Spring Grooming Tips to Get You in Peak Appearance for Summer

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Are you ready to clean up your act? If so, these painless grooming tips will help you spring ahead to handsomeness. You can get started by ruthlessly ditching any expired products, old caked-up soap, and useless free samples. Swap your winter skincare products like heavier balms and salves for lighter, oil free moisturizers and SPF infused creams. And while you should be on top of your good looks year round, now’s the time to prune back the overgrowth of winter, slough off the flakey dead skin and hydrate all those soon-to-be-exposed body parts. Give yourself a little TLC, because looking good for the summer starts now.

Get a Haircut

Lose the winter beanie and find a barber. Celebrity stylist, Amy Komorowski agrees, Spring is the time when we start itching for change after the long winter months. One of the easiest you can make is getting a new haircut, which will leave you feeling refreshed, energized and more confident.”

Komorowski continues, “This season we’ll definitely continue to see effortless, not overly styled hair, and more matte, natural products. My favorite right now is the natural curly texture look, which is great for guys with naturally curly or coarse textured hair. (It can be worn short and tight on the sides with some length on top or the longer layered chin length.) It does not require a heavy amount of product, which is great for the rising temperature in the coming months.”

How To Tips: 

Find a great barber who understands fading and blending techniques. Grow hair out to create some length on top and have your barber keep the sides and back tight, fading to the length on top. For the longer style, use a stylist that understands layering to add texture and face-framing layers. Start with a cream while hair is wet, let air dry or quickly blow dry, then add some paste to add separation.”


Skip shampooing and use conditioner to keep the hair from getting too big or poofy. This is a great technique for guys that have very curly or coarse hair. Add a bit of cream like AXE Natural Look Softening Cream for some shine and separation and some paste Like AXE Messy Look Flexible Paste to add texture and weight to the ends.”

Deep Clean Your Beard

Don’t let an unruly beard keep you from looking your best. The winter can do a number on your facial fur as well as the skin underneath it. Dry, brittle facial hair tends to look dull which, in turn, can drag your whole face down. Trimming and tightening up your beard can give it a lift. And if you prefer to wear it fuller, keep it in good condition with Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash. It’s formulated with bilberry fruit extract that exfoliates the dead skin and gets rid of beardruff. The rosemary, black currant and hydrating coconut oil will go to work nourishing your beard keeping it soft and touchable.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Yes, we know. You’re not interested in greasy body lotion. But, this is no time to ignore your skin from the neck down. It’s short sleeve shirt weather! Jack Black Extra Rich Body Hydrator with Shea Butter, Coffee Seed and Organic Green Tea will sink in and get rid of that ashy, flaky, itchy winter skin. Slather this lightweight lotion with Meadowfoam, OIive Fruit and Argan Oils for a nourishing treat that won’t leave you slick.