and generally made us feel blah. You’ve probably felt this way too.

But, good news! Spring is on its way. The days are getting longer. Temperatures are warming up. And, as Tennyson put it, “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” Don’t we all feel a bit better when we’re in love? 

Whether it’s time to go a-courtin’ or just time to control your destiny, shake off those winter blues with a few things that will go a long way towards brightening your look and your life when spring finally decides to arrive in your neck of the woods.

Spring Grooming Tips and Products

Get a Hair Cut 

Low Fade with a Brush-Up Style
spring grooming tips man getting hair cut by tattooed barber getty images
Thomas Barwick/Getty Images

Have a talk with that guy in the mirror. It’s not you. Well, yeah, actually, it is you, but definitely not the best version of you.

Assuming you still have a full head of hair (damn you), march into your local barbershop and have a heart-to-heart talk with your barber. If he’s a good groomer, chances are he’s been coaxing your style all along to keep your locks on-trend. But just in case his eyes have glazed over from hearing you say “just a bit off the top … clean up the sides,” check out some of the latest hairstyles for 2019 from Men’s Hairstyles Today. We’re leaning towards then low fade with the brush-up, but if you can get away with a low taper fade with a messy quiff (a what!?), then go for it. Risk it. Try something new. After all … it will always grow back.

Get Rid of Those Grays

True Sons Hair and Beard Dye
spring grooming tips true sons hair and beard dye 2019

Did Old Man Winter sneak in and leave a little evidence of time’s passing on your scalp this season? Hey, we all know the silver fox look is still trending right now, but even those guys sometimes need a little help to keep their color looking clean and bright. Check out True Sons for a modern approach to home hair coloring. For $24 a month (depending on the plan you select), an easy to use foam is delivered right to your door with all the tools you need to treat your hair and beard and keep yourself looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

Slough Off that Old Skin

Spongelle Men’s Triple Butter Supreme Buffer
spring grooming tips spongelle scrub cleanser hydrater all in one 2019

Don’t want no scrubs? Um, yeah, actually you do. Sorry, have you been reading The Manual lately? What are we constantly tell you to do? No, besides drink more bourbon. Exfoliate! It’s okay, we won’t take it personally (much) but just in case you’ve been ignoring us or only using an exfoliating product on your face, it’s time to introduce the concept to your whole body. The Spongelle Supreme Buffer incorporates moisturizing cleansing with an exfoliating sponge as well as black tea and coffee extracts for their antioxidant properties. You’ll remove dead skin cells, giving your whole body a natural glow. (Don’t forget to follow up with a good moisturizer. Preach!) 

Undo Winter’s Damage

Caldera Lab The Good Serum
spring grooming tips caldera lab the good multi function serum

Winter’s harsh conditions can do a number on our faces. Undo that damage with Caldera Lab’s The Good. It’s a pretty straightforward product. Before you go got bed, wash and thoroughly dry your face. Apply Caldera’s mix of high altitude botanicals to your face and beard, avoiding the area around your eyes. The product’s antioxidants combat the effects of aging, pollution, and sun damage all while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, lightening spots and blemishes, and improving skin tone. 

Put Away Your Winter Pallor

Menaji Men’s Makeup Starter Kit
spring grooming tips menaji mens make up 2019

There are some guys who have the right physique and skin tone so that when they are pale from not seeing the sun for months, they take on a chiseled, statuesque look. Then there’s the rest of us.

No matter how much we cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize we just come off looking tired and blotchy. We may still have a healthy glow, but the glow may look a bit more like a deep-sea creature’s as opposed to a bronzed god. Rather than rushing to a tropical vacation or opting for a presidential orange spray-tan, try smaller steps. Menaji creates a few simple products that will help cover up breakouts, blotches, scars, etc., and then bring down the shine a few notches with an easy-to-use powder. Yes, this kit is a gateway drug. Once you start experimenting, it’s a few steps to adding the brand’s Power Hydrator Plus that has moisturizer, sun protection, and skin-tone matching coverage. 

Brighten that Smile

Sensodyne Sensitive Teeth Whitening True White Extra Fresh Toothpaste
spring grooming tips sensodyne true white 2019

A great smile is the first thing people remember about you. While you could go to the trouble of bleaching your teeth or getting them straightened, there’s a cheaper, faster way to get visible results. Switch out your toothpaste for Sensodyne’s True White. Besides freshening breath, protecting against cavities, and adding fluoride, True White also builds up sensitivity relief for teeth that may be hurting a little from hot coffee or cold drinks, and, with regular use, it helps whiten teeth. It’s also good for your teeth’s “dentin” because it’s less abrasive than traditional whitening toothpaste.

Mind Your Manscape

Vida Sleek Hair Removal Sugar Waxing Kit
spring grooming tips sugar wax hair removal 2019

OK, this is a — pardon the expression — touchy subject. Some people prefer the natural, full-on bear look…while others like a cleaner, fresher look. If you or those you care about land on the latter side, it’s time to start getting things cleaned up. Not soon enough will we get the random, hot Spring afternoon where a visit to a pool, a run in the park, or a game of shirts and skins will find you doffing that T-shirt (remember, we do want to wear sunblock, but we also want that Vitamin D fix we’ve been craving). Some things may be best left to the professionals, but until you’re prepared to get naked in front of a stranger who is not your doctor, you may want to try this home waxing kit. You’ll get a cleaner, longer-lasting finish than you’ll ever get with shaving, at a fraction of the cost of a spa visit.

Do Some Internal Spring Cleaning

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle Cleanse Concentrate
spring grooming tips apple cider vinegar miracle cleanse concentrate 2019

Winter’s nights and weekends may — besides encouraging us to stay in where it’s warm for nights of binge-watching — be tough on our diet. Sucking down rich, fatty foods that make us feel better in the cold, not having easy access to fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables … listening to us when we tell you to drink more bourbon … may mean your whole system is ready for a little “detox.”

Apple cider vinegar has long been touted for its awesome qualities, but try it for a health-giving quaff with the addition of organic honey, organic lemon juice, and organic cayenne. The drink converts the sugars found in apples into healthy organic acids. The drink’s live enzymes and vital prebiotics, that have been shown to decrease blood sugar, total cholesterol, and blood pressure, also help with intestinal health and weight loss. Drink this three times a day, in the morning, mid-morning, and mid-afternoon for a month or so to experience its full-effects.. (Be sure to give a little rinse with water afterward, too, to protect teeth from the vinegar’s acidic properties.) Overall the cleanse may help with losing weight and lowering triglyceride and LDL cholesterol levels, but honestly, you could get the same results by eating clean and walking a little more.  


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