Shake Off that Winter Crust with these Spring Grooming Tips

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Spring is a great time to refresh your grooming routine. You can start by ruthlessly ditching any expired products, old caked-up soap, and useless free samples. Next, swap your winter skincare products like heavier balms and salves for lighter, oil-free moisturizers and SPF-infused creams. While you should be on top of your good looks year-round, now’s the time to prune back the overgrowth of winter, slough off the flaky dead skin, and hydrate all those soon-to-be-exposed body parts. Give yourself a little TLC, because looking and smelling good for summer starts now.

Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet, Gym Bag, and Dopp Kit

Out with the old. Most moisturizers, eye creams, and serums expire at about the one-year mark. You can keep shampoos and soaps for twice that time, but when it comes to acne solutions, products with retinol or glycolic acid, the shelf life is much shorter — toss them after six months. And don’t get burned using old sunscreen. Check the date and replace it with:

Sun Bum’s SPF 30 Original Sunscreen Lotion – $10

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Exfoliate From Head to Toe

Dry indoor heat, hot showers, and exposure to the cold can leave your skin dry and cracked. Scrub away the dead of winter with Kiehl’s Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap ($15). Made with oat and pumice, this bar goes to work exfoliating dead skin cells. It softens rough spots and improves the condition of your derm. Do you really want to blast away those cells? Try the Foreo Luna 2 electric exfoliator. If you think the look of this device is sleek and masculine, wait until you see what it does to your face after use.

Foreo Luna 2 – $199

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Lighten Up Your Moisturizer

As the weather warms up, be prepared to switch to a lighter moisturizer. In the winter your skin may need the extra hydration that a heavier aftershave balm or denser moisturizer can deliver, but as the temps climb, those same products can leave your face looking slick and oily. Go with an oil-free moisturizer. It hydrates your face but dries to a matte, shine-free finish. It can be a life-saving product for guys that live in humid climates.

Clinique For Men Oil Control Mattifying Moisturize – $27

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Get a Haircut

Lose the winter beanie and find a barber. “Spring is the time when we start itching for change after the long winter months. One of the easiest changes you can make is getting a new haircut, which will leave you feeling refreshed, energized, and more confident,” says celebrity stylist Amy Komorowski.  “This season we’ll continue to see effortless, not overly styled hair, and more matte, natural products. My favorite right now is the natural curly texture look, which is great for guys with naturally curly or coarse textured hair. (It can be worn short and tight on the sides with some length on top or the longer layered chin length.) It does not require a heavy amount of product. Skip shampooing and use conditioner to keep the hair from getting too big or poofy … Add a bit of cream for some shine and separation and some past to add texture and weight to the ends.”

AXE Natural Look Softening Cream ($10) and AXE Messy Look Flexible Paste ($12)

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Deep Clean Your Beard

Don’t let an unruly beard keep you from looking your best. The winter can do a number on your facial fur as well as the skin underneath it. Dry, brittle facial hair tends to look dull which, in turn, can drag your whole face down. Trimming and tightening up your beard can give your entire face a lift. And if you prefer to wear it fuller, keep it in good condition by using the beard conditioning wash below. It’s formulated with bilberry fruit extract that exfoliates the dead skin and gets rid of flakey beardruff. The rosemary, black currant, and hydrating coconut oil will nourish your beard and keep it soft and touchable.

Anthony Conditioning Beard Wash – $26

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Freshen Your Fragrance

Think of cologne the same way you do food and clothing. When the seasons change, everything lightens up. During the winter months, we’re craving comfort food, heavy sweaters, and warm fragrances. Come spring, we’re looking for a blast of fresh air with Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Body Spray. It goes on light and conjures up big blue skies and open water freshness with notes of melon, basil, verbena, and washed suede.

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Body Spray – $23

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Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Yes, we know. You’re not interested in greasy body lotion. But this is no time to ignore your skin from the neck down. It’s short-sleeve shirt weather! Allow Jack Black Extra Rich Body Hydrator to deliver “epic moisture” with a comforting blend of shea butter, coffee seed, and organic green tea while meadowfoam, olive fruit, and argan oils nourish without leaving your hide feeling slick or greasy. This lotion sinks in and get rid of that ashy, flaky, itchy winter skin.

Jack Black Extra Rich Body Hydrator – $42

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Now that you’ve got your skin and hair all prepped and ready for spring, why don’t you find some sweet spring kicks to match?


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